Chapter One

Chapter One

"This place fucking stinks." Hidan cringed as he and Kakuzu stepped into the morgue where the bounties were awarded. Kakuzu cast him a glare. "Cover you nose then." Kakuzu pulled the body in and spoke with the owner about the money. Money. It was all Kakuzu thought about. He shook his head and went to wait outside. Why did he even bother going in anymore? He rolled his eyes. The damn place smelled of death and disinfectant. Fucking disgusting. Why the hell did he end up with someone like this as a partner in the first place? He let out an exasperated sigh. This whole situation was a pain in the ass.

He looked up as Kakuzu came back with a briefcase. The reward, he assumed. "Fucking took you long enough." He said unhappily, studying his partner. A small thrill of pleasure ran through him as Kakuzu shot him another pissed off look. For some reason it made his day to get on the other man's nerves. "All you do is whine, Hidan. You complain more than a woman." Kakuzu growled and started off. Complain more than a woman?! "Who the hell asked you?" He snapped, following. He didn't whine. He fumed silently to himself. Kakuzu could really piss him off some times…

Kakuzu stopped as they reached a shallow but fairly large pond. "Undress." He ordered, starting to unbutton his own cloak. "Fuck no! You don't tell me what to do!" Hidan shouted, going into a defiant stance. Kakuzu paused, his hands poised over another of the buttons. "Do it or I'll make you." He growled. "Why the fuck are we taking off our clothes?" He retorted unhappily. Kakuzu narrowed his eyes, looking as if he weren't going to answer, but he finished unbuttoning his cloak and tossed it aside, revealing the blood that was splattered over him. "We've just been in a fight. We stink of blood and sweat… It's an easy trail to be followed." He sounded as if he were lecturing a child. "Don't take that goddamn condescending tone, asshole!" Hidan growled, his hands clenching in frustration. "Un. Dress." Kakuzu repeated.

Hidan shook his head, the action making Kakuzu's brow furrow in anger. Threads came off Kakuzu's body and wrapped around Hidan's wrist. "You will." Kakuzu's voice was low and threatening as he spoke. Hidan attempted to pull his wrist away and glared back at Kakuzu, but more threads snaked around him. They wrapped around his other wrist and around his waist. He felt himself get lifted a few inches off of the ground and struggled against the thin ropes that held him. They moved him over the water's surface towards the middle of the pond. Who the hell died and made him king? He can't just…take control of me… "Bastard." He struggled. "You can't just… just… fucking manhandleme like this!" They both went quiet and still at what he just said. Manhandle?! I made it sound like he was molesting me… Shit…

Kakuzu removed his mask, a smirk on his lips, as the threads released his partner, letting the silver haired man splash into the cold water.

End Chapter One

Alright, well… through writing this and the other story (sasoriXdeidara) I'm really starting to notice how hard it is to write a story with two people of the same gender. You have to specify which 'he' you're talking about and you have to make sure it's not too confusing…. sigh It's difficult… but fun. It becomes easier the more you do it.

Hidan is a lot of fun to write with. He's such an asshole sometimes (excuse the yaoi pun -laughs slightly-) that it's fun when he says certain things or just how Kakuzu and Hidan react to each other in general. I'm not really sure how this one is going to turn out, but I'm going to just write and see how it turns out. Ideas usually just… come to me. nod

I hope you all like it, and please review. It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my work is appreciated. The next chapter will be up soon!


P.S. By the way. This story may take a little longer than the SasoriXDeiara one did. This one I am working on writing like right this second. The other I'd finished by the time my new user waiting period was up, so all I had to do was type it up and post. :3