(The more I write this, the more it reminds me of that song by Three Days Grace

(The more I write this, the more it reminds me of that song by Three Days Grace. "I Hate Everything about You" I think it's called.)

Final Chapter

Hidan huffed as he felt Kakuzu's body relax and his breathing shallow and even out. The bastard was asleep. Just fucking great. Shouldn't they be continuing on back to the hide out? He shook his head and paused to look down at the other man. Kakuzu looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. He brushed a hand over the stitches in his partner's cheek and then ran a finger down over the thread in his chest and stomach. It was the first time he actually stopped to think about Kakuzu's past.

What had happened to make him the way that he was? He recalled the other man stating that 'money was the only thing you could trust', but who had betrayed him to the point of thinking that way? What had made him go to stealing other people's flesh to live forever? The thoughts skittered through his mind, pushing him to the conclusion that they didn't really know anything about each other. He frowned. Not only that, but they were always at odds with each other. They hated each other with such a passion, yet look at them now; basking in the aftermath of a good fuck. Hidan paused. What had really driven them to this? Mutual desperation and lack of female companionship? Nah… They could easily find a couple of hookers for something so basic.

He shook his head and gave a cynical smirk. But then again, with how cheap Kakuzu was, he'd probably go fucking celibate before spending money just to get laid. He studied the sleeping form beneath him and sighed softly. The man could piss him off so badly, yet somehow made him feel at peace. Was it just that he was an emotional masochist as well and a physical one, or was it that there was something more between them. The common feeling of being loners and having no one.

He closed his eyes. This shit was… so fucking confusing. What did it really matter anyways? He didn't need to look past it any more than what it was right here. The sharing of each other's bodies and joint pleasure. Maybe it was more, something emotional, but why classify it? Whatever it was, it was there, isn't that all that really mattered? Besides, they had an eternity to figure it out. It wasn't like either of them were going anywhere anytime soon.

Kakuzu finally stirred and looked up at him, pulling Hidan from his thoughts. They stared into each others eyes for a long moment…and then Kakuzu gave him a rough push off. "What the fuck was that for?!" He snapped, jumping up off of the cold ground. Kakuzu sat up and smirked slightly. "I told you I'd have you for a second time." Hidan stared at him incredulously, feeling his eye nearly twitch. "You arrogant asshole! See if I even let you come close to touching me again!!" His hands curled into fists and then need to strangle to older man was becoming overwhelming. Kakuzu studied him in silence for a moment before laughing and pulling on his clothes. "Get dressed and let's go." The sound of Kakuzu laugh had stunned Hidan into silence. He watched as his partner turned away, hesitated, and then smirked, tugging on his pants and cloak.

End Final Chapter

It took me a bit longer to write this one because as of late, my teacher in computer class makes me paranoid. She keeps walking past my computer so I have to quickly hide the Microsoft Word window and pull up the internet to look like I'm doing research. It probably doesn't help that I write all these dirty things in here. :D

Well, this is it. I really can't believe I stretched this one out so long. And now that I've finished… I don't know what to do. I've gotten a request for a ItaXKisa one so I may work on that… And then there's that book I've been wanting to write. Man… now that I've finished… I miss working on it already. ;-;

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