Bittersweet Dream

By: Zatarra

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, I would be sipping lemonade by the poolside right now. Sadly though, I don't own Harry Potter... So no lemonade or pool...

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It was dark.

That was the first thing that Lily noticed when she came to. Slowly her other senses returned also; the soft, bouncy feeling beneath her body, the sweet aroma floating around her face, and the annoying sound of familiar voices that wouldn't shut up.

"Hey, mate, I think she's coming to!"

"Finally! You'd think she was hibernating if she slept any longer!"

"Shut it Sirius! She is waking up!"

Lily blinked her eyes open. A feeling of déjà vu swept over her as she stared up into the eyes of four smiling faces. Groaning, she slammed her eyes closed again; silently wishing they would go away.

Blinking her eyes open once more, four slightly confused faces stared back at her. That's a little better, she thought.

"Lily that's not funny!" James expression showed concern, though Lily couldn't help to believe he was playing at something. She turned her head to face the others. Their faces reflected James's concern. Lily frowned, something didn't seem right to her. They were acting totally different then they did yesterday. It was like aliens replaced the boys she knew with different ones. More gentlemen-like ones. Lily smiled, like the ones in her dreams. Then she remembered something else. The fall!

"Is the TV okay?" To her surprise, her voice sounded cracked.


"Ok, Ok! I'm fine guys! …Really!" The latter comment was aimed at the look James was giving her. She held up her hands to show them she really was fine. Since when were these guys so protective of her? Lily pondered this question until she caught something that made her gasp. The sweet smell was almost unbelievable to her nostrils.

"James? Do I smell pancakes?!" Lily asked in disbelief.

James was grinning. "Yup! We made them just for you for breakfast! Of course, you were out so long I didn't think you would wake up for them," he was definitely oblivious to her shocked expression.

"Breakfast?" Lily echoed, glancing out the window at the golden rays streaking across the sky, pronouncing the coming of the rising sun.

"Yup!" Sirius jumped up. "Come on, I'm starving!" He raced out of the room, pulling Remus and Peter along with him. Lily turned to James.

"What the hell is going on here?" she asked.

James shrugged. "Nothing Lily, we just made you breakfast. That's all." With that, he curtly strolled out of the room, following the others to the kitchen.


Lily got up out of bed and was about to follow James's when she noticed she was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Growling at the inconvenience, Lily ran over to the closet to change. As her fingers brushed against the door, an annoying voice in her head was nagging her about the previous conversation. This isn't right, it kept saying, something's not right here. Lily shook her head and slid the door back. With a gasp, she stepped back when she saw nothing in her closet.

"Where are all my clothes?!" She screamed at the empty closet. Frantically, she flung herself at the dresser on the other side of the room. Her hands were shaking as she opened one of the drawers to find nothing in them too. Angrily, she ran to the bedroom door.

"James! Sirius! Remus! Peter! Where are all my clothes!" Lily bellowed from the threshold. When no response came to her, she sprinted down the hallway to the top of the steps.

"You four are so dead!" she screamed again, but her threats where echoed with silence. From the top of the stairs, Lily stared down into the darkness of the first level.

"What the hell?" she breathed, fear and confusion replacing the previous frustration. It shouldn't be dark down there, the voice in her head said, Its morning! Where's the light?! But Lily's eyes where not telling lies. She crept down the steps; alerted for any signs of trickery that might relieve the ill feeling in her stomach.

"James? Remus? This isn't funny! Sirius? Come on! Peter?" Her desperate calls were only met with the eerie quiet. As she reached the bottom step, Lily felt the wall for the light switch. Her hand touched against the switch as she gave it a satisfying flick. However, she realized just how unlucky she was as darkness continued to fill her vision.

Groaning, she remembered her wand. With a simple frisk, Lily pulled the beloved object from her back pocket.

"Lumos" she whispered as a small flame burst from the tip. She held it up higher to cast a glow around the abandoned living room. After confirming it was empty, she bristly walked over to the back hallway.

"Lilllyyyy….." The soft moan sent chills down her spine. Lily twirled around, swinging the flames about the room. Nothing.

"Lilllyyyy…." It moaned again. This time she figured it was coming from the hallway past the steps. Courageously, Lily tiptoed down the black hallway. At the end sat the closed door of the kitchen. A golden light was streaming out from the crack at the bottom of the door. Lily breathed a sigh of relief. It was probably another one of the boys' pranks. Her fingers grasped the icy door handle, and it slightly creaked as she twisted it. She had learned from past experiences far to well to know what waited behind the door. Lily flung the door open as fast as she could, prepared for the worst.

She was not prepared; however, for the paled mask creature cloaked in a long black robe she came face to face with. Its lifeless black eyes were staring at her, piercing her courage through the heart.

Lily screamed.


Closes with a Cliffhanger... Ouch... Overall I'm surprise I had time to write this with a major research paper taking up my life... Well Chapter 3 is on it's way...Soon...