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"Hey Akina did ya hear?" I turned and looked back down the stairwell of the Hokage's Tower, towards a tall, dark haired female Jonin "Squad seven of the Niju Shotai caught some Akatsuki. Is that your squad?"

"No" I replied, smiling slighly "mine is squad one"

The jonin blushed a deep red "Sorry, I can never remember which colour means what" "

"No worries" I laughed "now if you'll excuse me I have to see Tusunde about the Anbu cells, where else are we going to keep them?"

"Oh…You knew then?"

"The moment they entered the gates"


I laughed again "but thanks for telling me anyway, it's nice to know that people still talk to each other"

"Yeah, isn't it just?"

"Mai" another voice bellowed,

"That's my captian, bye Akina" the girl turned and trotted down the stairs towards her squad, I smiled slighly and glanced at the clipboard in my hand, I can't believe she bought that lie!

"Oi! Snow-Top. You coming or what?" I turned and followed Abir up the rest of the stairs, Abir was one of the summons I wasn't to proud of…But he got the job done. Not one for fighting he was usually used as my lap-dog…Literally speaking.

He is a low level stage of a Guardian of the Forest jutsu, a small, knee height black Houkou with red eyes, a Houkou is a five tailed dog. But Abir, being young. Had only one.

Reaching the top of the staircase I glanced at the summon "did you know two Akatsuki had been captured?"

"I know what you know at the time of summoning"

"Thanks Abir" I rolled my eyes, he smirked and the clipboard around his neck rattled,

"No probs Snow-Top"

"Don't call me that! It's not even white!"

"Not now at least"

I gave three short knocks on Tusunde's office door before turned the knob and entering, I'd given her fair warning, if she was too drunk to hear it then that was her fault.

Tusunde was sitting behind her desk. Looking sober! I glanced at Abir who mearly shrugged,

"Akina. You're early!"

"Okay I'll leave" I shrugged and turned around, only to stop at the sound of the Hokage's shriek,


I twisted my upper body to look at her "what about it?"

"What happened?"

"I was ambushed!"

"And the enemy dyed you hair?!"

"No. Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten died my hair, apartently they thought I needed a change of tone"

"By dying it purple?"

"Actually I think they were trying to dye it blue but some red got mixed in so…Purple galore!" I waved my arms around in mock joy,

"Well it does go nicely with your eyes…Blue and purple and…Your eyebrows are still white!"

"I know"

"They didn't dye your eyebrows?"

"It took three of them to hold me down. I don't think they had the chance to"

"Is it a wash out?"


The knock at the door paused our chuckling, or her chuckling and my sighing, I stepped forwards, more towards the blond woman, to allow the visitor more room,

"Hokage, we have the prisoners ready for you…Oh Akina ma'am, I didn't see you. Are you well?"

"I'm fine thank you"

"Lead them in Ginna" Tusunde motioned for the man to enter, he strolled in, a chakra draining chain grasped tightly in his hands, with a sharp tug, two men were yanked into the office after him, the first was about a head taller than myself, with sharp, cornflower blue eyes, most of his long blond hair had become tangled and had fallen out of the top-knot on the back of his head,

The second was shorter than the first, but still taller than me, unlike his partner, he had no cloak instead he had a dark shawl draped around his shoulders, his face was covered by an orange, sprialing mask and atop his head was a mass of dark, spiky hair.

"AHHH" he screamed "TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!"

"Put a sock in it you dolt, un" the blond yelled, throwing his leg out to try and kick his companion, but the shackles around his ankles prevented him from doing so, he snarled in annoyance,

"Deidara" Tusunde sighed, resting her chin on her folded hands "and…And…What is the other's name?"

"I believe he said his name was 'Tobi'" Abir snorted,

"Ohhhhh. The puppy talks" Tobi bent down and jabbed Abir in the head, Abir growled and bit him "Owie! Deidara the puppy bit me!"

"Serves you right, un" the blond snapped, turning away from his partner his eyes landed on me and he smirked "well…Hello there!" I rolled my eyes,

"I would be quite grateful, Deidara, if you would not attempt to hit on my Captains" Tusunde sighed, Deidara snorted "now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Which will you choose?"

"Which involves what, un?" he asked, Tobi whined in the background about his hand hurting and Ginna smacked over the back of the head,

"The easy way includes you telling me everything you know about the Akatsuki, the hard way includes torture until you tell"

"What happens afterwards?" the older man smirked,

"That depends on how well you co-operate" Tusunde said, her amber coloured eyes narrowing,

"Does the torture include her in a tight leather outfit and a whip, un?" Deidara asked, jerking his head in my direction, I growled and slapped him "ohhh. I like 'em feisty! Un" this rewarded him with another slap on the other cheek "don't say you didn't enjoy the image as much as I did, un"

"Pervert" I snarled, he grinned, Ginna grabbed him by his hair and shook him,

"Don't speak to Captain Akina in such an un-respectful manner!" Deidara hissed and Tobi had finally silenced himself, Ginna dragged the two Akatsuki closer to Tusunde,

"Well. What will it be?" Tusunde asked,

"My lips are sealed, un"

"And you?" Tusunde looked at Tobi, who crossed his arms,

"If Deidara refuses to speak…Then so shall Tobi. For Tobi is a good boy!"

"So we've heard" Abir sighed, I jabbed him in the side with my foot,

"Be quiet" I hissed,

"Take them to the cells in the east wing of the Anbu Tower" the Hokage snarled,

"Ahem" Abir coughed "you can't do that!"

"Why not?" Ginna asked, his hand gripping the doorknob,

I dropped the clipboard on Tusunde's desk "I need you to sign for permission to rebuild the east wing of the Anbu Building?"

"Why does it need rebuilding?"

"Because you destroyed it in a fit of rage last week"

"Ah…I remember…I was so wasted" as she said this the older woman took another gulp of her Sake, I rolled my eyes "do you want some?" she held out the bottle to me,


"Don't tell me you're still on that whole 'I don't drink cause I'm underage' thing" the blond chuckled,

"I am underage"

"By what? A few months"

"By four years!" I sighed, tapping the clipboard,

"Oh my God…You're only sixteen?"

"Seventeen. For God sakes your maths is terrible when your drunk!" I heard Ginna sigh from behind us,

"I'm not drunk" the blond protested "I'm just slightly above the recommended daily amount"

"Meaning you're drunk" I snapped "now sign the damn clipboard so I can leave!"

"How old did you say you were dear?" Tusunde asked, eyes unfocused as she reached for the clipboard,

"Seventeen" I said, through gritted teeth,

"And still no boyfriend?"

Ginna and I groaned "not this again"

"I'm telling you Akina, it's not healthy for a girl your age to be single. You need to get laid"

From behind me I heard Deidara mutter "I'll volunteer" I turned and punched him on the jaw, he groaned and fell back on his ass, I turned back to Tusunde,

"Just sign the God damn clipboard"I snarled, Tusunde laughed,

"But seriouly Akina, why don't you date?"

"Because all the men I know are dicks!"

"What about Gaara? He's very mature for his age!"

"Why are we discusing this whilst two Akatsuki are three feet away?"

"Our thoughts exactly!" Abir and Ginna said,

Tusunde blinked, and glanced at the two criminals standing behind me, next to Ginna "is that who they are? I thought they were salesmen!"

I let out a yell of frustration and tugged at my hair, causing most of it to fall out of the tight bun I'd tied it up in "YES THEY ARE AKATSUKI. YOU WANT TO LOCK THEM UP BUT YOU TRASHED THE CELLS IN THE ANBU TOWER. NOW SIGN THE FUCKING CLIPBOARD SO THAT I CAN LEAVE!" I took a string of deep breaths and glared at the Hokage,

"Okay, okay. No need to yell" Tusunde giggled, slapping her hand over her desk in search of a pen "oh bugger. Akina give me that pencil you're always using to tie your hair back"

I sighed and pulled the wooden object from my bun, my hair floated down my back in a wavy mass until it reached my hips, I handed the pencil to the drunken Hokage, who took it gratefully and scribbled her name along the dotted line "thank you" I groaned before handing the clipboard to Abir "take it to Konai" he nodded and jumped out the window in the direction of the Tower.

"What about Neji?"

"I'm leaving!" I snarled.

I waited outside the acadamy for my younger sister Chika, she should be coming out any minute now, I glanced at my watch. Three minutes to three. I slumped down on the swing and sighed. Remembering when I was once a student here. Five years ago. Before all the crap started and we all drifted apart. Before sound attacked us. Before Sasuke left. Back when we were all close and nothing could, or would, break us apart.

The bell rang and the children flooded out, running towards the warm embrace of their mothers or fathers. I saw a flash of pinky-purple before my my twelve year old sister dived into my arms. I chuckled and ruffled her hair. In one months time she would take her graduation exam and become a Genin, she giggled and followed me back towards our flat near the centre of the village.

It was modern, not too big and not too small, there was a small living room with a conjoined kitchen, and two small bedrooms with a bathroom connecting them, our mother and father had died in a mission about three years ago. Leaving me to look after and care for Chika, it's difficult, especially since I'm the Captain of a Niju Shotai team. Talk about work!

Chika rushed to her room, I smiled, she was off to practice her jutsu's, she would go far. I wasn't half as dedicated as she is; in-fact, I still can't do the walking on water jutsu!

Turning on the T.V I strolled towards the kitchen to begin on dinner. A small smiled painted on my face.

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