The Game

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The Game of Life

Round: 1

"Yahiko for the last time, with training you can beat any opponent regardless of their abilities," Kaoru yelled her face getting angrier by the minute.

"No you can't.  Look what happened to me when I try to fight Misao," Yahiko yelled back.

"You have to focus and have a will strong enough to overcome your opponent.  It's not just the weapon in your hand, its what you have inside that counts," Kaoru yelled to deaf ears.

The argument raged on as Kenshin sat quietly watching.

Since her marriage to Kenshin, Kaoru was trying to overcome her first instinct to beat some sense into Yahiko.   Instead of using brute force she was trying to use reason.  Not making much progress, she decided to try example instead.  "Ok let me show you," she said lowering her voice and taking a deep breath.  "Oooooh Keeennshin," she sweetly called. 

Kenshin knowing that sweet voice always meant trouble started for the door mumbling something about doing laundry. 

"Oh no you don't. Get back here," she commanded.

Going back like a whipped beast he slowly returned and stood beside her.  "But I don't want to hurt you, koibito," he pleaded with a sad face.

"You are not going to hurt me and I need your help to show Yahiko that with more training he can beat Misao," she instructed him pleading with her eyes, her two best weapons.

Yahiko took Kenshin's position to sit and observe the example that Kaoru was going to show him.

"Ok, but can we start with meditation?" he inquired knowing that she could not refuse him this request.  'This may turn out to be a fun game,' Kenshin's started thinking.

Both opponents sat opposite each other meditating.  Kenshin used this time to center his mind so that he could use his warrior's ki.  If she was going to make him fight with no weapon then he would use an unseen force.  But he had to be careful so she wouldn't find out.  

After only a few minutes of meditation, Kaoru could not wait any longer.  Facing one another, Kaoru with her bokken and Kenshin with nothing, the match began.  Kenshin slyly smiled at Kaoru sending just enough ki to tickle her neck. 

She could feel the goose bumps on her neck as she took her fighting stance making her hesitate.

Kenshin took that few seconds to use his god-like speed, rush over to her, kiss her on the cheek, making her blush and then returned to where he started.

Yahiko saw Kaoru blush and immediately yelled, "What's the matter, Ugly?  Why are you just standing there blushing?"

Kaoru determined more than ever to make her point stated, "Ok, lets try again."

Kenshin just shrugged and started toward her again.  This time before he was within reach of her bokken he jumped into the air.  Thinking that he would land in front of her with a mock Ryu Tsui Sen she was ready to thrust upwards.  But instead of coming straight down Kenshin somersaulted and landed directly behind her quickly reaching under her arms and gently grabbing her breast then lightly kissed the back of her neck. Kenshin then backed up out of her reach before Yahiko could see what he did.  Then he stood there watching with great interest how she was reacting.

Her body responded to his touch making her twice as mad.  The lesson was not going as she planned.  She had to focus if she wanted to make her point.

Yahiko not able to see what is happening snickered "Ugly, you're not doing anything."

Kaoru slowly turns around to face Kenshin.  He is standing there looking at her and he slowly reaches up and takes the tie out of his hair letting it cascade over his shoulders.  Knowing what this does to her, he says in his huskiest voice "are you ready?"

Torn between being mad and aroused Kaoru was not able to concentrate.  But she was not about to give up.  She had to think of something quick or she would have to admit defeat.

Kenshin just smiled then sent his ki along the floor and up her hakama tickling her legs all the way up making Kaoru freeze.  Kenshin then calmly walked over to her and lightly kissed her other cheek.  Then quickly retreated out of her range.

A stunned Kaoru just stood there imprinting her fingers into her bokken.  The sensations running thru her body made her mind numb until the sound of Yahiko's laughter drifted into her ears.  She could feel herself succumbing to his attentions and under normal circumstances she would have enjoyed the attention.  But now was a time to fight not play.

Fighting to gain control of her body she motions Kenshin to attack.

Kenshin smiles and says in a deep voice "here I come" then starts toward her again.  This time he keeps coming.  She swings when he is in reach but he ducks under her swing. 

After the bokken has passed over his head, Kenshin slowly stands up directly in front of her.  While he is standing up his right hand goes in between the folds of her hakama and touches her center making her take a sharp breath.  Pressing his body against hers, his hand continues up to her navel pressing gently making her moan.  He then kisses the base of her neck then quickly retreats again.

Kaoru dazed and loosing control yells, "here I come" and charges Kenshin who just stands there until she is almost to him.  Then he neatly sidesteps letting her sail right past him.  As she is going by he grabs her around the waist loosing his balance, which sends them both to the floor.  He cushions her fall then rolls over so she is on the bottom.  Bending over so that his hair is hiding them he kisses her passionately pressing his tongue into her mouth. 

She lets go of her bokken and grabs his shoulders pulling him closer to her.

Yahiko seeing what they are doing gets up and says, "I don't understand you two and I definitely don't need those lessons yet so I'll see you later."  He walked out of the practice hall and shut the door behind him.

They stayed in the same position fighting with their tongues until Kaoru succumbed to Kenshin. When she was finely able to speak she declared "I demand a rematch tomorrow."

Kenshin smiled and said "Alright."

But for now they had a different battle to fight. 

Authors note:  I know nothing about a warriors ki other that what I have watched in the Rurouni Kenshin series.  But for my story I made it possible for Kenshin to control his ki quite well. 

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