Kaoru's Revenge

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The Game of Life

Round: 2

After the 'fight' between Kenshin and Kaoru the rest of the day was normal, with people coming and going. The aftermath of the fight had sent Kaoru spinning through the day with a smile on her face. So she didn't have time to think about why she lost.

After taking a relaxing bath Kaoru felt tired and decided to take a nap before dinner. Laying in bed with nothing to think about, she began to go over every move that was made when she sparred with Kenshin. And then she realized what had happened. 'Kenshin used his ki to throw me off guard just enough to break my concentration and win the match' she thought.

When she realized what he had done, her first reaction was anger and the need to pound him good. But her second thought was revenge. 'How can I win when he can use his speed and warriors ki against me? I must think of some way to fight him,' she thought before drifting to sleep.

Unknown to her, Kenshin looked in on her just before she succumbed to a restless sleep. The look on her face was puzzling to him. As he watched her sleep her face became soft and relaxed. 'How I wish I could just sit and watch her all day,' he thought 'but I have things to do.'

She heard someone call her name. "Kaoru" they softly called. She groggily sat up on her futon listening for the voice. "Don't worry, my daughter, sleep now" came the soft voice again. She was unable to resist the pull into a peaceful sleep.

Soon another voice was calling her, "Get up Ugly, dinner is ready. If you don't hurry I'm going to starve," the voice was saying, "You know Kenshin won't let us eat until you get there." As consciousness drifted into her still form, she recognized the owner of the voice. "Yahiko I am going to pound some manners into you yet," she screamed but just sat there not doing anything about it. Lately she had been getting very tired in the afternoon. Taking a nap usually helped but today she was just as tired after waking up.

Kaoru had trouble keeping her eyes open as she sat picking at her food. After only eating a small bit of her dinner she stood up and tiredly said, "I am going back to bed."

Kenshin watched as she walked out of the room. 'Something is not right with her' was his thought so he followed her back to their room to make sure that she was all right.

Knowing that he had followed her, she said in a loving voice, "I'm all right Kenshin. I am just tired."

"Are you sure?" he asked the worry heavy in his voice.

"Yes" she said trying desperately to convince him. "Oyasumi," she sleepily replied crawling under the covers. She no sooner stopped moving and immediately fell asleep.

Kenshin waited to make sure she was asleep, lightly kissed her, and left the room.

Many hours later after the household settled down for the night. Kaoru heard her name again. 'Someone is going to get it for waking me up this time' she though as she sat up in bed. Kenshin did not stir which surprised her. "Kaoru," again she heard her name. This time she followed the voice, which led her to the dojo. After she entered the dojo the voice stopped. Looking around all she could see was a white cloud. "Who is there?" she asked her voice trembling, wishing now that Kenshin was with her.

"Don't be afraid Kaoru," came the reply.

She recognized that voice "Okasan?" she asked.

"Yes Ka-chan, it is me," her mother said, her body emerging from the white cloud. "I received special permission to come here and instruct you in your final technique."

"Final technique?" she asked totally confused. She could not remember her mother ever holding a sword.

"Yes I started your training when you were very young. But I had to leave and your father finished your training. Only he taught you his style because he did not know mine. Now you need my final technique. The other lessons that I taught you will be remembered in time. But I was never able to teach you the last one," her mother explained.

"What is the style that you taught me?" Kaoru hesitantly asked.

"Kamiya Kasshin Ryu of course," her mother smiled "it was my version I was teaching you. Men are not the only ones who need to protect the ones they love. Although men can learn this technique they can't use it to the fullest advantage. But you must be careful because your young man may know of it. Once you learn the final technique your training will be complete."

"What is the final technique?" Kaoru asked.

"Its called Motherhood" she said smiling. "You will figured out all the other moves when they are needed. Although I must say that your cooking still needs a bit of work but that will come with time."

"How do I learn this technique?" Kaoru inquired wanting to talk about something besides her cooking.

"Do you know why you lost today? Yes, I was watching and I must say you have chosen a very good man. And he is quite handsome," Her mother said with a grin.

Kaoru blushed and asked, "Do you know who he is, mother."

"Yes I do, and I know that he will make a wonderful husband and father. Now can we get on with the lesson? I only have so much time to teach you," she replied and as an afterthought said "your father wanted to come down and pound him for you. He does get a bit overprotective where you are concerned." Which made Kaoru blush again.

"Now, do you know why you lost today?" she repeated a little stronger.

"Yes, he used his warriors ki to distract me," she pouted.

"Then you have to develop your mothers defense to counter it," her mother affectionately said, "once you learn this technique, you will be surprised what you can do with it."

"But how can I learn if I am not a mother," Kaoru asked.

"Oh but you will be soon Ka-chan," her mother said patting Kaoru's belly while shaking her head up and down.

Kaoru sank to the floor in shock.

"Now shall we begin?" her mother paused then continued, "The first thing, with this technique only, is to meditate. Your father taught you that so lets begin. There will be times when you will need this technique and not be able to meditate, so simply counting to ten will have to do," her mother said as she sat on the floor in front of Kaoru.

The lesson took longer that her mother expected, but she was pleased with the result. Nearing the time to leave her mother said " Kaoru you have become a very courageous and beautiful woman. We are so proud of you and what you have done with your life." Then she lightly kissed the top of her head as her spirit started to drift away.

"Thank you, Okasan," she said tears of happiness forming in her eyes. She was very happy knowing that her parents were proud of her.

"Now you must get some rest," her mother's voice drifted to her as the white cloud consumed her mother and then melted away.

When morning came for Kaoru, Kenshin was already dressed and making breakfast. While getting dressed, Kaoru went over the lesson that her mother taught her during the night. Her energy had returned and she felt wonderful this morning. Then she remembered something else and looked down at her stomach. Hugging herself she twirled around the room, stopping when Kenshin opened their bedroom door. Surprised to see her so happy he asked, "Did you sleep good last night?"

"Yes I did. And I feel wonderful this morning. Are you ready for our rematch?" she asked with a grin on her face.

"Yes but only after you eat breakfast," was his reply following her to the kitchen with a smile on his face.

Yahiko was waiting in the dojo for them to start. Sitting where he had the day before, he said, "Come on you two I haven't got all day to sit and wait. I have things to do."

"Ok Brat, watch and I will show you how to defend yourself against a skilled unarmed opponent," Kaoru said looking confidently at Kenshin,

They started by meditating before the match. Both were done at the same time. They started like the day before. Kenshin tickled Kaoru's neck but when he tried to kiss her, she was not there. Surprised he was about to look for her but instead he kissed the floor when her foot caught his and she thumped his back with her bokken.

"Now were you watching Yahiko?" Kaoru asked turning her back to Kenshin to talk to Yahiko.

Kenshin stood up bewildered and rushed Kaoru. He only managed to get within arms length when Kaoru's bokken caught him in the stomach. The only sound that could be heard was a small 'oof '. Kaoru managed to thrust her bokken through her arm using the Motherhood technique to know what he was doing without actually seeing him.

"Now remember Yahiko, you must always focus and be determined to beat your opponent," she said.

Yahiko could only sit and stare as Kenshin regained his feet.

"Shall we try again, Kenshin?" Kaoru asked with a smile.

Kenshin just stood there for a moment regaining self-control. Slowly he reached up and took the tie out of his hair thinking 'it worked yesterday.'

But today she was ready for him or at least she thought she was. When he took down his hair, she had to use all her will power and refocus on what she needed to do.

"Here I come," he said a smile on his face. While sending his ki toward her so she would think he was coming in front of her, he used his godlike speed and circled behind her. Using her new technique, she knew what he was going to do. She waited until he was right behind her then turned and kissed him. With her bokken in her left hand she reached around him, pulling him to her, while her right hand wandered into the folds of his hakama gently rubbing his manhood. Stunned he sucked in a deep breath before he backed away out of reach staring into her eyes. She stood there staring back at him with a smile on her face knowing he couldn't resist her eyes.

"Bleech," could be heard through out the dojo. "You guys are suppose to be fighting not kissing, save that for somewhere else," Yahiko yelled "I'm here to learn fighting skills, remember."

Neither combatant looked at Yahiko. Their eyes were still locked to each other. Kaoru both excited and nervous waited to see what Kenshin would do next.

Kenshin shook his head to concentrate on the fight but he knew he was loosing. 'One last try, here goes. If only I hadn't looked into her eyes' he thought blinking.

"Here I come," he said firmly.

Kaoru just stood there holding her ground. When Kenshin was in arms length she dropped her bokken and grabbed his waist turning so that he fell sliding on the floor under her. When they stopped sliding she sat on his stomach, leaned down, and gave him a passionate kiss. He reached up encircling her in his arms. She lay on top of him, enjoying the closeness between them.

"I'm out of here. You can explain the lesson later," Yahiko yelled leaving the dojo.

"How did you manage to do.. ," Kenshin started to say before Kaoru placed her fingers on his lips.

"Lets just say that no one should underestimate the abilities of a Mother," she replied.

In one swift movement Kenshin was sitting holding Kaoru in his lap. "We..you.. baby?" he excitedly stammered looking at her. Kaoru nodded yes, closing the distance between them.

No more word were necessary, they were both winners in the game of life.

Author's note: If you are a mother (or a father) you may have used some of the moves in my story, I know that I have used them often and became a master at a couple of them. And yes there are some that I didn't use because I wanted to keep the story short. I hope that everyone enjoys reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it…