Author's Note: My best friend wanted me to write a fanfiction based off of the comic, because it has been years since I've seen the movie. Plus the comic is better.

daily15: her, #725

Disclaimer: I should be shot down if I claimed such brilliance.

It was the crow who brought him back, but it was Shelley who took him out.

Just over the horizon, there it was with glittering black feathers. With glittering black eyes. Against the dull snow. Against the dull granite of her grave.

Yes, he could hear her now.

let go eric. let go.

The gun was neither glittering nor dull. In fact it was perfect, perfectly perfect.

The crow cawed.

Are you gonna look now? 'Hope you learned your lesson. Don't look, son.

let go eric. let go.

The metal felt like her against his head. I love you Shelly.

Don't look, now.

One last caw of the Crow and he didn't look. He didn't look anymore.

Author's Note: I can never completely say that I can relate to The Crow, but it was one of the more agonizing reads…and I just wanted to write something just as…