Trial by Fire

Final Author's Note

Okay, guys. I'm foregoing the epilogue this one time because what I wrote is crap compared to the last few chapters. It was either this or begin our next adventure without a prologue. Yes, yes, I'll be explaining the process of how Dalaran moves, or rather, the set up of it, as a prologue. I just need a little more time to figure out how to do it.

Speaking of, I do have a name for this new tale, much thanks to my fellow author and long-time friend, Ikeris. I'd been struggling with this one, as I hadn't had much thought on it prior to these past few weeks of bustling activity. But, regardless, I have one now. Be on the lookout for the two-part story, On Rising and Falling soon. It's still in planning phases, and I'm not going to rush and write the beginning like I did for this story; I'm legitimately taking my time and making sure that this is going to be as epic and amazing as I have imagined. So, bear with me on that.

As I stated in the author's note for last chapter, Ikeris will be co-writing this with me, and not just one chapter. We will be closely working together for maximum awesome. After all, I've kinda assimilated his characters into my story. Yes, both Erylian and Krionoso are his characters, loaned to me for the duration of this series (hence the familial tie they have). And, speaking of, the plot of his own story, Life of Ruins, will be acting as a sideplot in Rising and Falling. As for how long this will be spaced out, don't worry, we'll both be on each other's cases, so no twelve month hiatuses. As of this moment, he's been an invaluable asset to the planning of Rising and Falling and I doubt the story would be half as interesting to plot without his help.

I will not be including a synopsis of the plot in the new story, so if you go and refer friends to read this, be sure that either they read through the entire series, or make note of the synopsis in Trial. For all intents and purposes, this is a new beginning, and I'm treating it as such. On that note, I bid farewell to the rambling nonsense that I called a plot for the previous three 'books', in favor of a more cohesive goal, and given the circumstances, I believe that goal is well enough known.

In a completely unrelated topic, I'll be scanning and posting a page of my handwritten work to the deviantART account, just as a little extra to let you see a little more of my writing process - if you're into that kind of stuff. I'll be providing a link to it in my FF-dot-net profile page once I get it all done. Then I suppose you'll see all the editing I do in transcription, and perhaps even after that.

Anyway, I seem to be rambling on. I'll see you all on the other side of this small break, so until then, thank you dearly for taking the time to read my work, and;

Be Happy - Python.