Form Sent to the Main Office of Spanish Rivers High School

May 10th, 2008

34 Corvaline Drive, Spanish Rivers, OK, 67584

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to inform you that your school has been selected for the Raising Hand Educational Reform Act that will commence on November 1st of next year. Due to the high level of planning that will occur, you are being informed now in preparation. The competitors in the Reform Act will be the freshman class (ages 14-15) of next year. All of the contestants have been selected at a random lottery. As you are aware, informing any student(s) of any government activity concerning the school will result in the death penalty of whoever involved. If this form is not mailed back by the twentieth of June, there will be no other option but to take action. Attached is a class withdrawal list so you will be able to make the necessary adjustments for next year. We look forward to your cooperation. God bless America.

Best regards,

Rosemary T. Camden

President of the Bureau of Youth and Population Control



1: Barrens, Zane

2: Barrister, Chris

3: Chavez, Miguel

4: Dunnerman, Eddie

5: Graystone, Luke

6: Hashburg, Kevin

7: Igolovosky, Travis

8: Igolovosky, Tristan

9: Juntz, Peter

10: Kelley, Mitch

11: Mercedes, Jude

12: Martinez, Enrique

13: North, Rory

14: Rodriguez, David

15: Spencers, Adam

16: Carpenter, Nathan

17: Tierren, Skylar

18: Tracy, Preston

19: Van Buren, Winston

20: Warner, Darren

21: Zemeckis, Meyerhold


1: Brooke, J.C

2: Devora, Leana

3: Ewing, Mare

4: Harrison, June

5: Jenkins, Victoria

6: Klingerman, Terry

7: Marigold, Demi

8: Mercedes, Prudence

9: Mercedes, Sadie

10: Morgan, Jesse

11: Passington, Lea

12: Patterson, Roxy

13: Prescott, Amber

14: Ridgeway, Risa

15: Rumbaugh, Perry

16: Ryals, Shyla

17: Spring, Adrienne

18: Spruce, Logan

19: Thompson, Erin

20: Yamamoto, Mae

21: Zaun, Nicole