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The other wolves and I slipped away during the fighting when it became obvious that we couldn't win. And by "slipped away," I mean that Sam, as Alpha, ordered us to get the hell out of there. I wanted to stay and fight those damn robots, no matter the odds, but Sam insisted that we leave because La Push couldn't afford to lose four wolves. True, but I didn't care about what La Push needed right then. Really, all I wanted to do is catch that traitorous leech and rip him to shreds. For once, the others were in agreement with me. Seth immediately ran back to La Push and let Quil (who was due to run patrol soon) know what was happening, and then we all headed after the flock.

They were easy to track- just follow the vampire stench. After we caught up with the truck they were in, we ran through the forest alongside it- debating the next move. Embry and I both wanted to attack outright, but Sam and Seth were more cautious.

"This isn't the time for fucking caution! He crossed the line!" I snarled in my mind.

"We know." Sam answered irritably. "Seth, stay in the trees!" he added as Seth bounded a little too close to the road, again.

"Sorry. What I don't get is why he'd bother getting caught with them, he could've ran off."

"Probably wants to get away from us as long as possible. Coward." Embry said.

"He's probably listening to us right now, guys." Seth added.

I didn't care, let him listen. Didn't change anything. "He crossed the line! The treaty says-"

"I know what the treaty says as well as you do, Jake," Sam cut in, "I agree with that part, he should be punished."

"Not punished- killed." Embry's mind growled.

"Okay, okay. But how're we going to stop this truck?"

"Allow me," I said. Without waiting for a reply, I jumped out of the trees and into the roadway, well ahead of the semi. The driver saw me and swerved, almost jackknifing in the process. It worked- the truck stopped.

Sam told me off as I loped around to the back doors of the trailer.

I ignored him.

"Well, I'd rather save the leech than let these creeps have him. If he's going to die,we'regoing to be the ones to do it." Embry thought. The others, myself included, agreed wholeheartedly.

"Alright, who wants to phase and get the handle?" I asked.

Just as I thought it, the door swung open. "Allow me," Edward answered quietly.

Without a second thought, I lunged for his throat. If I'd paused long enough, I might have noticed his pitch black eyes and clenched teeth- never a good combination on a vampire. But I didn't notice and I didn't care.

Edward, fucking mind reader that he is, saw my plan as soon as I did and was ready.

He jumped down from the back of the truck and ran. Thinking he was running away from me, I started after him.

He ran about 200 yards into the trees and stopped, taking a deep breath.

"Wait." Edward's voice stopped me in my tracks, all thoughts of revenge temporarily gone.

His voice was deadly calm and emotionless, but at the same time there was a hint of desperation.

"I know you want me dead, and I'm not going to say I don't deserve it."
Huh, that's new.

He was still facing away from me, but I could feel his tenseness. "No. I know I crossed the line, literally." I paused, willing to give him a chance for a few last words. "I don't begrudge you you're revenge, but I do ask that you put it off until later."

Fat chance. Now you're just stalling.

"In a way." Edward admitted, answering my thoughts. "I'm also getting myself under control."

I rolled my eyes, even though he wasn't looking. Definitely stalling.

He turned towards me, his eyes still a little too dark for comfort. His voice was a harsh whisper, "Am I?"



My powerful back legs gave me enough speed to reach him before he could slip away.

I felt my claws rake his shoulder, and then I was flying backwards. Damn, he hits hard.

I landed on my side, but was back on my feet instantly. The other wolves ran to my aid, circling around and surrounding Edward.

Edward was crouched, but he didn't attack any of us. "We don't have time for this," he growled. He managed to take a running leap over me, heading back to the others.

Damn it, Edward.

The pack and I followed determinedly. I was the fastest of the pack, so I was right behind Edward as he passed the tree line and back into the open.


The shout made me stumble.

The voice was agonizing to hear, and it took me several seconds to realize that it was coming from Edward.

And that's when I reached the open and saw that the Itex truck was gone, along with everyone that had been in it.


His distress was almost a physical presence as we ran. It was like another person, silently following us. Feeding on our pain. No one spoke- no words were needed.

Wordlessly, the pack had started off after Edward as soon as we realized what had happened. Somehow, the flock and Bella were back in the hands of Itex. Somehow, they hadn't escaped from the truck.

And it was my fault.

We had reached a mutual agreement to follow Edward, who was (unfortunately) much better at finding and following Bella's scent than we were.

And so we ran.

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