Taste of Love—One through Ten

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and potential incest

Disclaimer: Was Melt playable? Was Lezard a recruitable alchemist? Did they confess their sweet love in the end of the game? No? Than obviously I don't own Star Ocean 3!

Author's Note: I love the kids in Surferio. A lot. Enough to write one hundred drabbles—mini fics between one hundred and two hundred words—featuring couples made up of them. With so many, I've decided to post them ten at a time. There will be a variety of pairs and ratings, so chances are you'll find any couple involving these six lovely humanoid children you could possibly want. Also, please note that very few of these are related. I'll make sure to note if any do, especially since they might be presented out of order. Some take place in the future too, but those should be pretty easy to figure out. Now…enjoy!

drabbles100 themes: #1-10; related drabbles: one, two, and three.

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001. Beginnings (142)

Surferio was a wonderful place to live, but not the best place to go on a date. Therefore, Lezard's very first date involved waking up early enough to travel to Peterny so they'd have enough time to enjoy the day before leaving for the aquatic village again. He was ready to go, now he just needed his date…

He knocked on the door and heard a muffled 'Just a moment!' through the wood. He wasn't ready yet? Honestly, was he secretly a girl?

…Oh, he hoped not…

"All right, I'm ready." Lezard snapped out of his musings to see his date. His long brunet hair, those bright yellow eyes…he was beautiful…

"I… I-it's about time! Hurry up, will you?" Melt chucked quietly and latched his arm with Lezard's. Dating would never change their rivalry…

And he wouldn't have it any other way.

002. Middles (145)

They both decided that Peterny was rather overrated, and on their next date they decided to go to Aquios. The bar was out since they were underage, the church held no interest as neither was religious, the shops were better suited for travelers and warriors… They ate an early lunch in the main square and decided they'd be better off heading back early and making out for the rest of the day.

A building they hadn't noticed before caught their attention as they left the city. Curiosity made them enter. A spastic young woman recognizing them as the protégées Louise and Ansala talked about made them stay. …They left a thousand fol richer each and both the newest members of the Inventors Guild, sporting new communicators.

The walk home left them wondering if perhaps their upcoming date in Aquios might turn into an apartment hunt.

003. Ends (134)

The date officially ended when Lezard walked Melt back to his house…until Melt invited him inside and the unofficial part of the date began. It started with a typical hormone-induced frenzy, fueled by their years of rivalry and unresolved sexual tension, but it eventually took a more serious turn.

"We're now guild members… We must decide our future." Lezard's head was filled with responses, from cynical 'We just started dating!' to sappy 'I've always known we were destined to stay together.' Instead…

"We both know we won't get anywhere staying here. We'll just have to go to Aquios next week and ensure they make room for us, won't we?" Melt smiled at the answer—he didn't need the poetics. He already knew.

This ending was merely the beginning of the rest of their lives.

004. First (122)

"Y-you go first," Dribe whimpered, hiding behind Lucien as if the older boy could protect him from whatever evils lurked within the caves between Surferio and the Mosel Dunes.

"M-me?! Why don't you go first, ya big chicken!" Dribe shook his head vehemently, leaving no doubt that he would not be going first, no matter what. Lucien gulped, knowing that it would hardly make him look like a real man if he wouldn't go first, but…

"How about…we go together?" Hesitantly, Dribe stepped out from behind him, looking skeptical.

"Really?" To prove his point, Lucien slipped his hand in the younger boy's and grinned.

"Really." Flushing, he nodded and they braved the cave hand-in-hand.

And somehow, it didn't seem so scary anymore.

005. Last (139)

The last time they'd talked had been almost three years ago. Melt had left Surferio to become Louise's apprentice. He had let the old woman live with him when he'd been younger, so she called it her payment. Melt was just glad he could learn compounding from an expert.

He did miss Surferio though. His friends, their rivals, even the Real Man contests. Aquios was a wonderful city, but it was missing something…or rather someone.

"Ansala's new apprentice is coming today, so make a good impression boy. Show those stuffy alchemists that the compounders are superior!" Louise's words ran in his head as the door to the workshop opened, and everyone stopped to watch the newcomer, dressed in an oversized green robe and thick glasses, enter.

"Ah, my Silent One. It's been a while." Suddenly, Aquios was completely perfect.

006. Hours (126)

"I think we're stuck." Lucien glared over at his rival, wondering how he could be so damn calm.

"No, really? I think I can see that, yah idiot!" Roger shrugged, glancing up at the opening of the large pit they'd fallen into during their latest Real Man contest. The opening that was, of course, far too high for them to reach.

"It'll probably be a few hours before anyone finds us… Guess we'll just hafta wait for 'em." Lucien almost yelled at the Menodix boy again, but just then he had a wonderful thought. He and Roger. Alone. For a few hours. "Lucien, why are ya lookin' at me like that? Lucien? Lucien, wait, I—!"

It ended up being a very pleasant couple of hours.

007. Days (127)

It had been days since Lucien had been out of the house, having been grounded for talking back to his parents yet again. The punishment made him miserable, but it would hardly cure his rebellious phase—he just kept his comments in his head now.

"Here, he wanted me to give you this. Though I hardly condone your relationship, I suppose it's better than listening to you complain all night long…" Lucien took the small note from his brother, unfolding it and reading the short message inside.

'When your punishment is over, you should come over for a…sleepover. See you then.'

Lucien grinned at Melt's words, pleased that his boyfriend missed him just as much as he missed Melt. Now, to just get through two more days…

008. Weeks (117)

It had been a few weeks since Roger left Surferio and started traveling with Fayt, Cliff, and Nel. He loved it, no doubt, but he couldn't help but feel a bit…

"Do you miss someone?" He looked up at Nel, the first one who'd truly been nice to him. Her question brought up thoughts of sweet smiles, adoring looks, undying loyalty, and foxtails.

"Well… Kinda…" It was an understatement, and they both knew it.

"I'm sure he misses you too." Roger didn't ask how she knew. He was just glad she understood.

And when they finally returned to Surferio after a few more weeks, Nel watched with a knowing smile as Roger immediately headed towards Dribe's house.

009. Months (159)

Lucien was the first child born into the latest generation of Surferio villagers. Many other woman were swept up in the excitement, and thirteen month later Melt was born. Over the next five months, four more babies were born in rapid succession—Roger, Dribe, Vellion, and finally Lezard. A year and a half after one baby came, there were six, all boys.

Lucien and Lezard were the oldest and the youngest, and the only set of siblings. With only eighteen months between them, it was often hard to tell who acted more like the older sibling. While Lucien was certainly taller and more outgoing, Lezard was crafty, intelligent, and more than a little cocky. Watching him boss around his older brother probably left doubts in the minds of those who were unaware of their true birth order.

…And if that didn't confuse them, catching Lezard leering over his brother, forcing him to beg for his touch, mostly likely would.

010. Years (124)

They'd managed to go years without getting caught. They'd tried to be careful—tried to keep their relationship strictly platonic while their parents were home. But as they got older and their hormones woke up, it became harder and harder until…

"Did they…just pass out?"

"It appears that would be the case."

Lucien tried to move to get a better look, but the handcuffs rather restricted his movement. And even the sight of their parents passed out cold in the doorway didn't seem to be enough to warrant Lezard letting him go.

"So… Whadda we tell 'em when they wake up?" Lezard pondered the situation for approximately three seconds before shrugging, uncaring.

"They had to find out sooner or later. Now, where were we…?"