Taste of Love—Ninety One through One Hundred

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and potential incest

Disclaimer: Was Melt playable? Was Lezard a recruitable alchemist? Did they confess their sweet love in the end of the game? No? Than obviously I don't own Star Ocean 3!

Author's Note: Here we are, at the end of the hundred drabbles feature pairs with the kids of Surferio. Numbers 96 through 100 were Writer's Choice, so I picked the words out for those ones. If you'd like a few stats, the couple featured most often was MeltxLezard, followed by LucienxLezard, LucienxDribe, and LucienxMelt respectively, with the rest not breaking ten drabbles. Lucien was in the most, while Vellion was in the least. It was a very fun series to write, and the last drabble is the one I wrote last as well, making sure my OTP started and ended the project in the fluffiest, happiest manner possible. I do hope you enjoyed this, and stay tuned for more fics from me about the kids from Surferio!

drabbles100 themes: #91-100; related drabbles: 92, 93, 94, and 95.

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091. Birthday (119)

"It's your birthday, so you can have whatever you please." Melt looked thoughtful as he considered what he wanted. He'd already gotten excellent gifts from Roger and Dribe, and Lucien's hadn't been bad either. But his lover was offering anything, and he had to make this good.

"Well…" Lezard listened carefully as Melt described, in detail, exactly what he wanted to do. It sounded… Dirty. And wet. And did he mention dirty? "…So. Is that acceptable?"

"I think that can be arranged." Luckily for Melt, Lezard happened to like dirty.

By the time the night was over, they were indeed very wet, but neither minded. After all, it ended up being the best birthday present either had ever experienced.

092. Christmas (107)

"Fayt told me about this awesome holiday on Earth where it snows and everyone gets presents and there's a fat guy who breaks into people's houses and—"

"It never snows in Surferio, ya goofball." Roger glared at his lifetime rival, though it probably would have been a bit more intimidating if there weren't a good foot difference in height.

"I know that, yah idiot. My point is that we should try it, yanno? Free presents, man!"

Lucien suddenly had visions of naked Rogers tied up in big red bows, lying on his bed, dancing though his hormone-filled teenage mind.

"Christmas ya said? Sure, sounds like fun…"

093. Thanksgiving (142)

"Another tradition that swordsman taught ya?" Roger nodded, scanning the fields for his target.

"Yep. Fayt said that Thanksgiving is when ya get together with your loved ones, give thanks for things you're, um, thankful for, and eat turkey. So we gotta find a turkey." Lucien sighed—they both knew there were no wild turkeys around Surferio, but his stubborn fool of a boyfriend just couldn't accept that…

"Give thanks, eh? So, what are ya thankful for, my little fool?" Roger ignored the odd term of endearment and smiled.

"Oh, that's easy! My family, my friends, my friends on other planets, you, good tastin' food—" Lucien suppressed a grin as Roger rambled on. As long as Roger was thankful for him, he supposed he could let the fool have his fun.

…Even if they were never going to see a turkey.

094. Solstice (126)

Summer Solstice was always the biggest celebration in Surferio, and Lucien was happy to get through the festivities without his boyfriend mentioning that swordsman once. Quite frankly, he was getting sick of Roger constantly telling him about new holidays or new traditions on holidays they did have. Roger talked about him so much

"I ain't jealous!" Roger rolled his eyes. Yeah, like he believed that.

"Sure ya ain't… Just think of it this way—who's bed am I gonna be in tonight, Fayt's or yours?" Lucien stared blankly for a few moments, before grinning and pulling his boyfriend down the docks to his house. Roger made a very good point, and he was going to make sure it was a solstice neither of them ever forgot.

095. New Year (148)

"Okay, what's the tradition this time?" Roger had the gall to look clueless, which Lucien knew he most certainly wasn't.

"Why, I have no idea what you're talkin' about!" Lucien didn't buy the innocent act for a second.

"That swordsman taught ya traditions for holidays we ain't even got, so he must've told ya some for ones we do! Now spill it!" Roger only smiled, not saying a word. Lucien could hear his brother, Vellion, Melt, and Dribe counting down the seconds on the clock. It was almost time…

"Six, five four, three…" Why wouldn't he tell him? "…two, one, happy New Year!"

As the cry came from their friends, Roger swiftly pressed his lips to his rival-slash-lover. Lucien was shocked for but a moment before he relaxed and began to kiss back eagerly. So that was the tradition, eh? It was his favorite one yet…

096. Fault (134)

"It's not my fault. He kissed me, and you know it. I even pushed him away!" Lezard was met with nothing but silence. "Why are you so mad at me? You know he's only my friend."

"…I'm not mad at you. I'm merely trying to calm myself so I don't do anything rash… Like shove my broom up his a—" Lezard quickly cut him off with a long finger to his lover's lips. It was rare enough to see Melt angry; hearing him cuss would be too much for one day.

"It's not really Vellion's fault either. We've never told anyone about us after all. We'll just call this a no fault accident, all right? …But if he does it again, you can shove your broom in any orifice you want, okay?"


097. Possibility (167)

Melt had been having an average, somewhat boring day until Dribe arrived at his door, looking determined. He'd let his friend in, about to ask where Roger was, when he was suddenly pushed against the wall. Before he could get a word in edgewise, he was being kissed rather thoroughly.

It wasn't as if he'd never thought of the possibility that Dribe might be homosexual. Quite the contrary—he was so sure of it that he'd just come to take it as fact. The sun rose and set, the planet spun around that same sun, and Dribe was gay. If one of those things ceased being true, he would have thought the end of the world was near.

He just hadn't thought Dribe liked him. …Or that he'd even begin to think he could be the dominant one in the relationship. He quickly began to kiss back, gaining control as he flipped them around to reverse their positions, Dribe not complaining. There…

That was more like it.

098. Parsley (148)

"Why ain't ya talkin' to me?" No answer. "Well?" Still no answer. "Will ya say somethin' already?!" Dribe turned abruptly, a scowl on his face. Lucien suddenly wondered if pestering him for an answer was such a good idea after all.

"You called me a 'big old, stupid parsley-head' and a fool in the same breath. Why do you think I'm not talking to you?" He paused, the scowl melting to a confused expression. "And what's a parsley-head anyway?"

"I dunno," Lucien mumbled, shrugging rather sheepishly. "But you were talkin' about attractin' people and it was embarrassing, yanno?" Dribe didn't look impressed. "…Sorry?" The fox humanoid sighed, but nodded nonetheless.

"Fine, I forgive you…" Lucien grinned and pulled the other boy in for a hug, which was readily returned. He could never stay mad at Lucien for long. Still… He really wished he knew what a parsley-head was.

099. Dream (121)

"I love you."

Lucien couldn't only stare. It was so…out of the blue. Quiet little Melt who was infamous for speaking in riddles, being this blunt? Hell, he hadn't even realized Melt had a crush on him, let alone loved him! It was crazy, it was insane, it was…

"I love ya too." …his dream come true.

Melt smiled, larger and brighter than Lucien had ever seen him in all the years they'd known each other, and promptly launched himself into the older boy's arms. Lucien had to wonder if it really was just a dream.

But as Melt pressed their lips together, he knew it was real, and he thanked every deity he could think of as he kissed back.

100. Forever (153)

They'd started as friends, became rivals, went to friendly rivals, began dating…and this was it. The end of their dating relationship as they knew it. It had been fun—sneaking out of their houses to meet at night, moving to Aquios together, going back to Surferio to start their own workshop… But that had all changed one night. Now…

"…forever?" Melt smiled as Aznor asked the question he'd been waiting for ever since Lezard asked his question months ago. Their relationship was indeed about to change…and he couldn't wait.

"I do." Lezard caught his gaze and they both smiled.

"Then I now pronounce you life mates as recognized by the Sanmite Republic. …Now kiss you two lovebirds!" Melt laughed as his new husband drew him close and they shared their first kiss as a married couple.

They'd always have their friendship and their rivalry, but most of all, they'd always have their love…forever.