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- Do your remember when i beat you in an earthbending fight

-"Do you remember when I beat you in an earthbending fight?"

Aang was laying on the ground beside his blind friend. They had been there for more than 2 hours, just taking in the sun and talking about random stuff. Aang had his eyes closed and an arm on his face to protect his eyes from thesun, but Toph wasn't affected at all by the light.

-"You just were lucky. If I had known that you were an airbender, I could have beaten you in a second."

The avatar turned his head to see her. She was wearing a red dress and a golden tiara that she used to seem a fire nation girl. Aang smiled. He had to admit it, that new look really fitted her. Then he turned his head back before she noticed he was staring at her.

-"Okay. You may be better at earthbending, but I run faster."
-"You wish!"
-"You don't believe me, right?"
-"Nope" She answered playfully.

Aang sat up and looked at Toph.

"I'll bet whatever you want that I can beat you on a race."

Toph sat up too when she heard the air monk challenging her. Finally, she seem interested.

-"If I win, you will let me hit you as hard as I can", she said to her
-"Okay." He said after thinking a while. The idea of her hitting him with more strength than normal wasn't nice. "But if I win, you'll kiss me."

Aang moved his right hand toward Toph for her to shake it and seal the bet. She was surprised by Aang's proposing, but she finally shook his hand with a mischievous look on her face.

-"It's a deal."

-" Ready…."

They both put their hands and their left knee on the floor, placing behind the line Toph had drawn on the floor.


Aang took his last chance to take another gaze at his beautiful rival


They both ran as fast as they could. Toph headed Aang, but he quickly reached her.But the race didn't change: As soon as one took the lead, the other caught
up.They went through different obstacles like rocks and branches, but they both avoided them skillfully. After several minutes of running, the Avatar started getting tired and slowed down, and luckily the Blind Bandit was slowing down too.

-"Why don't you give up?", asked the monk "you know I'm going to win.
-"I don't think so!", answered Toph while she accelerated, leaving
Aang behind. He began to worry when he saw she took the lead and they were getting closer to the lake. He had never thought that Toph could run that fast. He took the last strength in his legs and caught her up.

Now they were running at the same speed, and no matter how much they accelerated, they couldn't pass the other.
When they finally reached the lake, Aang was so worried about losing the bet, that couldn't tell who was the winner.

Toph threw herself on the floor and Aang leaned against a tree. They were panting, completely tired because of the race.

-"So..", asked the boy, "who won?"

Toph didn't answer. As soon as she recovered her breath, she stood up, grabbed the monk's shirt and kissed him without a word.

-"I won!! I won!! " Aang screamed inside his head. He couldn't believe that the Blind Bandit was kissing him, and he wished that moment never end. He didn't know it, but Toph wished the same thing.

But his happiness didn't last too much. After 10 seconds, the blind girl broke the kiss and hit him in the shoulder so hard that she sent him to the floor, 1 meter from there.

He squeezed his shoulder while she grinned

-"It was a tied." She said before she left, glad she reclaimed each parts of the bet.

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