An idea I got from a fic request. I'm thinking this will be a chapter fic. In an AU, Nathan isn't the one who needs tutoring Haley is. Haley is not doing well in PE and needs a passing grade to keep her GPA intact. So, her teacher assigns her a tutor in order to help her get better and for extra credit.

Nathan is taking a course called Service and Humanity (I just made that one up!). He is assigned a major community service project in place of a final exam. He is then shown that he can be a PE tutor (Again, making it up but just work with me.).

Their worlds collide. How could a jock with absolutely zero care for school fall in love with a nerd with absolutely no interest or knowledge in sports and vice versa? We're about to find out.

That's my idea. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I'll try this one. This will be my first real long chapter fic. Hopefully, it will turn out well. Tell me what you think. All comments welcome, but please be nice.



P.S. Thanks to the anonymous reviewer, Naley, for helping me come up with this idea. All credit goes to you!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!