I am so sorry for my lack of writing as of late. I've just come out of a major writer's block. During this time, I realized that I'm just not meant for this story. Maybe later I could take it somewhere. But I just don't see that happening now. So, this story is on hiatus for that reason. But I do have some great little stories in the works. Here's a little overview:

The Wedding Wall: This is an nhlovenest entry and is about if Nathan and Haley remade their wedding wall in season 3. It's a ton of flashback work. I really am getting to explore that area of my writing.

Two Weeks Prior: This was a request made in my story requests post. A story filling in all the gaps left from Jamie's birth to the two weeks later scene. It starts when Jamie's two days old and I am planning on having it go up to that scene two weeks later. It's gonna be really long though. I've only done one day and it's 1500 words. It might be like a two or three shot.

Thank Goodness for the Webcam: a post season 5 smut piece where Nathan is away at camp and Haley buys Nathan a webcam. It's gonna be smut city.

Another Chapter for Take the Lead: I don't want to give too much away. But it's along the lines of what occurred in Steaming Up the Sauna. Use your imagination.

That's all I'm working on. If you have any lovely suggestions for me to write, do not hesitate to post them in my story requests area. I'm always opened to new ideas. Well, thanks for listening to me. I'm gone now. Peace out all!!