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In the middle of a deserted town, a lone boy stood at a payphone.

The boy looked down at the phone in his left hand, which kept repeating the same prerecorded message.

"Due to an emergency all circuits are busy. Please head to the nearest shelter for assistance." The message continued again.

The boy looked around and down at himself, he was wearing a pair of black steel toe boots, black jean shorts that came just below his knees, and a black muscle shirt that exposed his massive arms.

He slowly reached over with his right hand and touched his left bicep. He could feel the outline of the cross and serpent, the points of the crown, and the gentle slope of the wings.

The boy lowered his right hand and looked straight ahead then spoke. "This time, I won't lose." He said as he dropped the phone.

He turned towards the intersection where he knew the familiar image would form, that was not the case though.

He was surprised to see Master standing there instead, looking much like he had only moments ago. He turned his head as the fluttering for the birds caught his ears, but was intrigued as they were frozen in mid flight.

As he turned his head back towards the intersection though, he was startled to find that Master now stood mere feet from him.

Master stood firm, his 6'2" frame would have made a normal person slightly fearful, and while his short blonde hair was not uncommon, his eyes were what scared most. Hellfire, which was the only word that really described the color of them.

"Well, you have made your choice." The man said. "Do you think you can do it?" he questioned.

Shinji nodded, "I will, there is no question in my mind." He answered, "But I have to ask Master. Why send me all the way back?" he asked.

The man smiled "First it is not necessary to call me Master now. You may call me by my given name. Kiaser, Kiaser Koh. As for your other question, what better way to correct all that went wrong? Now you have the ability to change all the mistakes that happened the first time." He said.

"But, there are certain rules that must not be broken. Do you think you will be able to follow them?" He asked the boy.

"I will do whatever I have to." Shinji replied.

"Alright then here they are. First, you must never speak of what will happen. no one must know what you know. If they do it will cause more problems than you may think it will solve. Second, and this is probably the most important and most painful one yet, you may not contact Asuka in any way shape or form before your destined meeting on the 'Over The Rainbow'." The man said, knowing this would not sit well.

"What do you mean I can't contact her? How will she know what's going on?" The younger man stated.

Kiaser simply raised his hand up, "That is being taken care of as we speak."

-On the other side of the planet-

A young woman shot straight up in bed, feeling her side, her face and the surrounding area.

There was a soft click of a switch and the small lamp next to her bed came to life. She continued to check every square inch of her side, she checked her hair, felt her head, looking for anything that may explain what was going on.

"You won't find any answers in that mop of red hair." A familiar voice spoke from a darkened corner.

"Joe? What the hell happened?" She asked, confused to no end.

"Well first, tell me what you remember." He said as he pulled a chair next to the bed.

"I…I remember… Shinji, he was standing next to me after I got shot. Then… everything was white…" She said looking more confused with every word she spoke.

"Well, that's more than I could have hoped for." Joe said with a smirk. "Alright since it seems you don't remember everything; I'll fill you in a little bit." He said as he started to explain everything, including the rules that Kiaser was currently explaining to the other half.

-Back in Tokyo-3-

"Third, you may only use your powers when absolutely needed. Wouldn't want to attract too much attention if you catch my drift." Kiaser said. "Also, and this is something I cannot stress enough, do NOT kill your father. He is like he was before all of this began. He will not remember the changes of his later self. Do you have any questions?" Kiaser asked.

Shinji shook his head, "I think I understand it all. As long as I get to see her again, nothing will get in my way." He said, clenching his right hand.

"So long as you do not lose yourself along the way everything will be fine. Do not forget that this is not only a chance to make things right with her, but also to set right the wrongs that happened around you." The man spoke.

"I will not fail this time." Both children spoke simultaneously, even though half a world apart.

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