Massie Block-Siked about High School. Not so siked when she finds she has almost every single class with her Ex-Derrington. It's been a huge love war ever since their break-up but what happens when Derrington finds a new girl?? The green-eyed momnster suddenly pops out of Massie. But then her beta Alicia, finds out that he was only doing it to make her jealous?? Massie scared?? NO WAY! Yes Way. A new alpha for the girls of BOCDHigh? Maybe. All thanks to Kendall-the new girl-soon the be alpha.

Alicia Rivera-Happy to be back in the P.C. after the begining of 8th Grade didn't go so well. Josh and her are a couple but then suddenly this Spanish Beauty becomes interested in one of the P.C. members man? Bring on the drama. Hates Kendall. Kendall's hotter than she is. No Way. Not going to happen.

Claire Lyons-Finally back with Cam. They have been off and on since that one text from Cam after the dumpings of Duh-Livia. POed at Dylan for flirting with Cam. Likes the new girl Kendall. They both have in common that they act.

Dylan Marvil-Lost weight majorly. Now is trying to get the Mister One Blue One Green eye soccer star to notice. Flirts with Cam all the time. To: a.) make Claire mad, b.) get back at Chris and Kemp, or c.) bump Alicia and Claire from top spots in The Clique. Try all three answeres.

Kristen Gregory-Miss Soccer Star is really going good. LeGaspeh!! Has a boyfriend? Yup. The new kid Carter Nininnger, one of the Tomhawks soccer players. Two Soccer fanatics in love. Aww. How cute?? Thinks Kendall is great, and is trying to hide from Massie the fact that they have been hanging out sometimes. Has ahbsalutley no clue that Carter and Kendall were 6th Grade Sweethearts.

Derrick Harrington. (aka Derrington.)-Derrington+Trying to make Massie jealous+highschoolDRAMA! Derrington when will you ever learn? Is going for... new girl Kendall to make Massie jealous?? No Way. Well maybe a little but Kendall is hot! She's a dancer, actress, and amazing at soccer. What more could he ask for. He likes her and Massie but Massie is too over dramatic for him.

Cam Fisher-Hppy to be back with Claire. Is really good friends with the new girl Kendall but nothing more. They live next to each other and Cam and Derrington are tutoring her because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Josh Hotz-Knows Alicia likes Cam. Yeah. That's who she likes. Not to thrilled but yeah. Would like Kendall but Derrington already called dibs on her. Oh Well... For now...

Kendall Sigmund-Dancer. Actress. Cheerleader. Soccer Player. What more could a guy ask for. This beautiful blonde makes the Clique look like LBR's, she's got Massie's alpha like personality, is much prettier than Alicia, very athletic, and an actress like Claire. She had hung out with Kristen and talked with Claire, and made Massie's comebacks look lame. She's not the smartest of them all but who cares about smartness?? Has her eyes on Derrington and is ahbsalutley determined to overthrow the P.C.

Carter Nininnger and her were 6th grade sweethearts until they got in a huge fight, and Kendall moved. But now she has ahbsaultley no feelings for him.

Carter Nininnger-New Amazing hot soccer player. Carter's dating Kristen but then realizes Kendall was the Kendall from 6th grade and all of those feelings for her come back. But then theres Kristen... Anything goes in highschool.