Miko: Eh...It's pretty short and OOC, but I couldn't figure out how to end it. Hope you liked it. Let me know what you thought...



"Raito-kun smells like blood." I could smell the salty –metallic smell when I turned my head but Ryuuzaki was sitting as far from me as the limo and the chain would allow.

"I seriously doubt you can smell that across the car, Ryuuzaki." I said, turning to look at the wide eyed detective. He just blinked. We had not spoken since leaving the hospital and the silence was starting to get uncomfortable.

"Is Raito-kun doubting me?" He asked, allowing as much of a smile as he was capable of to cross his lips.

"Even superman wouldn't be able to smell anything." I said. He raised an eyebrow.

"So now Raito-kun is comparing me to a fictional American super hero." He said, chuckling to himself. I felt my face heat and my fists clench so I decided not to say anything else. We spent the rest of the ride in silence.

No one asked questions as we walked into headquarters but I saw my father send a questioning look I shrugged and allowed L to lead me to our computers. Mine looked the same as I'd left it the day before.

"Are you okay, Raito?" I heard Matsuda ask hesitantly.

"Uh…yeah, Matsuda." I said. "I'm fine." I was lying through my teeth. The pounding in my head had resumed and I couldn't seem to focus on the computer screen.

"Yagami-kun does not look well." L said, cocking his head as he looked at me from his chair. "Perhaps he should get some rest?"

"I…You…" I shook my head and the world spun. My hand reached for the desk but would have met only empty air if Ryuuzaki's hadn't provided support. He used my hand in his to lift me to my feet.

"Come on, Raito-kun." He said, quiet enough that no one else could hear. I took my hand back and tried to recover my dignity by walking to our room on my own. I heard L chuckle behind me and stuck my chin out, determined not to let him help me.

"Raito-kun should not be so pig-headed." L said as I placed a hand on the wallto catch my balance.

"Stay back." I growled, glaring at him over my shoulder. He chuckled.

"Raito-kun is skin and bones anyway – carrying you would be no problem." I pulled away, dragging on L before he realized and he had to jog to catch up. My victory was short lived as the effort of moving so quickly caught up with me and the world spun. The floor rose to meet me but instead I was pulled against something warm and soft. I felt Ryuuzaki's arms hold me close and I didn't fight.

"Put me down…" I said weakly. He pulled me closer and I relaxed.

"Okay." He said, walking the last few steps to the bed room. Pain clouded my vision and I buried my head in his chest as he sat on the bed and pulled me against him.

"Raito-kun is bleeding again." He said, taking one hand off me to put it to my head. I whimpered in pain. "It will stop soon, though."

"Why do you care…Ryuuzaki?" I was sure my words were slurred beyond recognition as I once again fought off sleep.

"I could never live without you, Raito." L said.

"But…what about Kira?" I asked. "If I was him…"

"Sleep, Raito-kun." L said. "Today, Kira does not exist. Today there is just you and me. Tomorrow we will catch Kira together."

"Together…" I mumbled, liking the way the word sounded. "Yeah. Goodnight, Ryuuzaki."

"My name is Lawliet." He said softly. I tried to talk but settled for smiling as I fell asleep feeling that everything was totally, wonderfully perfect.