So for those of you who are interested here is the process.

If you come across a story that you really like then you can come and post it under the Nominations Topic in the NOTTINGHAM FAIR ARCHERY CONTEST FORUM. A valid nomination must meet a few requirements: the story must be at least 1000 words, it should only have a minimal amount of grammatical errors, and if it is an incomplete story and the author accepts the award he/she must finish the story or be beat to death with a bag of Starbursts. Self-nominations will be disqualified. The whole point of this contest is for the readers to show their appreciation.

Once a story has been nominated one of our lovely mandated readers will review the story and make sure that it meets the requirements. A big round of applause to Aleisha Potter, Lady Clark of Books, and Dean Parker. Mira-and-Allan and I will be moderators for the forum as well as mandated readers. Our readers have been specially selected my both Mira and myself, and they have assured us that they will be completely unbiased. Should any of our stories be nominated the author will not be involved in the reviewing process.

If the story meets the contests requirements we will open a new Topic for it titled "Vote for Blah Blah Blah Story" or something to that extent, and people can get on and give their endorsement. An endorsement will be much like a review. You can tell everyone what you liked about the story. When a story gets 10 endorsements then it receives the Bronze Arrow, 20 gets the Silver Arrow, and 30 gets the Gold Arrow.

You can only give one endorsement per story, but feel free to nominate and endorse as many stories as you like!