PLEASE READ THIS: I just wanted to tell everyone that this is a story that I started a long time ago that had nothing to do with Bella and Edward. And also it is my first real Bella/Edward story, they will all be human and some OOC.

I began writing this last summer, and got about halfway through before I got hit with major writer's block. So I figured turning it into a fanfic might help the story along. Some scenes may be awkward because I had to change some stuff to make it work.

Though I love them, I'm not usually one to ask for reviews, but I would really appreciate feedback on this story! Thanks, and I hope you like it!


Chapter One

I could feel the veil of sweat forming on my forehead. The bottom strands of my bangs were clinging to them, curling the outer layers into a frizzy flip. Attractive, I thought to myself as I glanced in a nearby mirror.

Nothing I could do about it, so I wiped the sweat that had moved to my cheeks and then dragged the back of my palm under my bangs.

I sighed as I picked up the tray waiting for me and headed for the cool dinning room.

Only two more hours I reminded myself plastering on a smile and delivering the steaming plates. Friday nights were all the same in the summer here.

The crowds would show up as the sun set, and the air would be cranked higher with every group of people. The back and kitchen seemed to get hotter as the rest of the space cooled.

I made a quick round by all the tables in the crowded Italian bistro assessing how everything was before passing back into the hellish heat of the kitchen.

"Jen, two of your tables are low on water. Don't forget extra ice." I smiled as I passed. "And Jack, I think the young couple by the window wants their check."

"Bella!" I took a deep breath before turning towards my boss.

"What's up Antonio?" His tone told me it was going to be nothing I wanted to hear.

Antonio was a very mild tempered man, for him to be showing a sign of frustration worried me.

"I just got a reservation for fifteen. They'll be here in thirty. Can you set up for them by then?" He raised his thick black eyebrows in question.

There goes the idea of leaving in two hours I thought to myself.

"Um, yea. I'll have a chance in a few minutes, Martin is just about done with his tables, so he can bus for me."

Antonio smiled in gratitude and turned back towards his beloved kitchen where he usually always stays.

In truth I all but ran the restaurant while I was home from school over the summers. I didn't mind though, the money was good, and I could not ask for a better boss or staff to work with.

With a final sigh I got back to work.

I felt exhausted as I began my hour long late-night drive home from Port Angeles, fantasizing about my soft pillow awaiting me.

It was just past twelve and the usually busy roads were quiet and nearly abandoned just outside of town, as they were every night at this time.

I turned the radio up and tuned out the thoughts of exhaustion and instead focused on the road before me and the river that wound alongside it.

It was a beautiful night, one of the last of the season, so I had my windows down rejoicing in the refreshing breeze that blew around my hair. The full moon was high in the night, weaving traces of silver through the river. It was breathtaking.

As the quick paced song on the radio ended and a slow jazzy piece picked up I suddenly felt at peace, and content.

I slowed my speed a bit reveling in the moment. I noticed the distant traffic catching up to my snails pace as a single headlight neared where I was, and I heard a faint roar of a motorcycle behind me.

I sighed, contemplating pulling over as the driver came closer, but instead gave in and sped up.

As I revved the truck faster I saw too late a large pothole.

I mumbled a quick profanity and braced myself as I hit the hole.

A moment later was when I saw it. The single light trailing behind me hit the pothole and dropped to the ground with a loud crash.

"Oh my God!" Without thinking I slammed my breaks on, and pulled my truck over.

In the dim streetlight I could see the motorcycle slammed against the opposite curb, but the driver was no where near it. Shaking I looked around the street till my eyes made contact with a body in the dark road laying about 20 feet back, not moving in the middle of the road.

I ran to the limp figure and saw blood pooling around his knee that seemed to be twisted in an un-natural way, and noticed his helmet was considerably dented from where he made contact with the hard pavement. I pushed aside the nausea rising in my throat and bent down next to him.

"Can you hear me?! Are you okay?!" I asked my reflection in the helmet. No answer. Crap.

I reached for his hand trying to remember what I could from the first aid classes I had taken years ago. Where would I find a pulse?

My hand was shaking so much, my breathing so heavy it took me a minute before I found the faint pulse on his wrist. "Thank God.."

Unsure of what to do I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone and dialed 911.

"I'm on River Road; there's been a bad accident. I need an ambulance right now!" The operator tried to start asking for more 

information when I noticed another set of headlights in the distance coming my way fast. I hung up my phone.

I felt adrenaline pulsing through me as I realized we were completely in the dark around the bend. I had to move him, or he'd be hit.

"Please wake up!" I pleaded as I reached my arms softly under his shoulders, afraid to hurt him. I pulled with all my strength, trying to be gentle, grunting as I heard the car almost at us. With strength I did not know I possessed I pulled onto the curb just seconds before the car passed.

Breathing heavily I collapsed on the curb with his heavy weight. The other car did not seem to notice, or didn't care to stop. I tried to calm my breathing, and myself. A damp sweat had formed on my forehead and I felt on the verge of tears.

Not knowing what else to do, I checked the man's pulse one more time, making sure it was still there. I quickly found it, knowing where to look this time. I didn't pull my hand away though, I held it there, as if I was making sure it wasn't going anywhere.

Then the shock of my life happened as his fingers wrapped around my wrist in return. I almost jumped in the air at the movement. Instead I steadied myself as I realized he may be coming to.

"Are you awake? Are you okay, can you hear me?"

No answer, just those fingers keeping hold on my wrist. That was enough for now.

It felt like hours that I sat there quietly holding this strangers wrist. I continued to stare at the reflective helmet, afraid to 

move it, but anxious about what was underneath. Then I noticed the faint whir of sirens growing nearer.

The fire department arrived first. They almost drove right by us, until they spotted the bike on the ground.

"Over here!" I yelled jumping up as they rushed over.

Complete chaos ensued as an ambulance pulled up along with several police cruisers. I had questions being fired at me faster than I could answer.

"Did you move him?"

"What happened?"

"Are you injured?"

"How long has he been out for?"

I just watched as they assessed the situation for themselves pushing me out of the way, unable to answer the questions, shock settling in. Just as they were about to remove his helmet a stout man touched my arm.

"Miss, my name is Officer Curtis. Could I please talk to you over here?" He motioned away down the sidewalk.

I nodded and followed numbly.

"I know this may be hard, but can you tell me what happened, did you hit him?"

My eyes suddenly shot open wide in disbelief. "No!" I answered quickly, probably too quickly. Then I told him exactly what had happened. He continued to ask my name and other such details, I answered glancing over my shoulder at the crowd around the driver.

They were lifting him onto a stretcher, but I still couldn't see his face.

"Is he going to be okay?" I asked staring at his wide unsure face.

"Honestly Miss Swan I don't know." His eyes dodged mine. "You should probably head home now. I have everything from you we'll need. Are you alright to drive?"

I stared at him unsure what to say. I didn't feel right leaving yet, I wasn't sure why, but I wanted to know for myself that the faceless stranger would be alright.

"I'm fine to drive, thanks." I made no motion to leave as he walked back to his cruiser, instead I walked nearer to the scene behind me. I noticed the small crowd of people from the nearby houses who had come out to see the commotion.

They had loaded the man into the back of the ambulance and were closing the doors as I walked up to them.

I tried to glance through the window as it vehicle drove away, but was immediately pulled back by two arms. "Hey, you can't be over here.." The tall heavyset fireman informed me.

"I was the one who placed the call." I informed him, as if that made me somehow more important.

"Oh, are you alright?" he looked me over seeming satisfied with no show of injury.

"Yea I'm fine, how is he?" He sighed, I wasn't sure if he was allowed to say.

"He has a broken leg and arm that we know of, and a severe concussion. He's pretty bad off. They'll know for sure everything at the hospital." He must have thought I knew the driver by the look of sympathy on his face.

"What hospital are they taking him to?" I decided to not ask if it was okay or not for me to follow.

"Mercer Community, you know where it is?"

"Yes, thank you." I half-heartedly smiled and ran to my car, making a U-turn before I could change my mind.

Hmm, any guesses who's behind the helmet?