Life is so tiring and painful. I don't know why I go through with it everyday.

I don't have anywhere to go. I sleep outside at night. The only thing I have that means much to me is my dog, Scooby, and school.

School is my personal hell.

When I go to school, I'm beaten, insulted, laughed at, and tripped by almost everyone in the school. I think the reason Jessica and Lauren are so abusive is because they think that they are better than me because I don't have "cute" clothes. Well, at least I am smart. They probably couldn't spell "cute" without help.

I have nothing left inside. My heart is broken. When Renee died, I ran. I couldn't be around anymore. So I ran from the only thing I have left. Charlie.

Still, I have Scooby. He's better than any human companion. But I guess I just need someone a little more...


Now all the item I have left are:

Two sleeping bags

A few pillows,

My motorcycle

My licence for my motorcycle

My drivers licence


My Dog, Scooby

My guitar

And my Truck

I'll tell you the story sometime.