The music abruptly stopped, and I could suddenly feel eyes on my back. Then hands pulling me up. Edward helped me to my feet, dragging his fingertips across my jawline, smiling softly, "You seem to be very clumsy, Bella." I blushed and his smile grew wider.

"It's impossible to be graceful with two left feet." I retorted shyly, smiling a small smile at him as he chuckled quietly. His hand moved up to cup my cheek, his eyes meeting mine... And everything was great for that one moment in time...

And then it was ruined by the sudden shouts coming from the TV, which was most likely displaying some sort of sport... Perhaps football. The abrupt noise made us both jump, and his hand fell from its home, from my cheek. He looked away for a moment, then gave me a smile, walking towards the couch. He sat down next to Emmett, and after a little coaxing, he got the remote, and changed it to baseball.

I randomly picked a sofa, and sat down awkwardly. Neither of them directly looked at me, but I swear I caught Edward peaking at me from the corner of his eye, and Emmett's eyes in the same fashion, though, I could see them shift to Edward, and then to me. At that I blushed. Emmett's eyes glowed, happy that he could embarrass me. I was sure that, whenever he got the chance, he embarrassed whoever he could. That he would always thrive on causing a blush to appear on one's face because an inappropriate comment he'd made or something of that sort.

I'd never really been into sports, so I grew bored, and eventually fell to sleep for the third time that night. But it wasn't long enough for me to dream. Emmett woke me up by yelling at the Tv. Whoever he'd been rooting for obviously hadn't won, judging by the look on his face and the cuss words that streamed out of his mouth. Edward glared at him, "You woke her up, you idiot!" He whispered harshly, growled angrilly before standing up and walking toward me to lean down by my side.

I was laying down, my head pressed into a pillow that I swore hadn't been there when I was awake. Edward frowned at Emmett, then turned his gaze to me, "I'm sorry, Bella. My brother just doesn't have any regard for anyone else's sleep but his." He glanced back at Emmett once more, a murderous expression on his face. Emmett's laugh boomed, "And he sure does get his sleep. Like a bear, he is, the way he hibernates when he gets around to sleeping." I caught Emmett stick his tongue out at Edward out of the corner of my eye, and giggled.

"No, Edward. I'm really just fine. I needed to wake up anyway. I can't sleep on your mother's couch- despite whoever lent me this pillow's thoughts- it's much too expensive." Edward smiled down at me, and I could hear Emmett pull another trick.

"It was all Edward. When I said not to bother you when he went over to carry you to your room, he went all momish on me. He finally settled on the pillow idea, 'cause we both think that you look too cute to wake up." At that, I blushed, and Edward smiled, "Plus, don't worry about the couch. Carlisle has an emergency account for any furniture that gets damaged or unremovably stained because of us. Besides, Edward wouldn't have let you sleep on that couch. He would much rather have you in his bed." I blushed once more, and he smiled and laughed again.

Edward rolled his eyes at Emmett, though I could see the hint of redness on his cheeks, "Whatever you say, Emmett." He turned back to me, and began to wrap his arms around me, picking me up and walking with me towards the direction of the door.

Emmett's response came as Edward walked out of the room, getting ready to make the familiar journey up the stairs to his room, "That's what he says when he's scared of getting embarrassed again, Bella! Remember that! Coward!" I giggled quietly as Edward walked up the stairs, rolling his eyes at Emmett's comment, but, otherwise not responding.

The only reason I let him carry me to his room. . .was because I liked the feel of his skin on mine. And, well, because. . .It felt nice to be taken care of.

Soon, he slipped me under the covers, following shortly after changing into his pajamas in the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my forehead, and I once again was reminded of the thought of how out-of-order this was. How strangely organized our relationship was. If it was a relationship at all.

I fell asleep and had nightmares of Charlie beating me... Blaming me for everything that had happened. These are the nightmares that kept me out of that house. That kept me away from him. But, soon, I knew that he would find me. If he looked hard enough.

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