He threw her body down onto the pingpong table face first, a low growl escaping him as he shoved himself up against her buttocks

He threw her body down onto the pingpong table face first, a low growl escaping him as he shoved himself up against her buttocks. Her face was pressing against the green plastic surface and pleading words escaped her rapidly, "Ben, please don't do this."

His hands worked underneath her now heaving chest and found their way between the buttons to play with her breasts. She moaned but begged him, "Please Ben, no."

He ignored her and moved the hands down to her jeans which he quickly unbuttoned and yanked down. She tried to raise her back but he shoved her down against the table against and pinned her arms above her. His hot voice whispered in her ear, "Beg me to stop."

"Pleaseā€¦"she said between the moans elicited by his unconscious thrusting against her body, "Please don't Ben."

Warm hands travelled down her back to the edge of her panties which he slowly pulled down to her ankles. His fingers slipped inside her to test her wetness and he tied her hands to the ping pong net before using his face against her opening.

It was torture, she cried and screamed and bucked her hips while her wrists pulled frantically against the restraints. He went further, faster, bringing her to the edge of where she told herself she did not want to be. His hands were splayed on her ass which he gripped with ferocity as he viciously ate into her centre, ignoring her screams and pleas.

Finally she came inside his mouth and he pulled away, to look at the sweaty, gasping girl tied to his ping pong table, God how he wanted her, and needed her, right now!

The sound of a zipper reached her ears and she drew her legs up as best she could, "PLEASE BEN DON'T RAPE ME!"

"This will hurt," was all she heard in response before he placed one hand on the small of her back and thrust into her with such angry intensity that she saw stars before her eyes. Screams erupted from her throat and tears fell as he took her body fast and hard, thrusting ferociously as her thighs dug into the edge of the table. Her small, ineffectual hands tugged at their bonds but to no avail, she felt every thrust, every moan and grunt, and within seconds recognised that some of them were coming from herself.

His hand snaked back up to squeeze and tease her breasts, bringing her closer and closer to the brink.

"Tell me to stop," he ordered her as he drove one thrust in deeper than ever before.

"Ohhhh, Ben, please stop, oh God Ben it hurts, it hurts Ben."

"That's right it hurts," he moaned in her hair, his body weight crushing her.

Over and over he thrust inside her, tearing and stretching her to fit the size of his huge, pulsing shaft. Her grunts and whimpers combined to turn him on even more and with the hardest thrust yet he slammed inside her with such an intensity that she screamed louder than ever before as she came.

A few thrusts later and he joined her in bliss, relaxing his heavy body on top of hers and breathing against the back of her neck. After a few seconds he pulled away some damp strands of her hair and kissed under her ear, "Was that kinky enough for you?" he whispered to be rewarded with a laugh.