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Dick Grayson got back to his apartment just as dawn was hitting the streets of Bludhaven. He wore a dark sweatshirt and jeans, smudged with dirt. He was exhausted. He dropped his backpack down by the door and went into the kitchen. He started a pot of coffee and sat heavily down at the table. He rested his head in his hands and closed his eyes.

His cell phone rang and he pulled it from his pocket. "Grayson."

"Dick, it's Roy. What are you doing tonight?"

He sighed. "It's seven in the morning, I just got of work."

"Let's go out."

"I work tonight." He stood and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Doesn't working nights interfere with your other job?"

Dick took a drink of the coffee. "Either way, it's getting the bad guys off the streets."

"So that's a no for tonight?"

He smiled. "Yeah, it's a no."

"Call me when you're not saving the streets." Roy hung up the phone.

Dick closed his phone and tossed it onto the kitchen table. He drained the coffee and left the cup on the counter. He walked towards his room and fell onto the bed. He kicked off his shoes. It crossed his mind that he should at least take off his t shirt if not shower, but he was asleep before he could do anything.

He woke mid afternoon and sat up. His peeled his shirt from him and tossed it to the floor. He stepped out of his jeans and walked into the bathroom for a shower. He washed the dirt and sweat from his skin and let the hot water relax the tension in his shoulder and back. He looked down and saw the pink scar in his abdomen from the shot that nearly killed him. He touched it and felt the slight pain that was still there as it wasn't completely healed yet.

I have to stop getting in the way of bullets. He smirked at the thought. After spending the better part of twenty minutes under the stream, he stepped out and wrapped the towel around his waist. He wiped the fog off the mirror and looked at his reflection. He could see the faint scar from the bullet that hit his shoulder. He pulled his razor and shaving cream from the medicine cabinet and shaved.

After he pulled on jeans and a shirt, he went into the kitchen to make dinner. When he worked nights, dinner was usually the only meal he ate.

Dick shoved a few things in his backpack and left his apartment a little after eight. He hopped onto his motorcycle and slid the helmet over his head. It took a few kicks to start it and he remembered that he needed to check it out over the weekend. He weaved in and out of traffic with the agility and attention that he used when he leapt from the rooftops. He turned into the parking garage, pulled into his usual spot and walked down the stairs to the Bludhaven Police Department.

He stepped into Chief Addad's office. The chief was on the phone and looked up as Dick came in. He held up one finger and Dick leaned on the back of a chair.

Addad hung up the phone. "Ready to get back out there?"

"Yeah, same plan as before?"

"I have to know where these new drugs are coming from. It's bad enough that I wish it were heroin on the streets instead."

Dick nodded. "I know, I've seen what Gossamer does. We're getting close."

"Fill out your paperwork and hit the streets by ten."

"Sure thing." Dick flashed a confidant smile and left the office.

Dick knew that Kamkazie was somewhere behind the drugs, but he couldn't prove it until his own undercover drug work revealed the connection. Not that the information he got as Nightwing didn't help him in the search.

Alex O'Connor came up to Dick at his desk. As far as cops go, Alex was one of the good ones. He and Dick had worked a few cases together and had built up confidence, they knew they had each other's backs.

"Going back out tonight?" Alex sat on the corner of the desk.

"Just as soon as the paperwork's done."

"Addad has me with you tonight. Any tips?"

Dick smiled. "Keep up with me."

Alex rolled his eyes. "My grandma could keep up with you. See you out there."

Dick nodded and pulled another file over. Alex shot a rubber band at Dick from his desk. He looked up as Alex pretended to be engrossed in a file. Dick shook his head and turned back to his work.

Shortly after ten, Dick and Alex stepped out onto the streets. They took a bus down to near the docks. After weeks of undercover work, Gossamer had been traced back to the docks. It was where the main dealers got their supply that they dolled out to the lesser dealers. Dick had worked his way in so that he could go to the main dealers without running into too much trouble.

Alex pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up. "So, am I your lacky?"

"Business partner." Dick answered, alert for anything unusual. "Let me do the talking. These guys are more suspicious that a schizophrenic on speed."

Dick and Alex walked up to a man in a black trench coat leaned up against a building.

"Tony." Dick stated a few feet away.

"Didn't think you were coming, Seth." He lit a cigarette. "Who's your friend?"

"Dave. Known him since we were kids, trust him with my life."

"Well, I don't." Tony took a long drag.

Alex stopped as Dick took another step forward. "Come on, Tony. You want this deal or not. I got a lot of buyers lined up waiting for it. You want to keep them waiting?"

"Where's my money?"

Dick pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and tossed it to Tony. He thumbed through the twenties and fifties and looked up at Dick.

He took another drag on the cigarette. "Everything seems in order." He pulled up a black duffel bag from his side and tossed it to Dick.

He caught it and dropped to one knee. He zipped the bag open and checked the bags of drugs.

He closed the bag and stood. "I'm all set."

"I want my money by dawn."

"Thought the deal was 24 hours?" Dick stiffened slightly.

Tony stepped out of the shadow. He was muscular, like he had been on steroids or something, but his face was scarred on one side.

He met Dick's eyes. "Change of plans. If anything goes wrong and I don't get my money by first light, I'm gonna blame you and assume that Dave here had something to do with it and kill him. Got it?"

"Yeah. You'll have your cash by morning."

Tony threw his cigarette into a nearby puddle and it hissed as it went out. "Good." He stepped back into the shadows.

Dick and Alex turned and walked away from Tony. They walked a few blocks before they dared to speak.

"How much is in there?" Alex asked and nodded towards the bag.

"We'll get a good couple thousand easy." Dick pulled half the bags out and shoved them in his own backpack. "You know how this works?"

Alex nodded. "Half goes to the police for evidence, half is sold and the names are taken down of who we sell to. The rest of the money is from the chief."

Dick nodded and tossed his backpack to Alex. "Drop that off at the station, get the money and meet me on the corner of Seventh and Harrwood by midnight."

Alex pulled the backpack on and started down the dark street. Dick zipped the duffel bag and turned down a nearby ally.