Six months he had been in prison. Six months he had been trapped in a cell in Azkaban. Ever since he had found out he was a wizard he had wished he had not been the famous Harry Potter, and that had not changed. He had hated being thought of as the saviour of the world, the one everyone expected to win the war fro them. Now they had all turned on him. And for what, for once in his life finding someone who cared about him for himself?

"Severus where are you?" Harry thought.

Severus Snape, the cause of all of these problems. The reason all of his friends had turned their back on him and had been ready to believe he was guilty. They had found out he was having an affair and he had refused to tell them who. Severus was a double agent, if the dark lord found out he would be in danger. Harry had tried to protect him.

They had been in Severus' home the summer after his sixth year. "I love you Severus."

Severus had smirked at him. "I know you do brat." But then had softened. "I love you to."

"I wish you didn't have to go" Harry said referring to the death eater meeting.

Severus shook his head. "You know that the order needs my information if we are to win this war."

Harry knew. He just couldn't stand the thought of losing Severus as he had lost Sirius and his parents. "Please just be careful."

It had been the last time they had spoken. Severus's mission had gone wrong and he had disappeared. There was an attack a day later on Privet drive and his relatives were killed. They had been under the fidelius charm and only a few knew their location. He had been brought in, accused of sending his death eater lover after his hated relatives.

Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron and Ginny, Percy and Charlie had all been there. "You tell us who your lover is and we might spare you?" Percy demanded.

Ron spat at him. "We know you have been sleeping with one of those Slytherin death eaters."

Hermione had looked so hurt. "How can you betray us like this?"

Harry had felt the tears streaming down his cheeks. "Betray you? I am not a traitor."

He had been arrested and had not even been given a trial or a chance to defend himself. After refusing to give up his lover they said it proved his guilt. There was no one left in the country to turn to for help. Hagrid and Remus had both been banished to the continent by the ministry, new half breed laws. Bill was away. The twins had joined an underground resistance and he had not seen them in months.

Then one day a few weeks back he had a visitor. The first time since brought there.

"Fred" he had exclaimed.

"Harry I have come with word for you from one who loves you." Fred had said.

Harry's heart skipped. "He's alive?"

Fred nodded. "He's working on getting you out of here. He needs you to know and needs you to be strong."

"How long?"

"We're working I promise. We'll get you out of here soon. I swear there are people working for you still." Fred said.

He watched as Fred disappeared and wondered who they were. He wondered if they had enough power to get him out of here. His only true hope was the knowledge that Severus was still alive. If he was he knew Severus would come for him.

It had been weeks and nothing happened and he wondered if his visit had been just a dream. Suddenly though the door opened and Alastor Moody himself walked into his cell. He looked at Harry for a few moments.

"Get up Potter."

Harry stumbled to his feet. "Moody, what is this about?"

"Your day in court. Someone has come forward with evidence of your innocence." Moody stated.


Harry found himself in a court room filled with people he had once believed his friends. There were only a few loyal faces left among them. Luna and her father, Neville and his gran, Professor Flitwick and to his surprise, Bill Weasley who had returned from France. Bill had come on behalf of Remus and Hagrid who had both desperately wanted to be there for him.

Bill sat apart from the rest of his family who were all against Harry now, except for those missing. Molly cried out. "To think we thought of you as a son."

Harry was strapped down to a chair and he was given vertiserum and asked his name. "Harry James Potter."

Madam Bones asked. "Were you involved in the murder of your Aunt and Uncle?"

Harry shook his head. "No. I did not know of it until after they were killed."

"Are you involved with a death eater?"

Harry again shook his head. "My partner is a double agent and is a known member of the Order of the Phoenix."

"Have you ever performed any dark magic, any unforgiveable curse or plotted with any known death eater?" Madam Bones asked.

Harry shook his head. "No."

Madam Bones smiled. She had been one of those on the ministry who had never believed that the boy was guilty of any of the crimes against him. Her niece Susan was among the few loyal classmates Harry had. Madam Bones looked at her colleagues, feeling vindicated for having believed in this boy all of the time.

Arthur stood up. "There is something wrong with that potion. We know he is lying. His friends have given statements that he has turned to the dark side."

Harry blanched as he had never heard this before. Madam Bones quieted him. "Harry Potter has been cleared by not only his own testimony but evidence provided by an outside source."

The court took a vote and when it came back "Harry James Potter you are cleared of all charges. You are free to go. The ministry orders all moneys and possessions of Mr Potter to be returned immediately and a recompensation of 10 million galleons."

Harry felt the chains released and he felt this sudden confusion. He had no idea what was happening or what to do.

He felt a strong set of arms take him and lead him from the room and silently down the hall. "It's okay Harry." Bill said calmly.

Harry turned to him. "Where are you taking me?"

"To the headquarters of the Order." Bill said.

Harry stopped him. "I'll never go near the Order of the Phoenix again."

Bill just shook his head. "Not that order."

Harry agreed to allow Bill to take him from the building and then placed his hand on a portkey which transported them to the grounds of a large manor house that he did not recognize.

"Welcome to France Harry."


Inside he was lead into a library and he looked around. Remus and Hagrid, the Malfoy family, Fred and George, Fleur, Tonks, Xeno Lovegood and to his surprise Oliver Wood and Katie Bell were standing there.

He looked around. "What is this?"

A cold voice hit his ears. "This is the order of the Four"

Harry turned around and saw Severus behind him. He threw himself into his lover's arms. "I thought you were dead."

Severus kissed him. "I found out when I got here that you had been imprisoned. I've been trying to find a way to get you released."

Remus came forward. "There are more of us in England but we are the ones who we knew you'd need to see."

Harry was confused. "The order of the four. I don't get it."

Lucius motioned for him to sit down and when he took a seat next to Severus on the love seat the others in the room decided amongst themselves how to tell the story that he was asking of.

"Harry as you knows in this war there have been three sides, the order, the ministry and the death eaters." Lucius started.

Harry nodded. "The order always thought that there was death eaters among the ministry and never trusted them."

"Well for the past years there has been a fourth side. It has come to our attention that there is not one dark lord we need to worry after but two." Severus said.

Harry was confused and Remus explained. "Dumbledore."

Harry was shocked. "The headmaster?"

"He has been using the war to gain power. He has the ministry destroy itself over handling Voldemort, and uses the Order to gain power himself." Lucius spoke next.

"We have realized the plotting he has done and have founded our own order." Narcissa added to her husband's words.

They started to explain. Many of the death eaters had come to Dumbledore wanting out and had found out that he was as dark as the man they fled. Several order members had come to the same conclusion. The Order of the Four was created to not fight the ministry or the death eaters alone, just the dark side. It had been created to return the British wizarding world to peace. There were members who were involved in all three of the opposing sides.

Severus smiled. "Madam Bones is one of them."

This did not surprise Harry at all. "So we bring down Dumbledore and Voldemort and clean up the ministry?"

Remus nodded. "That is what our mission is. We have been trying to do it within the confines of the order and ministry but we have not had much success."

Harry was a bit confused by the name. "Why the order of the four?"

"The four founders. The most powerful wizards of the light side." Remus explained.


Severus nodded. "Salazar Slytherin was cold and ambitious but not evil. It was one branch of his family that turned in that direction."

"Professor Trewlaney told us a prophecy that Dumbledore wanted kept hidden. The war will be ended when the heirs of the founders four unite."

Harry shook his head. "I'm sorry but doesn't that mean Voldemort too?"

"Not necessarily. Salazar Slytherin had two children. There is an heir to his younger son's line as well." Lucius said.

Harry was starting to understand. "So we know who the four heirs are."

Xeno stood forward."Rowena's son Robert's line died out but for females two hundred years ago. My wife was a direct descendent. My daughter is heir now that my wife has died."

Harry was stunned. "Luna. She was at the trial, I saw her with Neville."

Xeno nodded. "She is among the order members who remains at the school and fights for us there. As does the heir of Hufflepuff."

"Susan." Harry said.

Severus nodded. "Susan Bones is the only child of the eldest of the line, making her heir before her Aunt Amelia."

"Gryffindor and Slytherin?"

Lucius smiled. "See now that is where it is a bit prickly."

"The line of Steven Slytherin split in two, a generation ago. Two daughters. One married into the Prince family and the other into the Black family."

Harry was taken back. "Severus, you are a Prince."

Severus nodded. "I'm the last of the Prince line."

"So you are the heir of the Slytherin line?"

Severus shook his head. "The older sister was Sirius Black's mother."

Harry was not sure he understood. "Sirius and Regulus both died childless. Surely then the line would pass to you."

"Normally but Sirius did a bloood bond with you when he was your godfather. It allowed him to leave you the Black fortune, made you a member of the family and not only legally but also literally a member of his line." Lucius explained.

"So by adopting me he made me a heir of Slytherin?" Harry asked.

Severus nodded. "The problem is that you are already a heir. James Potter is a direct descendent of Godric. After his death you became the heir of Gryffindor."

"I'm the heir of two lines?"

Severus nodded. "The problem is that the prophecy calls for their to be four heirs. We're not sure if we can win if that part of the prophecy is not fufilled."

Harry started to panic. "Is there something that can be done?"