a/n Hello, this is my first Naruto fic

a/n Hello, this is my first Naruto fic. I thought of this concept when I saw how many Ino haters there were. This girl obviously doesn't get enough love and I thought it would be interesting to write a story about her.

Tap, tap Tsunade tapped a pen on her desk. This was the day she had been dreading for three years. It was three years ago she had sent Yamanaka Ino on a top-secret s-rank mission. Ino at this time of crisis was the only ninja who fit the qualifications for this mission. Tsunade would have preferred to send a Jounin, but at the time she could not afford to send one. With the Akatsuki and Orochimaru in frenzy all Jounin were currently dispatched. In the heat of all of this chaos Tsunade was presented an offer that she could not refuse.

A customer came willing to pay a staggering amount to have the head of a clan killed. The clan leader was slowly imprisoning the entire village and was killing off people left and right. The mission took place in the Lightning Country. The customer informed Tsunade that the clan's leader had a taste for younger girls usually in their teens. The customer also told Tsunade that it would be best for her to send someone that was not a virgin seeing as the ninja would definitely have to sleep with the clan leader and possibly other men.

Tsunade knew that the money from this mission could benefit the village drastically. But who could she send that was in their teens and not a virgin? She considered Sakura but knew it would be too cruel to send her away at the time; she also did not meet the qualification. Hinata and TenTen also did not meet her needs. There was only one person who in this time of chaos who fit the qualifications. That person was none other than Yamanaka Ino.

Shizune walked into Tsunade's office and immediately sensed something was wrong.

"Tsunade what's wrong?" Shizune asked as she rushed to her mentor's side.

"Nothing of great importance. It's just that Yamanaka Ino is coming home by the end of the week"

"Oh, I'm sure she will be caused great distress when she sees how the village is now"

"It might be heartbreaking for her to see that she has already lost to Sakura in the quest for power and love" Tsunade sighed as she slung back a swig of whiskey.

"Who knows, maybe Ino is stronger now. After this mission we should consider her for ANBU" Shizune said as she struggled to get the bottle of whiskey away from Tsunade.

"That may be true Shizune. Only time will tell about how she adjusts to the changes in the village. At least everything is peaceful" Tsunade said as she took back the bottle.

"For now" Shizune mumbled. She then gave up trying to take the bottle away from Tsunade and proceeded to leave the room.

"The poor girl might have a heart attack when she sees a pregnant Sakura and that almost everyone from her class is in a happy relationship" Shizune thought as she stepped out of the office and began to fly across the roofs towards her apartment.

Glancing at the sleeping man next to her Ino quickly began to put her bra and panties back on her toned body. Quietly slipping on her shorts and tee shirt Ino began checking her checklist in her head.

"I've got everything ready for my escape. My weapons pouch is on my thigh, my backpack is by the window, and Kisuke is sleeping soundly" Ino thought as she put on her shoes.

Kisuke was the head of the infamous Suou family. He was a the very reason why Ino had been working so hard to get into the inner workings of the clan. Three years ago Tsunade had sent her on this mission to assonate Suou Kisuke. Ino could remember being told that she would be gone for three years on a top-secret mission like it was yesterday.

--Flash Back--

Ino proudly waltzed into Tsunade's office. She was excited that she had been chosen for a top-secret mission. She couldn't wait to rub in Sakura's face that her own mentor had chosen her over her apprentice. Ino stood in front of Tsunade and waited till she was given the okay to sit down. As soon as she had sat down Tsunade began to speak with a firm tone.

"Ino, I'm correct in assuming you're not a virgin? Based on your medical files it shows that one year ago you were admitted to the hospital and treated for wounds caused by rape." Tsunade said as she read Ino's file. She couldn't help but notice that the young girl had tears running down her face.

"You are correct Tsunade" Ino said through her tears.

"It also says that no one was charged for raping you. Your file states that you could not remember who did it but only remembered them saying "Shh, Ino everything will be alright" Tsunade said as she looked as the young ninja. Ino could only muster a nod.

"As you know I have prepared you a mission. This mission is top-secret and will take roughly three years. You are to go to the Lightening Country and infiltrate the inner workings of the Suou clan. Once the clan trusts you, you are to assonate the clan's leader Kisuke. To do this you will have to sleep with men in the clan. It cannot be avoided it must be done. You are to only take a small weapons pouch and a change of clothes. A guide will be waiting for you at the gate at six pm tonight. Your guide will take you to the edge of your target village and then leave you. You are to then find some way to infiltrate the clan and kill Kisuke. The customer is paying a very large sum and this mission must succeed. Do you understand the mission at task?" Tsunade asked.

"I do Tsunade. I promise you I will not fail" Ino said as she brushed her tears away from her face.

With that said Ino quickly left the room to prepare for the mission.

--Flash Back--

Ino winced as she thought about how scarred she was when she first arrived at the village. All she had to do to meet someone from the clan was go to a restaurant. She then slept with many of the men in the clan and slowly gained notice from the clan's leader.

Kisuke dubbed her his official girlfriend half a year ago. At first Io thought Ino could finish him off right then, but much too her dismay guards stood behind the bedroom door every night. This was the first night they had trusted her enough to leave the door unattended. Of course her telling Kisuke that the guards bothered her didn't hurt either.

Ino grasped the cool kunai from her pouch. The metal was unfamiliar to her. It had been so long since she had to hold one. Glancing down at Kisuke, Ino took a deep breath. She couldn't deny that Kisuke was an attractive man.

His skin was a tan brown and was covered with many scars. His face was slightly weathered from his thirty years on the planet. His dark blue eyes held an ambitious sparkle that could rival Naruto's. His shaggy brown hair was currently plastered to his sweaty forehead.

Ino smiled as she thought about how kind he has been to her. He bought he marvelous kimonos and lavished her with gifts. He promised her that once he settled a dispute with a rival clan that they would get married and that they would have lots of children. It slightly pained Ino since she knew that his dreams would never come true.

Ino stole one last kiss from his chapped lips before she slit his throat. Making it a quick cut Ino avoided Kisuke making any noise. His burgundy blood soon covered the pale satin sheets. Not taking another minute Ino quickly hopped out the window and into the cool night air. She knew she would have about four hours before the guards noticed anything odd. By then she would be long gone.

Clad in only spandex shorts and a tight white shirt Ino bounded through the trees. Welcoming the feeling of the wind wiping past her face Ino put more chakra into her feet to speed her up

She had heard many rumors about the village hidden in the leaves. She learned that Sasuke had killed Itachi and that the Akatsuki was dead. Ino was surprised to learn that Naruto was now a respected ninja and was well on his way to becoming the next Hokage.

Adrenaline filled her veins as she thought about finally being able to sleep in her own bed.

"I wonder how everyone is? Sakura is probably a nurse by now. Shikamaru must be Jounin by now. Chouji is probably fatter than ever" Ino couldn't help but snicker at that last thought.

"I hope everyone will recognize me still" Ino thought.

Ino had noticed how much she had changed. Spending so much time with the Suou clan had really benefited her in some ways. She was no longer the shallow girl she had once been. Being with a large family such as the Suou's had thought her a lot about considering others.

Ino's appearance was also slightly different. Her golden blonde hair had turned into an almost white color. Her body had matured from her younger days. Ino had curves that most women would kill for. But Ino was no longer flamboyant about her looks. She hadn't been since she was fourteen. She hadn't been since the night she was raped.

Ino shuddered as she thought about that night. Even though she tried so hard Ino could only remember one thing.

Ino remember that she had been closing the flower shop up. It was past midnight and she was shutting the storeroom door when she felt someone behind her. Before she could react she felt the person's warm breath on the back of her neck. "Shh, Ino everything will be alright". After that everything was blank. The next thing she knew was that she was in the hospital with a horrible pain in her lower body.

Ino pushed that horrible thought from her and continued to make her way to leaf. Making camp by a river Ino rested for a few hours. After resting she continued to leaf. By sundown of the next day Ino had arrived in her old village.

a/n That was a short chapter to begin with. So yes this fan fic will deal with rape. Later in the fic it will also have violence. PLEASE REVIEW they help me continue to write.