Chapter 1: The Noble Savage

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to RA Salvatore except for the plot and any new characters I might introduce which you should be able to spot. The song is Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon.

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But under skinned knees and the skid marks
Past the places where you used to learn
You howl and listen
Listen and wait for the
Echoes of angels who won't return

"Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon

Through the dense forest the Hunter stalked, though what it did not know, or whether it was chasing or fleeing was beyond its savage thoughts for even its sense of self, the knowledge of who it was had been lost long ago. Its clothes were torn and ragged and through the tears black skin could be seen though whether it was the Hunter's natural skin color or just dirt was now impossible to tell. It was the same for its hair, tangled and matted with dreadlocks and leaves until its original color was also completely hidden.

Except for the dreams, it lived a simple but harsh life: eating what it could bring down, sleeping when it was too exhausted to go further and living solely on its indomitable will to carry on, to survive. It was now wandering aimlessly, with no goal in mind when its sharp ears picked up the distant sounds of humanity.

It suddenly changed directions, catching its rags on a thorn bush. It tore the cloth away but stopped and gathered the traces of its passing, though why it did not know or care. Ahead of it the forest began to thin and finally gave way to an open hillside. The Hunter turned to go back into the safety of the forest but something higher, more civilized then Hunter's savage instincts took over and pushed its beaten body up the hill. From the top a small village could be seen. Again the Hunter tried to turn back but the inner force pushed it forward, down the slope and into the outskirts of the village.

The Hunter neared the outermost house when the sound of a slamming door rang through the air and sent the Hunter instantly into a guarded stance. The pounding of feet up the path that ran around the house brought its weapons out it in a flash. A small figure rounded the corner and the Hunter exploded into action. With one deft movement it caught the figure around the waste and put its blade right against the its throat.

A small girl-child stared up at him; her eyes and mouth wide open with shock, her body rigid in his arms. She suddenly gave a terrified scream that echoed and reverberated though the air like a banshee's keen. It went on and on and the Hunter in desperation brought the blade closer to her throat to make her be silent but she only shrieked louder. It snarled at her and brought up the blade for a killing stroke when the screaming stopped. The Hunter stared down in astonishment to see what had stopped the terrible cries and saw that the little girl's eyes had rolled back into her head, covering the blue of her eyes and wisps of her flame-red hair curled across her still face.

A voice roared up from the depths of the Hunter's mind and a scream erupted from him as it had the little girl.

*Murderer! Did you enjoy the dying child's screams? Child-killer....*

"No!" the Hunters scream ended and the single word rang resounded through the air.

Drizzt dropped his scimitars in the dust and frantically began to check the child for signs of life. He quickly found that she was still alive and picking her up as if she was made of spun glass he carried her to the house from which she had just emerged.

*So much like Catti-brie* he thought, a pang of anguish coursing through him, causing him to shudder. Setting her down gently on the doorstep he walked back to where his fallen scimitars lay.

He heard the door behind him creak open and a hysterical voice say "Oh gods, my baby!"

"Stop right there, you!" a male voice shouted. Drizzt broke into a run, snatching up the fallen scimitars and sprinted back into the safety of the forest. He wanted to stay, to tell the people it was all right and there daughter was unharmed, he wanted to be there when the girl woke up to apologize but most of all he wanted to thank her for pulling him out of the savagery he had been living in. But to his horror he discovered that the Hunter was returning and there was no time, no time...