Chapter One

"We're back!" My best friend Jen screams as we enter her house. There are so many great memories all over this place. I spent most of my time here. Jen has been my best friend since we were seven. I moved to Albuquerque from New York with my parents. Her family is like a second family to me, well except her brother Troy.

Ugh, Troy. He always teased me. I didn't always look like I do now. I was flat all over, had a skin problem, glasses, and I wore really baggy clothes. That all changed the summer before junior year, when I finally let Jen give me a makeover because I didn't want to waste my high school years. We both got accepted to UCLA, sadly where Troy goes, and we are going to be sharing this awesome house our parents bought for us. We decided to spend the summer in Albuquerque, not in LA because we were scared we might not see our family in while. Troy hasn't been home since he left for college two years ago; we don't want that to happen to us. I'm going to be staying at the Bolton residence because my mom and dad are in Europe for this major business deal. Laura, Jen's mom came down the stairs.

"Okay, I'm sorry Gabriella, but you are going to stay in Troy's room for a couple of weeks because the renovations in our guest room are not finished yet." She tells me. My face immediately falls. "Don't worry honey, I doubt Troy's coming home this year. Matt is going to be staying with Amanda and Edward in his room. They are arriving tomorrow."

Matt is the oldest Bolton kid. He was like the big brother I always wanted. Amanda is his totally cool wife; she's like a sister to me and Jen. The two of them started dating in their sophomore year, after high school, they stayed together and attended NYU, got married, and had their awesome son, Edward. Jen is his god mother. They promised me the next child would be my god kid. I love them forever.

I nod my head. A couple of weeks wouldn't hurt right? I fake a smile. "It's okay."

Laura nods at me and walks into the kitchen. I immediately turned around and look at Jen desperately. "Troy's room?!" I whisper-scream at her in horror. "I never even seen what it looked like!"

"I'm sorry, but you can't sleep in my room, my bed in only a double!" She knows how much Troy hates me.

"Whatever, let's go put my stuff up there." I grumble. She laughs at me. I glare at her showing her this isn't a laughing matter. She immediately stops but I can see the smile she was trying to hold in.

"Don't worry, it's clean. Mom always cleans it hoping he might visit us. Oh please, Troy would never come back to this place." She tells me rolling her eyes. I think that was supposed to make me feel better. We carry my stuff to Troy's room and we immediately crash on his bed.

"I'm so tired!" We yell in unison. It took a second before we started cracking up.

"Wow, your brother's bed is comfortable." I admit. She laughed and sat up.

"Damn, I haven't been in here since I was eight." She says. I giggle and looked at my surroundings. The walls are blue; there were shelves everywhere with basketball trophies carefully put into place. This computer by his window, there were pictures everywhere, of his family and friends, and a couch that ties everything together. It looked like a typical boy's room.

"I never was in here." I murmur. Troy made sure nobody entered his room. No matter what.

"Troy's weird. The only normal ones are me and Matt." Jen tells me bluntly looking at the pictures around the room. I laugh and snuggle deeper into the bed. It smells really good.

"Girls! Jack and I are going to the supermarket! Would you like to come?!" Laura yells from down stair. Jen looks at me questionably.

"Do you want to go?" she asks me.

"Nah, I want to crash for a while." I answer taking my boots off. "You can go if you want to."

"Okay, I'll get us lots of ice cream and chocolate, so we can celebrate leaving that hell hole a.k.a. high school." She run, well, more like bounces out of the room. "Bye!" She yells once she was going out the door. Finally peace and quiet. I pull the covers over my body and let sleep take over my body.

I feel someone poking me. They need to stop. I'm trying to sleep. They won't stop! Ugh! I slowly open my eyes. There's a guy there, his face covered in the shadows.

"AHHHHH!" I scream in shock. The guy jumps and I see his face more clearly. The shaggy hair in front of blue eyes, perfect tan skin. Oh shit!

"TROY!" I yell in absolute horror jumping out of the bed. What the fuck is he doing back here! He's not supposed to be here! "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"This is my room and I came to surprise my family." He informs me, confused why I was in his room. Why isn't he yelling at me? I notice his eyes looking at every inch of my body. I get self-conscious and put on my East High basketball sweatshirt. I notice I've only been asleep for twenty minutes. "Who are you?" He doesn't recognize me!

"Someone who wished they never met you." I spat at him. I'm usually a forgiving person but bullying me everyday since I was seven is hard to forgive.

His face twists in confusion. "What?"

I ignore him and walk out of the room, I don't want to deal with him; this is supposed to be the best summer of my life. Why does he have to ruin it?

"Wait! Hold on for a minute!" He calls after me. The next thing I know he's in front of me holding my shoulders so I won't move. I feel a spark go down my arms, but I instantly shake it off. "What did I ever do to you? I don't even know you?"

"You know me Troy, you knew me since I was seven." I reply icily. He looks me straight in the eyes. All I can see are confusion in his. I wonder what he sees in mine.

"What? Just tell me who you are!" He complains. I sigh and push him away from me.

"My name is Gabriella. Gabriella Montez." I finally tell him my name. His eyes widen and his mouth drops. I roll my eyes and run down the stairs. I need something to drink. I go to the fridge and pull out a bottle of Sunny D. A few seconds later, I see Troy come into the kitchen still staring at me.

"What?" I ask coldly. I was always nice to him when I was younger, but screw that now, he doesn't deserve my respect.

"Are you really Gabriella?" he asks softly trying to look me in the eye.

"No shit Sherlock. Are you deaf now?" I answer glaring into his ocean blue eyes. He shook his head as if he were imagining this.

"I don't believe you." He tells me. He doesn't believe me!? Well I'll prove it to him. I lift up my sweatshirt and my tank top to show him a scar on left my side.

"That's what you gave me when you pushed me out of Jen's tree house because you wondered how loud the thud would be." I say softly pointing at the scar. I pull my sweatshirt back down and lift up my jeans on my right leg. I turn around to show him a scar on the back of my leg. "That was when you threw fire cracker at me because you were bored." I put my jeans down and pull one on of my sleeves up. I point my elbow to him. "This was when…" I didn't get to finish because he interrupted me.

"I accidentally almost hit you with my car because I was making out with some girl." He finishes off looking at me breathing deeply.


"I'm sorry." Troy whispers looking down. Boy said what? I look at him disbelievingly. I bet he's only saying sorry because I changed my look.

"You're sorry?" I snap viciously at him. "You think one sorry will clear ten years, ten fucking years, of you bullying me? Well it's not. I think you're only saying you're sorry because I don't look like what I used to." I feel my eyes start to get wet. I hold it in because I promised myself I would never cry in front of him ever again.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, you don't understand…" He says. I never seen him so vulnerable. He was shaking his head over and over again.

"What's there to understand? You hate me! What's so hard about that!?" I scream at him, my body begins shaking as I grip the counter to steady myself.

"Gabriella, let me explain!" He begs. I just glare at him; all the hurt and anger are all coming out.

"You don't need an explaination for hating me. Even if you did, I don't think you deserve one!" I yell. My voice is starting to get hoarse.

"Gabriella, I…" He starts but I cut him off.

"I don't want to hear it." I tell him firmly.

"Gabriella please…" I'm about to slap him.

"Gabs we're back!" I hear my best friend's voice from the front door. I sigh in relief and run away from Troy. I see Jen carrying a bunch of bags but I hug her anyway.

"Jen you have the best timing ever!" I shout at her. She looks at me strangely.

"What?" She's confused because I usually tell her she has the worst timing.

"Troy is home. As in here. For the summer." I say in a low whisper. Her eyes widen.

"Oh shit." She looks at me worriedly. "Are you alright?"

Before I could even get a word out, Laura enters the house carrying more bags. "Troy!" Laura yells in surprise as he walks out of the kitchen. Her face is glowing. She is so happy to see him again. Can't say the same for me.

"Hey mom." Troy greets giving his mom a kiss on the cheek.

"What happened?" Jen mouths to me.

"Tell you later." I mouth back. Jack finally comes in the house with a couple more bags.

"Troy?" He says in disbelief.

"Hey dad." Troy greets grinning at his father. No hugs were exchanged yet because they were all carrying bags. "Hi Jen." He says kissing her cheek while I make sure I don't touch him.

"Hey Troy."

"What are you doing back?" Laura asks Troy as we all walk into the kitchen and begin putting the food where they belong. Jack took some steaks outside to grill.

"I haven't seen any of you in two years, so I decided to surprise you." Troy answers putting our ice cream into the freezer. I look at Jen helplessly ignoring all the conversation around me. She puts her hands together and pretends to go to sleep. I look at her strangely.

"His room." She whispers quietly to me. I suddenly realize that Troy and I can't both stay in his room. I feel woozy now.

"Laura." I say trying to get her attention.

"Yes sweetie?" She asks pulling herself out of a conversation with Troy.

"Where am I going to sleep?" I ask hesitantly. She looks at me confused. "Now that Troy's back, he's going to have his room." I explain.

"Oh honey, I didn't even realize that. I don't know. I'm sorry." She admits looking down. I guess this is where my perfect summer comes to an end.

"It's okay; I'll call my parents and tell them I'm going to Europe." My voice sounds sad. I can even hear it. Stupid Troy had to ruin everything.

"NO!" Jen screams. "Giggles, this is supposed to be our dream summer! You can't leave. Sleep on the couch! My room! It's only for a couple of weeks before the guest room is finished. Gabi!"

"Jen, I don't want to impose." I reply. After all the Bolton's did for me, I don't dare ask for anything else.

"Mommy, when is the guest room going to be finished?" Jen asks Laura, her eyes pleading.

"About four weeks." Laura answers looking sadly at her daughter.

"She can sleep in my room. I have a couch. I'll let her sleep in the bed." Troy speaks for the first time in this conversation. We all look at him in shock. Even Laura knows that I was never one Troy's favorites. I was about to object when Jen cut me off.

"Perfect!" She yells jumping excitedly. I look her in disbelief.

"Excuse us for a moment." I say to Troy and Laura, and grab Jen pulling her into the living room.

"What the hell Jen!" I whisper-yell at her.

"Please Giggles! It's only for four weeks! Please!" She's starting to give the puppy dog pout. Hey that's my thing!

"Jen you know that doesn't work on me." I remind her smugly.

"I'll buy you that buy you that new outfit you've wanted to get and the new book from the Twilight series." Damn it.

I sigh, she knows me too well. "Fine."

I cover my ears as she squeals loudly. "Yay! Yay! Yay!"

"Whatever." I grumble as she pulls me back into the kitchen. I notice Troy is outside with Jack.

"What's the verdict?" Laura asks us curiously.

"She's staying!" Jen answers happily. Laura laughs and shakes her head.

"What did she say she'll buy you?" She asks me. I look at her and shock before I start laughing.

"How'd you know?" I ask her. She simply shrugs.

"She's my daughter."

Jen and I start cracking up. Maybe staying wouldn't be so bad after all.

"What's so funny?" Troy asks as he closes the back door.

"Nothing, just girl stuff." Laura replies. Wow, she always know exactly what to say. Troy shakes his head.

"I'm guessing Gabriella's staying?"

"Yup!" Jen yells bouncing up and down. I sigh and put my head on the counter.

"Looks like you and I are going to be spending the next four weeks in the same room." Troy whispers in my ear, his hand resting at the bottom of my back. I groan as he leaves for the backyard again. This summer is going to be very interesting.

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