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Grissom strode towards Sara as she continued with her hand actions. He had a boyish grin plastered over his face; he looked just like a kid in a candy store. Sara began to walk towards him, the same smile erupting on her face. They met in the middle…and Grissom began to frown when Sara walked straight past him. She walked over to the door, turned to face Grissom and kicked her foot against the door effectively slamming it shut. Grissom visibly gulped down a bubble of air.

What did I do to deserve her?

She leaned back against the door for support, as she could feel her knees begin to go weak as she watched Grissom stride over to her. She pushed off the door at the last minute to greet Grissom in a virtuous kiss. She pulled back to look him in the eye as her hands slipped to his backside and his hands snaked to her lower back.

He leaned in to kiss her once more when she pulled away from him giggling once again. Grissom looked at her in confusion, and was just about to ask her why she didn't let him kiss her but was cut off when he felt her lips on his. It didn't take him long to respond as he ran his tongue across her plump lips begging for entry. Sara pulled away and put their foreheads together.

"A…a…a…I don't think so…" Sara said as she pulled away when he tried to kiss her again.

"Such a tease…" Grissom said as he pushed her up against the door. He lifted her hands above her head and pinned them with one hand.

"Meany…" Sara managed to get out before Grissom's lips were on hers, this time she didn't pull away when he ran his tongue across her lips. She allowed him access and their tongues duelled until the need for air became too great. They reluctantly pulled apart slightly, both breathing heavily. Grissom released Sara's hands. Sara took this as an opportunity to take control. She pushed him backwards, caught off guard Grissom nearly fell over. Sara continued to push him though.

"Sara?" Grissom asked becoming increasingly anxious. Sara continued to push him backwards until his legs hit the leather chair. He fell backwards and watched as Sara admired her work. She slipped her top off and threw it into the corner of the room. She walked back over to Grissom like a woman on a mission. When she reached him she positioned herself on top of his lap and ground into him once exciting a groan