Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Temperance POV

I finished serving up mine and my daughter's dinner. I washed my hands and started to dry them with a teatowel. I walked out into the lounge room with my head down.

"How can I—oh my god." I said when I noticed it was Noelle and Angie sitting on my lounge.

The two of them jumped up and threw themselves into my open arms. I was vaguely aware of Emmy leaving the room to go have dinner but all I cared about was the fact my best friends were here in my arms.

"Oh God! Bren where have you been?" Ang asked.

I wiped a few tears from my eyes and said "here and there. I have missed you guys so much."

We talked late into the night. Near midnight, I got the courage to tell them why I left.

"Hey guys, I want to tell you why I left." I said. My two friends looked at me.

I told them the whole story and by the end of it I was crying. Angie and Noelle hugged me and Noelle said "So that's why you went to Australia for 6 months, you were being heavily pregnant and giving birth."

I shook my head "I didn't actually leave America. I went to San Diego and stayed there for six months with Carl." (Carl is Emmy's father)

Normal POV
The Next Morning

The next morning, Emmy woke up and didn't know what to do that day. It was a Saturday. She decided to head to the museum and see the boys. They had only known each other for 24 hours but they had become good friends. She made herself some toast and packed her handbag. She slung it over her shoulder, still eating her toast.

Emmy walked out into the lounge room and smiled when she saw her mum and her mum's friends asleep on the floor.

Emmy pulled out her instant Polaroid camera and took some photos, then took some with her digital.

Emmy then had a brilliant idea. She went over past the women quietly. She saw Angie's bag on the table and opened it. She took the car keys out of it and put them in her pocket. She checked Noelle's bag and took her keys as well. She then wrote a quick note and placed it next to the photo of the three of them sleeping. Also from their bags, she took their cell phones. Emmy also took her mothers keys and cell as well. Emmy walked out of the apartment, locking the door behind her.

Emmy walked to her mum's car, got in and drove to the museum.

She parked in the carpark and walked inside. She walked to the medico-legal lab but was stopped by security. She stepped away and rang Chris. She told him she was outside and he walked out.

"Hey girl." Chris said. He picked up a visitors pass and gave it to her. The two then walked in but they stopped when Coop ran up to them.

"I wouldn't go in there. Dad and Uncle Jack are freaking out at Uncle Seeley because neither of our mum's came home last night."

"Oh, that's because they were at my place all night." Emmy said.

"What?" The boys asked in perfect unison.

"Yea. They came over and ended up falling asleep on the lounge. Do you want me to tell your dads? I actually gave left them a letter that basically said spend the day together without interruptions since I have your keys and phones." Emmy said.

"DAD!" The boys called. The men all came running and Zack said "What, what happened?"

"Uh, hi. Your wives are at my place. Here's a picture of them" Emmy said pulling out one of the Polaroid photos.

The boys looked at the picture and their faces relaxed.

"Can you take us to your apartment? We really need to see your mum." Booth said.

"Sure. You'll have to follow me but that's cool. Mum would like that. But first, here are your wives cell phones and keys." Emmy said.

"I thought they would want a day without interruptions so I took them." Emmy said with a grin.

"Ok shall we go?" Emmy asked as she turned away.

Everyone followed her and the two boys hopped into Emmy's car and the men and Cam got into Booth's SUV.

Emmy drove through the streets of DC chatting to the boys. Emmy pulled into her carpark complex and parked in a spot. She hopped out of the car and pulled her keys out of her bag. She walked over to the elevator and held the doors open until everyone was inside. When they were she let the elevator doors close and pressed the button for the fifth floor.

When they got to the fifth floor, Emmy walked down to apartment 5G. As she got to the door, she heard laughing and smiled. Emmy pulled out her keys, unlocked the door and the group walked inside.

Tempe's POV

I woke up this morning with my head resting on Ange's shoulder and Elle's head on mine. The other two woke up and we all wiped the sleep from our eyes.

Ang looked at her watch and said "Oh God. Elle, we've been here all night. Our husbands are going to be pissed."

Elle just shrugged her shoulders and said "Friends before men." Her and Ange grinned and high-fived one another.

"Who wants breakfast?" I asked as I stood up.

Ange and Elle stood up and followed me into the kitchen. I got started on making waffles. We ate our waffles and talked some more before deciding to go out shopping.

We walked out to the lounge room again and I rifled through my bag looking for my keys.

"My keys and cell are gone." I said to the girls. Ange checked her bag and realised her keys and cell were gone and so were Elle's.

"Who would have taken them?" Ange asked no-one in particular.

"I think I can answer that." Elle said. She was holding a photo and a letter.

"Dear Mum, Ange and Elle.

By now you have noticed that I have your keys and phones. You three deserve a day without interruptions so I took them. Here is a photo of the three of you that I took this morning.

I'll see you all later

Love Emmy." Elle read. As she read we all smiled.

"Well then. Let's watch some movies." Ange said.

We just started watching The Holiday when I heard the front door open. We all turned and saw Emmy walk in.

I stood up and gave my daughter a hug. I stopped however when I heard the one word that made butterflies appear in my stomach. The one word said by the only man who could make said butterflies appear: