AUTHOR'S NOTE: Happy birthday, Norkia

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Happy birthday, Norkia! My muse would not cooperate with me and therefore this is extremely late. The quote was really taken from the anime.

Unnamed Muse, I hate you.

No, not really, come back! I still have more fics to write!

Kameo whined indignantly as he watched his owner run off, leaving him in the cave with a sick, unconscious man who once threatened to make turtle stew – more than once, actually, and not just stew. In his company, Kameo found out that so many food items could be made out of turtles.

But thankfully, they never prepared any of those exotic dishes. Either the man, whom Wendy only referred to as Van, was just bluffing or Wendy was very good at keeping Van in line, since she was constantly scolding him. Perhaps it was both.

The turtle turned his attention to the pitiful dreg of humanity lying on the cave floor with his own tuxedo for a blanket. He still wasn't coming around.

Kameo squeaked again, and it echoed all throughout the cave. There were just so many times when he felt like he didn't understand his master – and this was one of them. He knew why Wendy chose to travel with a man who constantly scared Kameo with his talk of turtle cuisine; after all, she claimed it was because they were both looking for the man with a claw. Then again, the guy sounded like someone a lot of people would be looking for, so why did she have to tag along with Van?

More importantly, why had he and Wendy stayed with the guy for so long? Crawling cautiously up onto his chest and snagging a foot in the folds and straps of the tuxedo, Kameo stared at Van's face, which somehow looked more peaceful than usual despite the fact that the man was ill. Then again, it was probably because he wasn't screaming, slicing things with a sword more or less as long as Wendy was tall, or hinting that he would fry Kameo up like a steak if they didn't find food in the next five minutes.

She still hadn't returned, and the turtle decided to stay there. After all, Wendy had told him to watch over Van. It was a strange request, but then again, while Van was down for the count, she was in charge and there was nothing Kameo could do about it. In fact, even when he was awake, she tended to take control every now and then anyway…

He felt something shift underneath him; maybe Van was waking up, and soon all would be well.

But the man was just breathing, which was more than a good sign. Still, Kameo kept his head out of his shell, doing what he was told even though it seemed pretty odd for a turtle to keep someone like Van safe.

And speaking of which, he slowly opened his eyes.

Kameo continued to stare, not aware that he would be the very first thing Van would see upon waking up and that waking up to a pair of beady eyes gazing back at you was not always a very comfortable experience.

A split second later, the turtle was on the cave floor, flailing his tiny limbs as he tried to get up again. After that surprise, Van was now sitting up, and would eventually find out that Wendy was gone.

"Hey, where'd…where'd your master wander off to?"

Kameo continued to flail, trying to send a message that lying on his shell wasn't very comfortable and that he would like to be right side up again. Unfortunately for him, Van had other plans and was already going out as well, drawing that overlarge blade of his. Without his help, it would take quite a while for Kameo to flip back onto his feet. While the world was still upside down, he saw something come down from the sky and crash some distance away. But they weren't being attacked…were they? If they were, Van wouldn't be walking quite leisurely, and even a turtle could make that deduction.

Humans really were strange creatures; most especially the one his master was tagging along with now.