"Your mother might be gone, but i will always be here Riku, as we go on."
Oneshots between Tai and his son, Riku.

As We Go On

Chapter 1: Just Me And Daddy

"Daddy?" A small 4 year old named Riku Kamiya whispered as he walked into his father's office with a face full of sadness.

At the word Daddy, 27 year old Tai Kamiya looked from his computer screen to the office door and saw his little son.
But instead of a normal happy face, it was the opposite

"Yeah sweetie?"
"... Why don i have a Mommy?"

Tai stared down at the floor for what seemed like forever to Riku who as a toddler had no patients whatsoever.
"Come here, baby." The father whispered and held out his strong arms.
Riku walked up to Tai who lifted him up, held him against his chest and wrapped his arms around the boy's behind.

"You do have a mommy, baby... she's just not here."
"Why not Daddy?" Tai slowly leaned his son against his chest and held him in a warm hug.
"... She had to... go away... for a long time..."
"Where to?"

Riku wrapped his little arms around his father's neck and laid his head on Tai's shoulder.
"But why? She don wove me?"
"Of course she loves you baby... more than anything... but she just had to go away..." Tai stroked Riku's head full of chocolate brown hair slowly and sighed.
"She loves you more than anything, just like me... and she's always watching over you from heaven... even if you cannot see her, she is there..."
Little Riku stayed silent and after some time let some tears fall down his face.

"... But why Daddy? She wove me, why she go?"
The father opened his mouth but made no sound. How was he supposed to tell his 4 year old son his mother died giving birth to him?
The question floated through his mind endlessly, longing for an answer... but there was none.
"... Some things in life you cannot avoid baby... she didn't have a choice... but no matter what you will always have a mommy... and she will always love you."

"... When your older Riku... you'll understand when your older... just remember that mommy loves you... we both love you baby, more than anything."

Tai wiped away Riku's tears and kissed his forehead, taking a small glance at the clock on the wall before getting up and walking into his son's room.
Opening the door, the 27 year old man walked in and gently laid his son in his bed. "Just remember Riku, mommy loves you."
He kissed his son's forehead again and stroked his hair before dragging the toddler's toy dog into Riku's little arms.
"And i love you too baby."
"I wove you too Daddy." Riku whispered, stuck his thumb in his mouth and closed his eyes to sleep.

Tai watched his little angel sleep silently with a smile and looked up at the ceiling.
"Your always watching him, aren't you, Sapphire? If only you could see him... he's beautiful... a little angel..."
With a sigh, he got off the bed, turned on Riku's nightlight and headed for the door, taking a last look at his little angel.

"Goodnight baby, i love you... and mommy loves you too."