As We Go On

Chapter 5: No More Monsters

He didn't know what was happening... all he knew was that something was chasing him... through this forest of darkness.
He tried to shout, but nothing came out of his mouth. All he could do was run from the thing that was chasing him.
Loud thuds could be heard behind him, getting louder with each and every second that past.
The boy tried to call out for help, but not a single sound came out. Tears started streaming down his face like a waterfall.
"You can't escape..." The being behind him muttered in a demonic voice as he inched closer.
"You're all alone... Your father isn't here to help you... not this time..."
The being came closer to the running boy, letting out an empty laugh that seemed completely inhuman.
Then, the worst came. The boy tripped over a root of one of the many dark and dead trees that surrounded him.
He fell flat on his face, bringing out more tears.
Pain rushed through his little body, but stopped when he felt the being grab his little arm.
He shut his eyes, too scared to even look at the monster behind him.
"You're mine..."
One last time, the boy opened his mouth and did his best to scream, but to no avail. All was lost.
"Now... let me feel alive..."

4 Year old Riku shot his eyes open and instantly bolted up in his bed. Small sweat droplets and tears leaked off his face.
He looked around to see where he was. It was his room. No tress, no darkness, no monsters. Just his room.
"Daddy..." The boy whimpered, quickly got out of his bed ran to and opened his door and quickly headed for his father's room.

The little toddler ran across the small hallway that led to Tai's room and opened his door.

The sound of light snoring came into Riku's ears, indicating that his father was in a deep sleep.
Riku quickly climbed up on the double bed, crawled over to his father and shook his shoulder as hard as he could.
Tai made a mumbling noise and nuzzled his head into his pillow.
The man's eyes slowly cracked open, revealing chocolate brown eyes. A big and long yawn escaped his mouth,but ended
when he saw his son who was crying.

Tai rubbed the sleep grains out of his eyes and sat up in his bed. "What's wrong Riku?"
"Bad dweam... Daddy..." The todler answered and quickly buried his head in his father's navy blue pajama shirt.

"Bad dream...?" The father let out a yawn before wrapping his arms around little Riku.
"What was it about, sweetie?"
"Monser..." Riku muttered through his sobs and tears.

Tai lifted the blanket off his legs, leaned back against his pillow slightly and gently pulled his son up to his neck before
resuming his hold on him. At this point, there was no point in words. It wouldn't help.

So he just held his son in a hug and slowly rocked him back and fourth while stroking his messy head of brown hair.
It was the only thing he could do at this moment, and it always worked.

The both of them, father and son, just sat there in almost silence.
Only the sound of soft whimpers, sobs and cries could be heard.

Riku's small droplets of tears slowly streamed down his face and were absorbed by his father's pajama shirt, leaving
a darker spot of navy blue behind.

After a few minuets had passed, the tears eventually ceased.
Tai took this as the right time to speak... but with each bad dream, something different must be said, and right now, he
was at a loss for words.

Most of the time, the little 4 year old could not remember bad dreams at all. So when he could remember, it was a little
over difficult. What could he say? What did the monster look like? That wouldn't help one bit. What it tried to do?
That would make it worse... but the man broke the silence anyway.

"... He's not gonna hurt you, sweetie... he's not gonna touch you... as long as i'm here... no one will ever hurt you..."
He tilted his head down and planted a gentle kiss on the boy's crown.
"No one's gonna hurt you... not ever..."

Tai rubbed Riku's shivering back gently, but with a little force so it would have effect and hugged him slightly tighter, almost
as if afraid the monster would take him away. No one could ever blame him though. Riku is all he has left. Even he didn't
expect himself to be so protective, but it came naturally. Like protection over Kari when they were younger.
But now, he was all grown up with someone even more precious than life and everything in it. And he was no longer the thoughtless eleven year old he once was. Only with Riku, did he actually understand how foolish he had been back then.
He wasn't going to make the same mistake again with the one person who ment everything to him.
He was going to prove to himself that he was a good father. After all, what kind of father would he be if he told his little
4 year old son that bad dreams are nothing to be scared of. That's what he always told Kari.
Yet he only now understood how heartless and wrong that was to say.

"Why was i so stupid back then...?" The man sighed sadly and kissed his son's head again.
"No one is ever going to hurt you... you're everything to me... i promise, sweetie... i won't let anyone hurt you..."

By now, Riku's sobs and cries had been reduced to whimpers that were muffled by Tai's shirt.

"Shh... everything's gonna be alright..." Tai took his hand from the back of Riku's head caressed his right cheek softly.
It seemed to help as his whimpers turned to mere tiny sniffs.

"No more monsters... your with me, always... as long as your with me... there aren't gonna be any more monsters..."
Riku nuzzled his head deeper in his father's shirt and sniffed quietly.
"... Want to sleep with Daddy?"
The little toddler nodded slightly.

Tai smiled, lifted the 4 year old off of his chest and gently laid him next to him in the big bed before ripping his shirt off, slapping a new one on and laying down.

Riku instantly crawled into the man's chest while gripping his shirt with his little hands while Tai wrapped his arms around his son.
"Just remember sweetie... as long as Daddy is here... there aren't gonna be any more monsters..."

The younger closed his eyes, snuggling deeper in his father's warm chest, repeating those last few words in his mind.
"No monsers..."


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