Who is Gene Hunt
Part III Last Orders?

Authors note.
Ashes to Ashes has now finished. So here you go the very end of this little bit of fun from me:-

Alex opened the door and blinked against the sudden light. She hadn't expected golden gates, little cherubs on fluffy white clouds and wasn't disappointed. Of course it was just a pub. A well lit well kept pub, but still a pub never the less. Other than Shaz, Chris and Ray there were a couple of people off to one side and the rest of the pub was empty.

'Boss, I mean Alex, what are you doing here?' Chris asked catching her out of the corner of his eye as he stood at the bar.

'Ma'am? Shaz gasped. 'I thought you could go home?'

Alex shook her head sadly. 'No, I wanted to but... I guess I always was.'

'So what happened?' Ray asked and the three of them gave him a look. 'What? Oh come on, like you don't want to know.'

'Shot in the head.' Alex told him simply. 'Same happened to Gene, only he got a shotgun. I just got a revolver.

'That would do it.' Ray said before adding 'Sorry' as an after thought.

'Speaking of the Gov, he behind you?' Chris asked hopefully. Alex didn't answer.

'Oh cone on.' Ray growled. 'You telling me he's still back there alone? Screw this.' he went for the door.

'Sorry Brov' the long haired Nelson said blocking the way. 'You can't, you're here now.'

'But the Gov needs us.'

'He'll be fine Ray.' Alex said putting a restraining hand on his shoulder. 'He's still got a job to do.'

'You mean that's it?' Shaz asked. 'We're here and he's out there, helping people like us?'

'It's what he does.' Alex blinked a tear from her eye and let go of Ray. Instead of barging out the former solder just slapped the bar top.

'Keep you're head up Ray. It could be worse.' The barmaid said cheerfully.

He looked up, as if seeing her for the first time. If Alex was honest she hadn't even noticed the woman. She had mid length brown hair and a easy smile. 'Annie?'

'Yep, it's me. How you guy's been?'

Chris jumped over the bar and gave her a hug. 'Annie, we've been great. Shaz this is Annie, Ann Cartwright. DI.'

'Sam Tyler's girlfriend!' Alex gasped.

'Shaz is my fiancee, well ex-fiancee, well sort of. We never got around to getting married but yeah. She's my almost wife. Sort of.'

Shaz laughed and kissed him soundly. 'Stick with wife.' she told him and Annie laughed

'Sam was the same way. We've sorted it all out now.' the former DI smiled 'You want me to tell him?'

'You mean he's here?' Alex asked, feeling stunned.

'You must be Alex, we heard you were coming. Sam's out the back, he's just getting supper ready.'

'What?' Ray asked looking over his pint. 'Tyler's dead. Isn't he.' Annie gave him a serious look. 'Oh, right.'

'He never changes. What would you two want' She asked Alex and Shaz.

Alex settled for a large wine and found a table. She needed a moment to sort out what had happened. She was dead, not just dying but dead. Gone. And Heaven was a Manchester Pub somehow transported into central London.

'It's enough to make you crazy.' A handsome man sat next to her. She recognised him of course. He hadn't changed a bit. 'Nice to meet you in person Alex.' he offered her a hand

'Sam Tyler.' She said shaking it. 'So you cook?'

'No, not really.' He said taking off his apron. 'Special occasion so I asked Nelson If I could lend a hand.'

Alex laughed. 'A barman, what is he really?'

'It's not a good idea to ask that. Trust me, you'll find out later.'

'So what happens now?' Alex asked. 'We sit here and drink forever?'

'No, this is the waiting room. You'll find out.' Sam looked at her seriously. 'You know Gene went to bat for you and called in a favour.'

Alex looked at him quizzically. 'It was a big one.' He continued as the landlord tapped him on the shoulder and nodded over to the clock above the bar. 'I know, I'll just be a minute.' He told him. 'You've got until last orders. When the door's locked there's only one way out.'

'I don't understand.' Alex said simply but Tyler just stood up and left. 'Wait, what do you mean last orders? What happens then?'

Then she saw the door open, and a girl tried to creep into the pub. Alex's heart jumped into her mouth and stopped beating. 'Molly?'

Alex's daughter took one look at her and flew into her arms crying; 'Mummy!'

The two of them hugged each other and Alex knew that it was for the last time.

Molly didn't understand what was going on, but it didn't matter. Her mother was there with her and everything was right again. Her mom introduced her to her friends, Chris and his girlfriend Shaz looked so happy, but they were sad about something. Ray was stupid, but funny and mom was still sad.

When she said Gene had made it happen the others seemed to know just what she meant. 'Mr Hunt had something to do with this?' Molly asked

Mom was surprised to find out Molly knew about him, she even cried when Molly told her how "The Gene Genie" had come to visit her in hospital. When Molly asked about him all mom would say was he was a good friend.

Molly had a feeling they were more than just that, but that was something she really didn't want to think about. Mom went strange after that, telling her to keep out of trouble and she got scared again.

Then the bell rung and the Jamaican at the bar called for last orders. Molly knew what was going to happen. She didn't know how, just that it was. It was time to go and her mother wasn't coming with her. She clung on to her mom's jacket as if she would never let go. Her mom, with fingers of stee,l pulled her off and dispite her protests walked her to the door, telling molly how much she loved her.

And then Molly woke up.

Back in her room she cried, she cried until her eye's were raw and she shook uncontrollably.

'Come on little lady, pull yourself together.' a gruff Northern voice said, shocking her. Dashing the tears from her eyes Molly looked up and saw Gene Hunt at the foot of her bed.

'What?' she gasped as he handed her a handkerchief. There was no way he could have gotten in, he shouldn't have even known where her dad lived. 'You said you'd help her.' she said accusingly.

'I did. Everything I could.'

'Then why is she dead?'

'Because I couldn't change that.' Mr Hunt sat down on the corner of her bed, just by her feet. 'I took care of her and helped you say goodbye. There was nothing else I could do.' He pulled a folded piece of paper from his coat. 'Well maybe this. She wrote it for you, when she was ready.'

Molly took it but kept looking at him. 'Who are you?' she asked, not knowing if she wanted an answer.

He stood up and smiled at her. 'I'm the Gene Genie luv. Now goodnight.' With that Molly was alone, save for the folded sheet of paper.

The End

Thomas Fishwick
AKA Mountain King