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Weeks passed as the Senate and those of the Jedi who had an advanced grasp on the Force examined the evidence that the good Senator Amidala had brought to them and the crime scene that was filled with bodies of Jedi Masters and some of their Padawans. The things that were found were a great shock to the Senate and those things were widely debated and argued about as all the planetary nations tried to come to a conclusion about the truth about the Jedi that they were so suddenly faced with.

After hearing their testimonies in their numerous trials, majority of the Senators determined that the Jedi in the jail and those left in the Temple were innocent but there were those few stubborn types that were convinced that not just the Masters but every other Jedi in the galaxy was at fault and wanted to exterminate all of "those parasites that used us to do all their wrong-doings". An even smaller fraction of the Senate believed that only Obi-Wan, Anakin and the Padawans in the holding cells were blameless and the rest of the Jedi should be culled.

Many disagreements and disputes later, the majority won with only a few compromises and soon a press conference was organized to put the minds of the public at ease since the HoloNet had been firing off on wild rumors and theories that were all blown-up and completely untrue. Still, despite this, signs of unease had begun to show up all over the galaxy.

Cameras flashed and video cameras rolled as the new Chancellor, Mon Mothma, concluded the press conference at the Senate building.

"…therefore we have concluded, after watching and carefully examining the evidence presented to the Senate by Senator Amidala of Naboo and hearing the statements of those on trial, that the Jedi we are holding in jail and the remaining Jedi of the Jedi Temple are not guilty. We also believe that the Jedi Masters that were slain in the battle at the Temple had fallen to what the Jedi call the 'Dark Side' and were only using image of the good Jedi who do good for the galaxy so that they could have a free rein on the evil deeds they wanted to and have committed."

Mon Mothma paused and gazed around at the eager faces of the reporters gathered in front of her. Taking their chance at her pause, they all launched into their questions.

"Chancellor, is it true that Chancellor Palpatine was killed during the battle?"

"Senator, what is going to – "

"Chancellor Mothma, could you perhaps show us the evidence that was given to you by Senator Amidala?"

"Yes," Mon cut in before another reporter could ask a question. They all fell silent at once; wanting to hear what she was going to tell them. "Chancellor Palpatine was indeed killed during battle and if you would all keep quiet, we will show you the evidence."

There was a stunned silence as the reporters tried to take in all that had just been shown to them.

"Senator Mothma, what will happen to the Jedi Temple?" a brave voice piped up from the audience.

"As part of their duties, Masters Kenobi and Skywalker will head the Jedi Temple and they will conduct a review of the youngsters that are there. If they see any of them falling to the Dark Side, they have to attempt to right their path. However, if they will not be righted, Masters Kenobi and Skywalker will have the authority to bind their powers and expel them from the Temple."

A few more questions later, the press conference was over and all the reporters left with juicy stories that were all true for once.

"Padme!" She felt herself being enveloped in a bear hug by a pair of strong arms. "How was the press conference?"

"It's being aired all over the galaxy right now," she told her husband with a joyful laugh, "and you're all free to go now! Can you believe that it's all over? Can you believe it? After four years it's finally over and we can live our lives properly!"

"Yes, Angel, I can…I can…" he said into her hair as he hugged her even tighter to his chest.

Nine years later…

"Dad! Dad, I made it! I made it!!" exclaimed a very excited Luke as he bounded towards his waiting Father who was standing by the door to the arena in which Padawan Trials had just taken place.

"Of course you did, Luke," said Anakin proudly, giving him a firm hug. "You were trained by me."

"Yeah," he said, grinning up at his father. "I can't believe that Leia backed out of Jedi training to become a Senator. Can you believe! A politician of all things!"

Anakin chuckled and gave ruffled his son's hair. "She's like your mother. Keep in mind that she still gets training from me at home so she should be just as good as you."

Luke pulled a face. "I know, I know. I wonder who Uncle Obi-Wan took as a Padawan since he was supposed to take Leia but she left," he mused.

"Obi-Wan still has your cousin as his Padawan, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Luke said sheepishly, "I forgot."

"And Luke?"

"Yes, Dad?"

"You're going to have to call me Master Skywalker from now on."

"Awww, Dad!" the blond boy moaned. "Do I really have to?"

"Yes, of course you do. I'm your Master now so you have to call me Master."

"But you're also my father!" he wailed. "So why do I have to call you Master? Why can't I call you Dad??"

Anakin burst out laughing. "Honestly, Luke, you're so gullible. Of course you can call me Dad!"

Luke pouted. "Hmph!"

"Come on, Luke, let's go home and tell your sister and your mother the good news."

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