Title: Perspectives
Author: NativeStar
Word Count: 271 words
Rating: PG, Gen
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: This is written for the spnthurnight's contest. I saw the prompt and the muse immediately grabbed it and refused to let go until it was written. Ballard is the female cop from the episode The Usual Suspects.
Summary: Detective Diana Ballard reads the Winchester's file.

It's no coincidence that he leaves the files on the table, free for her to skim through.

All the damning evidence laid out in neat FBI forms. Black ink on white pages categorizes their crimes.

Credit card fraud.

Grave desecration.

First degree murder.

Psychological profiles and lists of possible associates accompany the accusations. The information about their childhoods is sketchy at best, but between two of the pages she finds a photo. It's of a man, relaxed and smiling. He's hugging a young boy on his lap with an older boy standing close to his side.

Sam and Dean.

She reads Hendrickson's notes about an ex-marine raising his kids on the road, teaching them how to fight and kill. But all Diane can see in the photo is a family, a loving father with two healthy and happy sons. Sighing, she closes the file and pushes it away from her. She doesn't need to read any more.

She can't forget the transparent worry on Sam's face even while he tried to hide his concern for his brother. Those boys had more than a well-rehearsed cover story; their connection to each other was uncanny, born of spending years on the road with no one to rely on but each other.

She doesn't regret what she did and she's not going to start helping Hendrickson. She knows first hand the monsters they hunt and the lives they save, and that's more than worth any reprimand she'll receive.

"They're monsters." Hendrickson says when he comes back; holding out a cup of coffee for her, but Diana doesn't think there's anything further from the truth.

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(For those interested the prompts were: Detective Diana Ballard, Special Agent Victor Henrikson, and a Winchester Family Photo (three member minimum).)