How had this happened? Abby wondered.

How had she gone from hating Ziva, to wanting to know what she tasted like, how she smelled, what she looked like when she woke up in the morning, or how those slim fingers would feel inside her?

Most people were well aware that Abby was bisexual and enjoyed the company of females just as much as males, what they didn't know was that she preferred it and that the particular woman that had been occupying her dreams, was Ziva…Ms. Kick Ass herself.

Ugh. She thought. This is so not good.

I need another Caf-Pow!


Stop. Ziva thought to herself. Stop thinking about her like that. Stop getting wet over someone you cannot have…

Easier said than done. Ziva battled her own thoughts.

She does not even like you Ziva. She told herself. It will never happen…

Ziva was a very private person. She liked keeping her private life private. She had many secrets, the secret on the top of her list, was that she was a lesbian. Sure, she flirted with everyone, but being born into, raised and trained by Mossad, had taught her to use her assets to her advantage, at all times. If that meant fucking someone as an interrogation technique, in order to get answers, that was what she did. That did not mean that she liked it. She just did what was required and expected of her. Ever since she had been hit with the realization that she did indeed preffer the fairer sex, she knew that it would have to be something she kept to herself. If the fact that she was a lesbian got out, life would become harder for her. In order for her to perform her duties in Mossad, she had to give the impression that she liked dick. Simple as that.

But now that she was in America, now that she was here at NCIS, maybe, just maybe, she could take a chance….for Abby.


"Ziva!" Gibbs barked.

"Go see if Abby's finished with the blood spatter analysis." He ordered.

"Can't you send Tony?" she asked desperately.

Tony eyed her strangely.

"That was not a request officer David. Go. Now."

Ziva nodded and begrudgingly got up from behind her desk and headed down to the lab.


Ziva could here the booming music playing as soon as she stepped out of the elevator. She walked closer, peered into the lab and saw Abby swaying slightly to the loud music. She swallowed thickly at the sight and wiped the sweat that had starting to make her hands slightly clammy on her khaki pants. Suck it up. She thought to herself as she walked through the sliding glass doors and into the lab.

"Good morning Abby." She said coolly.

Abby spun around and looked at Ziva a moment longer than necessary before responding.

"Hey…Ziva. Can I do somethin' for ya?" Abby asked tentatively.

"Gibbs would like to know if you have completed the blood spatter analysis yet…" Ziva responded.

"I haven't finished just yet; I'll have it ready in a bit."

"Alright well then I will just come back later." Ziva said as she turned to leave.

"Hey Ziva! You could uh… you could just wait down here…. I mean, I could stand some company." Abby laughed lightly.

Wow. Ziva thought. Maybe she does not hate me so much after all.

"Sure." Ziva replied as she looked around the lab.

"So…"Abby started.

"So…" Ziva mimicked.

"I haven't seen much of you lately. How have you been?" God that was lame thought Abby as soon as the words left her mouth.

"I have been okay. Working a lot. You?" Ziva chuckled awkwardly.


"Ziva… how come you never come down here any more? Seems like you're avoiding me…Did I do something?" Abby asked.

Ziva thought for a moment before answering.

"You do not like me Abby. You have made that very clear." Zive replied.

Well I feel like an ass… Abby thought.

Abby stepped closer to Ziva and studied her for a moment.

"I don't dislike you Ziva… but I can see why you would think that. I've been a bitch to you and I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that."

Ziva was shocked. Why was Abby telling her this? God, this was not helping her current situation regarding her feelings towards Abby.

"Ok." Was all Ziva could muster.

"Would you like to have dinner with me later Ziva?" Abby asked.

You're walking a thin line here Abby, she thought to herself, you had better hope she says yes.

"Yes, I think I would enjoy that Abby."