Ha! I'm getting better at summaries. this was inspired by "Heart of a Gear" by Xardion. And the disclaimer: I do not own Guilty Gear or any of its characters and whatnot.

Chapter 1: Writhe in Pain

When the pain became too much, he rammed his sword in the ground. He could feel blood run down his legs and the slash across his chest was making it harder to breath. His head spun, and for a moment, he wondered why the world had turned on its side, when he realized he had fallen on his own. He shivered as the warmth disappeared from his body. "Am I...going to die...?" The blood began to pool around his body.

From where she was hiding, she could see the young man fall and stop moving. She wondered why until, by moving closer, she saw the woulds and all the blood and drew back. Blood scared her but she wanted to help. "They've hurt you before! Don't help him!" She pushed the voice away and reached out and touched him. "Hello?"

Ky looked up to stare into the woman's red eyes.

Dizzy looked down to stare into the man's blue eyes.

Then one of them blacked out.