FanFic 100 Challenge #: 010 - Years

The Right Decision?

A/N: This story takes place just a few days after the death of Harry's parents.

"Albus, do you remember when I asked you yesterday if you were sure to leave Harry with his uncle and his aunt?"

He looked into the eyes of the woman who was resting in his arms.

"I do remember that very well, my love."

"I'm still not sure that we've done the right thing."

"Why is that so, Min?"

She hesitated for a moment.

"Albus, you know that – just like you – I have always been sad that we didn't have any children. - We should have adopted him like I suggested. He would have grown up with more love. I'm sure James and Lilly would have liked us to adopt him!"

He tried to find the right words to convince his wife and himself that he was right.

"I know. I feel the same way. But believe me: his name will be known by every child because he's the boy who lives. It's best for him to grow up far away from all that."

She swallowed hard, tears in her eyes.

"I just hope you're right, Albus."

It would take them years to find out that he had been right


P.S. I know it's short. But it's my first ADMM fic and I wanted to start with a short story. I've read the books years ago and can't remember a lot of details. But I've always had the impression that Albus felt responsible for Harry, not like a mentor, but like a father – and since I can't imagine Albus without Minerva (yeah, I know, JKR doesn't feel this way … rofl), I wondered about her feelings …