FanFic 100 Challenge #: 020 – Colourless

--) This is not Goodbye (--

They both had tears in their eyes and they didn't even try to stop them from falling. It wouldn't work anyway because new tears would follow.

"Minerva …"

Bravely you let go of my hand
I can't speak yet you understand
Where I go now I go alone
This path I walk these days of stone

Albus had no idea what he could say. Words would never be able to express his feelings. He didn't even know what he was really feeling. On the one hand, there was fear and desperation, and on the other hand, there was love and duty.

And the angels are calling

But he knew that he would have to leave. Better sooner than later. Every minute counted because every minute innocent people were killed.

I must go away
Wait for me here
Silently stay
And don't ask me why
Only believe
This is not goodbye

Minerva nodded. She knew that she had to believe him. That everything he said was true, that no matter how great the danger he would survive and return to her.

All of my strength all my desire
Still cannot melt this breath of fire
I go to meet some kind of test
Bury the truth that scars my chest

She'd always known that he was a great wizard, that he'd won against a lot of dark wizards. But this fight would be so much more dangerous. There'd never been a greater wizard than Albus Dumbledore. Of that she was sure. But there'd also never been a darker wizard than his opponent.

And the angels are calling and calling

They looked into each other's eyes, trying to remember everything they'd survived and the plans that they still had for a future that might never exist.

I must go away
Wait for me here
Silently stay
And don't ask me why
Only believe
This is not goodbye

He looked almost determined that he wasn't lying, that he knew that it was true.

I gathered all my courage
I shaved off all my fear
With this banner on my shoulder
I hold your essence near

She took the golden chain that she'd been wearing for about two years and on which the golden band was hanging off and handed it to him. The letters that were inscribed read "I will carry you – 14.05.1943"

And the angels are calling and calling and calling

They kissed once more, putting all the passion between them into the kiss, sealing their unspoken promise. That this was not goodbye.


P.S. I promised to write happier stories. So I decided that I wouldn't write about Albus leaving with Harry, but about Albus leaving to fight Grindelwald which is indicated by the date on Minerva's wedding ring. Therefore, it really wasn't goodbye.

A/N: I've written this story a few days ago and it was after having written it that I read about Maggie Smith having breast cancer. I was really shocked. She's such a great woman and I don't want to think about her being ill.

Dear Maggie, you're in my prayers! May God help you in these dangerous times! May your friends be there for you like you deserve it!

My hat's off to you and every other woman having to fight this evil illness.

I think it might be fitting to borrow one of my own lines: that no matter how great the danger she would survive and return to her family, friends and fans.