Dear Cute Diary,

This week has been awful!

Bearsy has been on a totally un-cute streak this week that totally is going to ruin my reputation! At least I have saved myself the embarrassment by telling him to zip his mouth. He's cuter that way.

Ah, but that's not even the worse of this entry!

Gecko – No, I can't even write his name down without getting the chills. - Master made us work for some company named "Ghostbusters". Ugh, how rude! Abusing my powers is totally wrong.

Now that that is out of the way, I can write an actual entry about my day- wait.

Off Screen:

-Sounds of crashing, loud voices, throwing, and finally a slam-

Sorry about the ink spots. Now;

I was walking outside last night around the forest area when I met this weird and un-cute unicorn. (Puh-lease! Having tea time with an ugly old tree is NOT cute!)

He started babbling about some stupid magical bum or something, and had the nerves to touch me! Can you believe it?

I pushed him away and ordered Bearsy to lock him up for violating my personal space. That takes care of him!

Skipping ahead now, I walked further into the woods, signing zombies autographs along the way, when I felt as if I stepped on something. Pausing, I looked down and EW! I stepped on an old chewed gum! How disgusting!

Before I could scrape it off on a fallen log, I heard it actually speak! Amazed, I gave it my attention.

It wasn't that amazing now that I think about it; it started mumbling and asking bizarre questions, asking where "Bubble World" was, and even going as far as insulting my beautiful pink hair! How dare him!

I ended up flicking it off and storming away. (Don't worry; I washed my preciously manicured hands!)

Well, Master is calling 'us'. It seems we got a call to ANOTHER claimed haunting. –sigh-.

Your Lovely and Beautiful Princess,