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(This is the summary for all Six parts of The Wings of Wrath ... a preview if you will...)

What do you do when Evolution has reached its end? And the creation has become more powerful than the creator? What happens when you have made a perfect monster out of a child and only too late realize that children grow up? And as children grow they become stronger and smarter. Their brains evolving, from the infantile primordial ooze into the upright monster that makes little creatures much bigger and stronger than it, then expects for those creations to obey. To be subservient...

What do you do when life becomes less about giving and more about taking? When all the world's mysteries seem to shrink? When the darkness presses down on you like an hourglass that's half full, half empty? When the light in children's eyes is stolen and replaced by the shadow of hatred, and all the world turns to gray?

What do you do when science becomes Dogma? When does trying to play God bring around the devil?

Only the strong will survive ... And only the determined will fight to live.

Because this is the end of the world, this is the final test...

Will you pass?


PART ONE SUMMARY; What Has Arrived

Time has passed, it has changed the people you thought you knew and brought out the best and worst in each of them. Knowledge is a powerful and dangerous thing, and responsibility can be a troublesome burden.

When a mysterious letter arrives for Fang the Flock discovers exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes...


Prologue; On a Tombstone Writ...

(NOTE; Okay people! I own the poem "The Wings of Wrath" It is mine, it is by Honora Crane Yes, that's my real name thanks... I wrote the poem for my Creative Writing Class long before I wrote this fic, this very LONG story, and my younger brother was the one to convince me to turn it into a MR Fic, because he liked it so much ... so blame him for everything.)

"The Wings of Wrath"

by; H. Crane

Silence breeds into Courage

And blossoms like the rose

The owl cries in the highlands

Its song a mournful close

The Strong undoes the Wicked

The Stubborn learns to bend

The Wings of Wrath have fallen

But their thunder has no end