Author's note: Original dialogue from the TV show are in bold.

The Don/Judy Project

Season Three

Condemned of Space (Written by Peter Packer)

"The Time is now 2100 hours, and all is well," the Robot announced as he rolled along on his sentry duty.

"Nine o'clock, children, better get ready for bed," Maureen stated as Will moved his bishop to take Penny's knight.

"Can't we finish the game, Mom?" Will asked.

"You know the rules, Will."

"Mom, I don't understand why I have to go to bed at the same time that Will does. After all, I'm a teenager now," Penny complained.

"And teenagers need more sleep than they realize… Go on…"

"Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!" The Robot shouted an alarm.

The family ran outside and was told that a comet was on a collision course with the planet. It was another 'hot one,' not your usual comet composed of frozen matter. Maureen remarked that she could already feel the heat. There was no choice, but to abandon the planet as soon as possible.

"We've already been briefed on emergency lift-off procedures," Professor
Robinson stated. "Let's get going."

Everyone immediately moved into lift-off mode. "Launch time is T-minus 50 and counting," the Robot announced.

Don changed into his silver flight suit and took a few seconds to search for Judy before returning to the upper deck. He found her in the storage room, securing the last of their incidental equipment. "Lift-off is in ten minutes, Judy. You'd better get into your flight suit and strapped in," Don told her.

"I know, Don. I told Mom I'd take care of the last few things while she and the children got changed and into their couches. I won't need more than five minutes to get ready," she told him. "No fancy hairstyle for this lift-off," she said and smiled as he put his arm around her.

"The last time we lifted-off in a hurry, your father got a kiss from you. I figured I'd be sure to get my kiss this time," he teased. He caressed her face and stared into her eyes for a brief moment before touching his lips to hers. "I love you, Judy Robinson," he said when he pulled back.

"Good luck, Don… Not that you'll need it," she told him as he released his hold and turned to leave. "And… Don?"


"I love you."

He reached out and pulled her in for one last passionate, breath taking, hungry kiss. "Someday… someday soon, Judy… I'm going to– "

Professor Robinson's voice interrupted him over the intercom. "Eight minutes to launch. Everyone strap in, and, Major West, we need a pilot!"

"Nah… he could fly this hunk of bolts himself. He just needs me to keep her running."

"You better go, or his radar will kick in."

He grinned and hurried to the upper deck. Judy sighed. 'Someday,' she thought to herself, 'someday…'

All harnesses were secure and everyone was ready for launch, including Debbie. Don was concerned about escaping the gravitational pull of the comet, and he had reason to be worried, as the ship was indeed caught and unable to escape its grip. Professor Robinson ordered Don to head directly towards the comet at full forward thrust in the hope that they could build enough inertial drive to swing over it. The heat of the unusual comet penetrated the ship, and systems started to burn up, but there was no choice than to follow through with Professor Robinson's plan. Pulling up at the last second, they escaped the comet's grip.

"Dear Joan,

We had to take-off from the planet we were living on for the past year, and I say, good-riddance. I hated that place. We had to engage in emergency lift-off procedures and, thank goodness, we made it. There were a few harrowing minutes when we couldn't escape the gravitational pull of the comet, but, with Dad and Don working together, we escaped alive. Mom and I just finished getting the galley together and I thought I'd take a few minutes to report to you while she makes coffee.

Don and I are as close as we've ever been, but we have quite a way to go until we become truly intimate. I know that I wanted to wait until we reach Alpha Centauri to get married, but I'm not sure either one of us can wait that long. Well, there's not much that either one of us can do about that right now. Since we're back in space, Don and I will have very little privacy – not that we've ever had much since we took off from Earth. I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed of our weekend in Galveston. I wonder if he thinks about it too?"

Judy walked into the galley as her mother was pouring a cup of coffee for her father. "You know, I thought we'd never get this galley going again," Maureen said as Don came down the ladder.

"We thought that way about the whole ship," John added.

"You were both wonderful," Judy commented as she joined them.

"Not heroic?" Don asked as he grinned at Judy.

Penny and Will joined the adults for a snack. While they told the adults about the supernova Don had pointed out to them, Dr. Smith was making an audiotape in a foolhardy attempt to send out an S.O.S. for whoever would find it. He placed the tape in a can and hoped to cast it adrift through the hatch, but it hovered just within the outer hatch. The Robot told him that it needed a nudge to send it into outer space. Dr. Smith stupidly opened the inner hatch, and the Robot was sucked out of the ship!

A decision had to be made. Did they go after the Robot? Or go on without him? Maureen worried about John's safety, but Will couldn't believe that they would abandon the Robot. John took a look at the poor Robot floating helplessly in front of their view port. "I'll suit up. Give me some of your fanciest retro-control," he told Don as he and Will went to the hatch.

"All right, John. He's all yours. But make it fast. Getting awfully close to that supernova," Don warned him, and he went on to say that the Robot was accelerating towards the supernova. "I can't keep up with him."

Once outside, John couldn't quite reach the Robot, and Don had to give the Jupiter all the power it had so John could grasp the Robot's pincers. Don hit the retro rockets to pull them back in, but it had no effect. The magnetic pull of the supernova was making it impossible to control the ship. John had no choice, but to let go of the Robot and work his way back into the ship, or his tie line would have snapped. He made it safely inside, but the Jupiter was now totally out of control. Don tried all of his pilot's tricks, including ideas tossed at him by John, but nothing was effective. He closed the view port shield for protection and the ship finally stopped tumbling on its own… but now, they were without power. As the view port shield was reopened, the family was mesmerized by the sight in front of them. Outside the view port was a huge alien spaceship that was magnetically pulling them in for what would prove to be a rough docking.

Then a knock was heard at the hatch… They weren't expecting company, but it was none other than… the Robot! The Robot had little information on the ship that had snared them. Don was hoping that they might find propulsion equipment that could be used on the Jupiter and he and John prepared to explore the derelict ship.

As John turned to go to the lower deck, Maureen held him back. "John…" She sighed. "Nothing. It's just my female anxiety showing."

"On you it looks marvelous," John stated and chuckled as he walked away.

Don descended to the lower deck and Judy followed him. She touched his arm as he strapped on his holster. "Don? Be careful," she told him.

"Worried?" he asked her.

"Of course not," she lied.

He laughed. "Judy, it's all right to be worried. I'm a little bit worried myself."

"I don't understand why, Major West," John said as he walked up behind them. "You'll be with me." He placed his hand on Judy's shoulder and continued. "And I would never let anything happen to the father of my future grandchildren."

Judy's cheeks blushed as pink as the supernova they had just encountered. "Daddy, please! Both of you be careful," she said as they left the ship.

As Don pressed the button to open the lower hatch, Don glanced at John. "Grandchildren, huh?"

John nodded. "Well… someday…"

Don smirked. "Yeah, someday… I just hope I still work… someday…"

Maureen paced back and forth in front of the console and said, "When Will and Dr. Smith come back, I'm going to give them a piece of my mind…"

"Like that will do any good," Penny stated. "Will never listens and as for Dr. Smith, well…"

"Dr. Smith does whatever pops into his mind, regardless of the consequences," Judy added.

"Now, Judy, you're starting to sound like Don," Maureen said.

"Well, I've decided that I'm not fighting with Don about Dr. Smith anymore."

"Don is right about Dr. Smith being nothing, but a troublemaker. I'm sure he convinced Will to go down there," Maureen added.

"At least the Robot is with them," Penny stated. "He'll take care of them."

"Maureen? Maureen, we're back," John shouted up the ladder as the exploring party returned.

"And frozen like a piece of ice!" Dr. Smith announced. "What a horrible place! Prisoners everywhere and that robot guard freezing everything in sight! I'm sure I've caught a cold."

Maureen crossed her arms and was in full 'mother attitude' mode. "William Robinson. You've done it again… going off without permission. And you, Dr. Smith, are just as guilty."

"But, Mom," Will said in his defense, "I had to warn Dad and Don about the robot that was down there. I had to go."

"Now, Maureen, don't be too hard on him," John stated. "He was fine. It's Dr. Smith who put us in jeopardy… again… unfreezing the prisoners…"

"Prisoners?" Maureen asked.

Judy noticed that Don was not in sight. "Um, before you go on, Dad… Where's Don?"

"Oh, he went straight to the engine room to put in the propulsion unit we took from the alien ship," John stated. "Give him some time to finish before you go in to, uh, distract him."

"Dad! I wouldn't do that!"

"Ah-choo!" Dr. Smith sneezed. "Enough of this meaningless talk. I must get warm or I will catch my death of cold."

"All right, Dr. Smith, we'll take care of you," Maureen said. "I'll wait until you've warmed up before giving you a stern lecture."

Dr. Smith, in his pajamas and his feet bathing in steaming hot water, recounted his experiences on the prison ship. Judy, Penny and Maureen listened with doubtful expressions as they tried to separate the grains of truth from his exaggerations. "How dangerous could a man be who plays 'cat's cradle' I asked myself. So I made the next move and had to unfreeze the man. How did I know he was going to strangle me? He tried to make me take his place so that he could escape! Then he set all of the prisoners free and before I could intercede, there was a riot! Thanks to my cunning and intelligence, however, I was able to divert his attention from escape to seeking asylum on Earth, with me as his legal counsel, of course. And there I was – trapped in a grisly chamber of horrors with no hope of – ah-choo – rescue. But my ready wit and resourcefulness, not to mention my personal courage, came to my aid. Ah-choo! And I was able to take control of a situation – which might have spelled disaster."

"Warning! Warning!" the Robot announced. An object was about to make contact with the starboard bow of the Jupiter. "Stand by for collision."

Outside the view port was a metal can with the letters 'S.O.S.' written on it. "Maybe it's a message from a shipwrecked astronaut," Will suggested.

"You might be right about that, Son," John, who had come down to get the star charts, stated. "Uh, Smith, why don't you suit up and go on out there and get it?"

Dr. Smith, of course, had no inclination to do so, and suggested that they remain on their present course. "Were I not in such a frozen state, I would consider it, Professor, but, as you can see, I am quite ill."

John had had quite enough of Dr. Smith's hypochondria. "Interesting how Don was the one who was frozen and you're the one getting sick."

Judy stared at her father. "Don was frozen?"

"Yeah, they thought he was a prisoner," Will stated. "It's a good thing Dad and I found him before that robot put him on the freezing pedestal. And he would have been frozen forever with those poor prisoners if Dad hadn't been able to fix the timepiece that kept track of their prison terms. With the clock fixed, they were all released and the ship went back to their planet called, Verrah."

"I had them convinced to return to Earth until the Professor intervened," Dr. Smith lamented.

"Well, Dr. Smith, you could have stayed with your, uh, clients. I'm sure they would have transported you back to Earth as payment for your, uh, legal services," John teased.

"Humph," Dr. Smith growled. "May I have a bowl of hot soup, madam, then I will retire to my bed. I'm sure it will be days before I am warm again."

Maureen consoled him. "Yes, Dr. Smith. I'm sure a bowl of hot soup will make you feel like your old self again. And we'll bring a bowl to Don, too."

"Make that two bowls," John said, "We'll be studying those star charts for awhile."

"Yes, dear," Maureen murmured with a smile.

Judy carefully balanced two bowls of soup – one for her father and one for Don, as she walked off the elevator to the console. She had yet to see Don since he had left to explore the ship. Neither of the men noticed her until the aroma of the broth drifted under their noses. Don looked up and smiled, "Mm… just what the doctor ordered," he murmured as he took the bowl.

"Me or the soup?" she asked.

John took the second bowl off Judy's hands and said, "I think I'll take this down to the galley." Neither Don nor Judy seemed to hear him, as they were too busy staring at each other. John closed the gate to the elevator and called to the couple. "Remember… Someday is not today…"

"Understood," Don called back to him.

"Someday is not today?" Judy asked.

Don shook his head. "You don't want to know."

She took a good look at him as he sipped from his spoon. "You look exhausted, and you should be after being frozen and taken prisoner."

"Oh, I guess Smith told you," Don said between gulps.

"No, Will and my father did. If you listened to Dr. Smith, you'd think that he saved all of you single handedly."

"Ha!" Don exclaimed. "We were almost attacked by a mob of disgruntled ex-cons because of him."

"Do you have any after effects from the freeze?"

"Nah. It wasn't the first time I've been frozen." He shivered as he placed the empty bowl on the floor.

"Here," she whispered, "let me warm you up." She went behind his chair and gently nudged him to lean his head back. She slid her hands down his arms and up his chest as he closed his eyes.

"Hey, remember when we were in Galveston for the wedding?" he asked her.

"I was thinking about that very same thing just a few hours ago," she replied as she rubbed his temples in a slow circular motion. "It was so warm and the weather was perfect," she murmured. "We walked to the church for the rehearsal. It was so wonderful to be alone… without…" She noticed that his breathing had become regular… he had fallen asleep that quickly. She retrieved a blanket and covered him. He never stirred. She wanted to curl up at his feet and watch him sleep, but her mother approached her. Judy put her finger to her lips and Maureen quietly stood next to her daughter.

"We should probably let him sleep, Judy," Maureen whispered. Judy knew her mother was right. None of them had gotten much sleep in the last twenty-four hours, and she was pretty sleepy herself.

"He'll get a crick in his neck," Judy softly said.

"I'll send your father up in a short while to send him to bed. You go ahead and get ready for bed yourself," Maureen replied.

"All right, Mother. I'll see you in the morning." She took one last look at him and went to the cabin she shared with Penny.

As Maureen picked up the bowl next to Don's chair, she dropped the spoon and it clattered to the floor, and Don jerked up in his chair, the blanket sliding to the floor. "I'm sorry, Don," Maureen said. "I didn't mean to wake you."

He quickly got his bearings and asked, "Where's Judy?"

"I sent her to bed. That's where you should be too, Don."

Don laughed. He couldn't help himself. "I wish I was."

Maureen turned a deep shade of red. "I meant your own bed, Donald West."

"Don't worry, Maureen. That's where I'm going."

"I'm sorry, Don. I know it's been hard for both of you, but once we get settled…"

Don didn't bother to let her finish. He stood and gave the standard response. "I know. I know. Someday… Good-night."

Don threw the extra blanket over himself as he tried his best to stay warm. He knew he'd be a lot warmer with another body beside him. He closed his eyes and his thoughts drifted to the white iron bed he had shared with Judy the weekend of his old roommate's wedding. He heard a distant trumpet sound as he passed into the state of blissful sleep – well – almost blissful. He wasn't sure if he was having dreams or nightmares, as each time he and Judy moved to consummate their relationship, something happened to interrupt them.

He woke up the next morning less rested and more frustrated than he had been in a long time, but he didn't have time to dwell on it since he and John still hadn't come up with a new flight path. He prayed that a recognizable star would reveal itself so that they could be back on track for Alpha Centauri. He was tired of searching and drifting. He was ready to settle down and make Judy his wife. He promised himself that the next planet they landed on would be the sight for him and Judy to begin their life together – that is – as long as she was willing…

Next week a time warp thrusts the Robinsons back into time to another era…

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