A/N: So, thought I had forgotten Possible Beginnings, didn't you? Ha! I fooled you. But anyway, between all of the reviews and suggestions, this is the story I thought I could write best. Hm. Time for a few disclaimers. Most of the characters belong to Disney and I do this for fun not profit. This will be Kigo like everything else I have written, so please no more whiny reviews about how I didn't label it as Kigo. This story will be sad and violent in spots, and most of the characters are going to cuss like me in traffic, hence the M. And finally, this story is not set in the Visitors universe, so please no virtual pitchforks and torches about how I messed with the characters and questions asking where in the hell are the ghosts, okay? :)

Chapter 1 - Intro

"I want a divorce," Ron stated flatly.

Kim glanced over from the evening newscast she was watching. "I'm sorry; I must have heard wrong," she said. "Did you say that you wanted a divorce?" she clarified, puzzled.

"That is exactly what I said," Ron confirmed.

Kim flipped off the television and turned around. There was no humor in Ron's bearing at all; it was excessively clear that he wasn't joking. "Why on earth do you want a divorce?" Kim asked, her confusion and rising anger evident in her voice. "We've been married for twenty years, Ron. We have three kids. We are, or at least I thought we were, happily married. Is this some sort of midlife crisis?"

"No, it's not," Ron replied. He sighed. "Look, Kim, in spite of what you think, we have never been happily married. Sure, we have pretended to be, but we never have been. The only time in this entire relationship I can ever remember feeling joy is when the kids were born."

"How can you say that, Ron?" Kim demanded, baffled by the sudden turnaround and more than a little pissed off by it. "After everything that we have been through, you tell me this now?" She wanted to say more, but she was angry and her thoughts weren't coming clearly like they should. One thought did surface, though, and it angered Kim even more. "Is there someone else?" she asked quietly, not wanting to hear the answer.

"Yes," Ron answered. "But I am not the one who has been cheating."

"I'm the unfaithful one?" Kim asked incredulously. "When? In the four hours a day I actually have to sleep? And who is this mystery person that I would sacrifice what little free time I have?"

"It's not a person, Kim," Ron contradicted. "It is everything. Your job, your career, saving the world, even the kids…you love them all more than you love me."

"I do not," Kim objected.

"Yes, you do," Ron countered. "And even before all that, even before your job and the kids took over our lives, you still never loved me as much as I loved you. The only one you ever loved like that was her."

"Was she," Kim corrected distractedly, her thoughts jumping from the situation at hand to the person he was referring to.

"Whatever. You know who I am talking about, Kim," Ron said sadly, and Kim did know who he was talking about. He was talking about the only person who had ever come between them, the woman she had reformed, the woman who had stolen her heart, and the woman who had ultimately perished in her arms. She didn't say anything, and she didn't have to. Ron already knew he was right. "I'll be back in the morning for my stuff," he said. He turned and left, leaving Kim to reminisce about times long gone by.