A/N: All right! About time I got to this! Just to let you guys know: this is the sequel to my story 'Christmas Time the GX Way'. You don't have to read it to follow what's going on, but I suggest reading it anyways. It is a good story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story and I hope that it makes just as much of an impact as the prequel!

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Chapter 1: Reminiscence

Our story starts today with us finding the lovely Queen of Obelisk Blue, Alexis Rhodes, sitting at the Slifer Cliffs. Three months ago, she managed to confess her true feelings to the Chosen Duelist, Jaden Yuki, on Christmas Eve. Right now, she was remembering the events surrounding the duel and the effects it had on her life.

She remembered how Chazz Princeton and Blair Flannigan had given her the push to tell Jaden how she felt. She recalled that, at the time, those two had been dating. At that moment, she heard shouting. She turned to see Chazz and Blair a distance away, having a shouting match, looking like one would eat the other any second now. The next thing she knew, those two were making out and enjoying every second of it.

"Man, I cannot believe that those two are dating. It's weird; they seem like such an unlikely couple, yet they're together and somehow enjoying it," Alexis thought.

Alexis remembered her duel with Jaden at the Christmas party. They had so much fun they had dueling each other, despite how nervous she was. The match had been a close one, but the Queen managed to pull a surprising victory over the Chosen. Her Spellcasters had caught Jaden off guard and managed to defeat the E-Heroes and Neo-Spacians. Not many, except for her close supporters, had expected that outcome.

Her thoughts then moved to what had happened at this very spot. This was where she had taken Jaden after they had dueled. The spot where she confessed to Jaden that she loved him. The spot where Jaden admitted that he loved her as well. The spot where they shared their first kiss in perfect bliss. She remembered the kiss and the emotion behind it: the power of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the gentleness of falling snow, the passion of a Duelist's drive. She didn't think that anything could ever match the kisses her love gave her. Alexis cherished the fact that those kisses were hers and hers alone.

Alexis then pulled out her deck and picked out a specific card. It was a Spell Card and the picture on the card was of Jaden and Alexis in their signature poses and was called 'Heart of a Duelist'. Chummley had personally made this card. There were only two in existence and they belonged to Jaden and Alexis; Chummley had somehow convinced Chazz and Blair to give the cards to the lovely couple once Jaden and Alexis were together. She's been itching to use this card, but has yet to get a chance to play it.

She then glanced through her deck. Her deck was stacked with Spellcaster cards, not the Cyber Angel cards that made her famous. This deck had brought her victory against Jaden. Before that duel, she hadn't used that deck since she was a child. But, ever since she fought Jaden, she decided to retire her Cyber Angels and use the Spellcasters that brought her love. In retrospect, this was a great move, as she became a better Duelist this way. Alexis remembered that day, the day when HE gave her this deck and wondered what he's been doing, for she hadn't heard from him since she came to Duel Academy.

Just as the memory of Alexis' old friend was coming to mind, she heard someone shouting, "ALEXIS!" She turned around to see her boyfriend of three months, the Slifer Slacker known as Jaden Yuki, running towards her. He kept running towards her and stopped right in front of her.

"Hey Jaden. What's up?" Alexis asked.

"I've been looking for you all day," Jaden replied. "I need you to help me choose a costume for the Duel Monsters Spirit Day Festival that's coming up next week!"

"You not going to wear a mash-up, like last time, right?" she asked.

"Of course not. After all, I need to look good next to my girlfriend," said Jaden in a seductive tone.

"I agree. I'll help you out," Alexis replied as she kissed Jaden's cheek.

"By the way, what are you doing out here at our spot?" Jaden pondered.

"Just thinking about what's happened in the last few months," she said.

"About us?" Jaden added.

"Yeah. I still can't believe that we're finally together," Alexis confessed, grasping the silver locket Jaden had given her on Christmas Day.

"Believe it!" Jaden shouted, giving Alexis a thumbs-up and smiling, causing his teeth to glisten.

"I cannot believe that you just said Naruto's catchphrase and gave the 'Good Guy Pose'," Alexis commented, shaking her head in shame.

"What are you talking about?" Jaden asked, honestly confused.

"Never mind," Alexis replied as she pecked Jaden's lips with her own. "Let's go take care of your costume, then we'll get something to eat, okay?"

"FOOD!" Jaden shouted. He then grabbed Alexis' arm and they ran off back towards the dorms.

Meanwhile, two shadowy figures, a guy and girl, were watching the couple run off. They had been watching Jaden all day long and seemed to be smirking.

"Well, I'm surprised that those two are together," the guy said.

"I am as well. But it doesn't matter. Come next week, we'll both get what we want: our rematch against Jaden and the object of our affections," the girl replied.

"I've waited a long time for us to meet again, Jaden Yuki. You better not disappoint me," the guy coldly muttered.

"I wonder how much stronger you've gotten, especially since you've got a girl now, Jaden," the girl giggled.

Who's the guy and girl spying on Jaden and why do they want to duel him? Who gave Alexis her deck? What will go down at the Duel Monsters Spirit Day Festival? Find out in the next chapter!