A/N: Hello! Sorry I'm late with this! Planning out a double duel is hard work! You have to go through it with a fine tooth comb, making sure each duelist is not playing more cards than what they have access to and to make sure card effects are accurate and activated at the right time. And sorry for not officially starting the duel last chapter, but it's starting now! Designing DMG's and Kaibaman's decks was and still is interesting! Oh, and like the prequel, Life Points will be bolded and Attack and Defense won't be listed unless necessary. With that, I present Chapter 7.

Chapter 7: The Main Event, Part I

"I think the guests should go first," commented Alexis.

"I agree. How about we let the ladies go first?" asked Jaden.

"Whatever," Kaibaman grumbled, impatiently awaiting his turn.

"Yay! That means I go first!" DMG cheered as she drew her card.

DMG/KM: 8000 LP J/A: 8000LP

"I warn you, I'm not as soft as last time!" she said. "I'll start by summoning Royal Magical Library in Defense Mode! I'll play a card face down. Turn end."

"Guess that means that I'm next," commented Alexis as she drew. "I'll also play a card face down then I'll summon Gemini Elf in Attack Mode!"

"She played us!" Mindy and Jasmine squealed, causing their friends to wince in pain.

"And with that, I pass it off to Kaibaman," finished Alexis.

"Well, it's about time!" he grumbled as he drew.

"Oh, this will be good," Kaibaman smirked. "First, I play Pot of Greed, which lets me draw two more cards. Next, I summon Lord of Dragons in Attack Mode! After that, I'll play the Spell Card Flute of Summoning Dragons!"

"Just perfect. Now he can Special Summon two Dragon monsters from his hand. Not good," Alexis commented.

"With the effect of my flute, I summon Luster Dragon #2 and Hours the Black Flame Dragon LV 6!" Kaibaman announced as his two monsters were summoned to the field.

"No way…" many in the crowd gasped, surprised he pulled out three monsters in one turn.

"I'm not done yet!" Kaibaman continued, grabbing the crowd's attention. "Next, I play Polymerization! I fuse Lord of Dragons with the Divine Dragon Ragnarok in my hand in order to summon King Dragun! Now, thanks to his special ability, I can Special Summon one Dragon from my hand. So, say hello to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

As the dragon descended onto the field, there were quite a few reactions. Many were shocked to see one of the scarcest and most powerful Duel Monsters to appear. Others were starstruck, believing Kaibaman to be Kaiba in disguise. Alexis was relishing the challenge, eager to find a way to strike down the Blue-Eyes. As for our resident airhead duelist, he was trembling and was pale as a ghost. Jaden had horrible memories of the Blue-Eyes, especially the nightmares. Even though he had faced his fear and conquered it, the Blue-Eyes still haunted the recesses of his mind to this very day. Yubel noticed his fear.

"What's happening to Jaden?" she asked out of concern.

Syrus explained to her the nightmares he had back in his first year, the duel with Kaibaman and how he used Jaden's fears against him. He also said that Jaden had conquered his fear, or so he thought. When Yubel learned of the atrocities that Kaibaman had done, the glare she sent him was so menacing that it was a miracle that he hadn't caught on fire. And the massive killing intent she was radiating was all targeted at one person, or Duel Spirit, known as Kaibaman. All of Jaden's friends had to hold her down to prevent her from charging the field and giving him a piece of her mind. As for Kaibaman himself, while he was calm, cold, and collective on the outside, inside, he was reacting like a little kid who just heard the sounds of the monster in the closet and was truly terrified of Yubel at the moment, despite what other thoughts he had for her.

"I'm done," Kaibaman announced, letting Jaden's turn start.

However, Jaden did not draw from his deck. In fact, he just stood there.

"Jaden, are you okay?" Alexis asked. No response.

"Jaden, snap out of it!" Alexis shouted, concerned for her boyfriend. Again, nothing happened.

"Jaden, get your head in the game, or so help me, I will pound Kaibaman into dust for you then take Alexis from you and make her MY lover!" Yubel threatened, causing a pang of jealousy and fear to appear on Kaibaman's face, but only for a second.

At that moment, Jaden was stirred out of his fear-induced coma and turned to Yubel.

"Hey! No one lays a hand on my Lex except for me, not even you, Yubel!" he shouted at her.

Alexis blushed at how her love was defending her. Yubel leaned back in her seat, pleased she got through to him, although the thought of making Alexis hers didn't sound too bad to her.

"…And thanks for that," he told Yubel as he turned to face his opponents.

"All right, time to get my game on for real!" he shouted as he drew.

"I play Special Hurricane! By discarding one card, say good-bye to all monsters that were Special Summoned!" Jaden announced as a hurricane swept through the field, eliminating King Dragun, Luster Dragon, and Blue-Eyes. Kaibaman was obviously ticked.

"Too bad for you that Horus in unaffected by Spells," said Kaibaman.

"Oh, well. Next, I'll play Clayman in Defense Mode. Now it's the ladies' turn," Jaden finished.

"Let's see what I can do," said DMG as she drew her card.

"Well, since my library has 3 Spell Counters, I can remove them all and draw 1 card in exchange," she said as she drew another card.

"Now, I summon my Skilled Dark Magician and end my turn," finished DMG.

"My go then," said Alexis as she drew.

"I play Spell Absorption. Now for every Spell Card activated after this one, we get 500 Life Points. I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy my opponent's face down! J/A: 8500 LP Next, I'll sacrifice Gemini Elf for Dark Magician Girl!" announced Alexis.

As Alexis' DMG appeared on the field, cheers could be heard from the crowd, mostly from DMG's fanboys and fangirls, excited that there were two DMGs, the duelist and the monster. Syrus felt like he hit the jackpot! Two Dark Magician Girls were right in front of him! He jumped onto Zane's shoulders with ease and yelled out "Dark Magician Girl, you're the greatest and cutest magician ever!"

The real and holographic DMGs wildly blushed at the comment as they turned to face Syrus. They waved back, winked, and blew a kiss over to him. The ecstasy Syrus felt from getting the affections of two Dark Magician Girls caused him to faint and would've crashed into the ground if Atticus and Aster hadn't caught him.

"Okay then… I'll play Sage's Stone, so I can summon Dark Magician from my Deck!" said Alexis as the symbol of the King of Games' deck appeared on her field. J/A: 9000 LP

"Then, I'll sacrifice both of them to Special Summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic! Next, I'll play Premature Burial and pay up 800 Life Points to bring back Dark Magician! J/A: 8700 LP Then, I'll sacrifice my revived magician to Special Summon Dark Eradicating Warlock! Now, I'll have both my monsters attack! My warlock goes after the magician and my sorcerer goes for the dragon!" Alexis ordered as Horus and Skilled Dark Magician were wiped out. DMG/KM: 6500 LP

"That's it for me," finished Alexis.

"Not bad, not bad," Kaibaman commented as he drew. "But I'm better. I play the Spell Card of Demise! I can now draw until I have five cards, but in five turns, both mine and my partner's, I must discard my entire hand," he said as he drew.

"Too bad you didn't know about my Warlock's effect," Alexis interrupted.

"What effect?" Kaibaman asked.

"Oh, nothing really. Just that whenever a Normal Spell is activated, you lose 1000 Life Points," Alexis informed him.

"What!?" he exclaimed as he got blasted. DMG/KM: 5500 LP J/A: 9200 LP

"Not fun. Regardless, I play the Ritual Spell White Dragon Ritual. By discarding the Luster Dragon in my hand, I can summon Paladin of White Dragon! Next, I'll sacrifice it to bring out another Blue-Eyes from my deck! Then, I'll play Premature Burial to bring back Horus! DMG/KM:4700 LP J/A: 10,200 LP Now, I'll sacrifice them to bring on out my third Blue-Eyes and have it destroy that pesky warlock!" shouted Kaibaman. J/A: 9700 LP "With that, I'll break for now."

"Sweet!" shouted Jaden as he drew.

"Hmm… I'll play Polymerilization! I'll fuse Avian, Sparkman, and Bubbleman to summon Tempest!" said Jaden as his Fusion monster appeared. J/A: 10,200 LP

"Now to get rid of that eyesore of a bookcase. Tempest, attack!" he ordered as DMG's last monster was taken out.

"I'll throw down a face down and hand it off!" Jaden said.

"It looks like Jaden and Alexis are dominating out there," Chazz commented.

"True, but I suspect that Dark Magician Girl and Kaibaman have a strategy planned and when they use it, Jaden and Alexis may have a rough go of it," Zane responded.

Meanwhile, our resident Silent Magician observed the duel.

"Seems like Jaden and Alexis have this in the bag, but I know what Kaibaman and Dark Magician Girl are up to, and when his plan is complete, Jaden and Alexis are not going to be happy campers. But they still might pull out a victory. Let's just see what happens…"

Jaden and Alexis are decimating out there! But, the duel isn't over until the last card is played. What is Kaibaman and Dark Magician Girl's plan for pulling out a victory? Will our dueling couple continue to decimate, or will this mysterious plan change everything? Find out in the next chapter!