Powerpuff Girl meet Powerpuff Girls Z

Chapter 3
Where did you go? Mojo Jojo?

AN: You liked it, you demanded more and so. . .HERE IT IS! The next chapter in this popular crossover!

In the Lab of Professor Utonium, Professor Utonium and his son, Ken was busy analyzing and looking over the counterparts of Powerpuff Girls Z. While Utonium was busy typing at the computer Ken looked over the PPG.

"Would you mind stopping that", asked Buttercup bitterly, "I don't like being looked at like some sort of zoo animal."

"Oh sorry", said Ken. He then went to help his father. "Papa, I mean Professor, this is too amazing."

"I know", said Utonium, "Another set of Powerpuff girls, that is similar to Powerpuff Z yet different."

"Tell me about it", said Blossom Z. "Especially the Buttercups. They share the exact same attitude!"

"And what is that supposed to mean" shouted both Buttercups in synch. They looked at each other blinked and looked down in defeat.

Blossom flew up close to Ken. "Your seem pretty nice. What's your name?"

"Ken", responded Ken.

"That's a nice name", said Blossom, "You must be pretty smart to assist the Professor like this."

"Yeah", said Bubbles, "How did you end up as his assistant?"

"Well, mostly because he is my Papa", said Ken.

"PAPA!?"shouted the Powerpuff Girls.

"Yeah", said Blossom Z, "Ken here is Utonium's son. . .well our world's Utonium anyway."

"Doesn't your Utonium have a son", asked Bubble Z.

"Actually no", said Blossom, "He doesn't have a son or any kids for that matter. . .well except for us!"

"Yeah", giggled Bubbles.

"What. . .the Utonium of your world is your father!?" asked Buttercup Z in alarm.

"Well techinically yes, since he created us", said Blossom.

Bubbles quickly drew up some pictures and showed some crudely drawn images of what happened when they were created.

"Well", said Bubbles, "The Professor saw evil in our city so to bring some joy he wanted to make the perfect little girls. He used the ingredients, Sugar. . .spice. . .and everything nice. ."

"Oh brother", said Buttercup Z barely believing this.

"But then his monkey assistant Jojo pushed him", continued Buttercup. "This caused him to crack a vat of Chemical X over the compound creating us!"

Utonium gasped, "Did you just say Chemical X?"

Blossom nodded, "Of course we did. Why?"

"Well you see, we had a chemical concotion called Chemical X, but when our Cyber Dog Peach accidently dropped a sweet bun into it and it became Chemical Z", explained Ken.

"Ah", said Bubbles, "Hence Powerpuff Girls Z." She then giggled.

Buttercup then added, "And from Chemical Z you were created?"

"Sorta", said Blossom Z, "We were actually around as normal people before Chemical Z was made."

"But then this huge iceberg appeared that disrupted the Earth's weather patterns. To stop it Ken used Chemical Z. However it sent light and dark waves of energy. The light ones created Powerpuff Z and made our cyber dog Peach talk", explained Utonium, "However, the dark waves hit several other people and creatures creating monsters."

"Man", said Buttercup, "That is completely whacked out!"

"So about that monkey Jojo", asked Bubbles Z, "What happened to him?"

"Well Jojo got effected by the blast, expanding his mind and made him more intelligent", explained Blossom, "He eventually ran away and then changed his name from Jojo to Mojo Jojo!"

"MOJO JOJO", shouted Powerpuff Z and all the company.

"You know him", asked Blossom.

"Of course, Mojo was the very first monster we faced on the day we were created", said Blossom Z. "In fact we face him more often than we can count."

"I hear you", said Buttercup, "In fact it was because of him and his machine that we got stuck here!"

"What machine", asked Utonium.

"Mojo made this awful machine to suck out city into another dimension but we trashed his device and then we got sucked into the big black scary hole", said Bubbles.

"Hmmm", said Utonium, "We better keep an eye out, if you are here, there is a chance your Mojo might be here as well."

Hiding among some rags he found, Mojo Jojo snuck around the streets of Tokyo City like a shadow.

"What a situation I am in, all was going well, and it would have succeeded, which it would have, and most certainly will, but then those Powerpuff Girls had to interfere and thus make my succeeding plan fail, and I now end up in a world that is similar to my world but it's not my world, because it has a few differences. Curses!" said Mojo Jojo.

He kept wondering and occassionaly mumbling around the city for quite some time. Until he happened across a old run down house and nearby a huge explosion happened inside it.

"Hmmm", he wondered.

Inside the house that worlds Mojo kicked angrily.

"Darn, it blew up again- Mojo! This new Mojo Robo just won't stay together- Mojo", shouted Mojo Z.

He then saw the door opened and to his amazement somebody in a bunch of rags was looking about.

"Hmm, who ever lives her has intelligence on par with mine but is still impossible because there is no one smarter than me", said Mojo.

"Who dares intrude –Mojo" shouted Mojo Z who jumped down from the overhang.

"Who are you?", asked Mojo.

"I am the one and only Mojo Jojo- Mojo! The whole world will be mine- Mojo!" said Mojo Z.

"Impossible you can't be Mojo Jojo, cause there is already a Mojo Jojo, hence you can't be Mojo Jojo, unless there are two now, which are one. Also he doesn't say Mojo at the end of each sentence", said Mojo.

"What makes you such a expert Mojo", said Mojo Z.

At this Mojo took off his disguise hence revealing his true self.

"WAAAAAAAAA", went Mojo Z, "You . . your me! This can't be possible- Mojo!

"I agree only it's the other way around, for you said I can't be you and I hence say you can't be me and then. . ." starte Mojo but Mojo Z clamped his hand over his mouth.

"Do you have to talk so much- Mojo!?" said Mojo Z.

Before Mojo could retort he then noticed the T.V.

"Earlier today", said the reporter, the Powerpuff Girls Z met up with, get this, another set of girls calling themselves simply the Powerpuff girls!"

"Two sets of Powerpuff Girls!" shouted Mojo, "This is impossible, which it isn't now since it is, but now I must..." Then the thought hit him. "Ah, the vortex! I must now be in a new dimension alternate to my own world, which everything is the same and different, but with those cursed Powerpuff Girls, which have met their counterparts in this world and . .." he then turned to his counterpart, "I have met my dimensional counterpart."

He walked up to Mojo Z which was a bit in shock.

"Mojo, I think a partnership is in order. Together we can conquer your world and the world which I am from, thus destroying the Powerpuff Girls for good", said Mojo.

Mojo Z's eyes brightened and he smirked with glee.

"Oh yes-Mojo! Mojo would definitely like that-Mojo! Hahaahahah Mojomojomojomojo!", said Mojo Z

Mojo Jojo joined in the evil laughter.

To be continued. . ..

AN: Hope you all enjoyed this. Oh Mojo Jojo what are you up to? Oh Mojo Jojo what are you up to?