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Author notes: This is a series of short stories and scenes revolving around Faith and Buffy. Most have a Fuffy theme, but some are just showing them as friends/sister slayers. These are my imaginings of scenes that the show SHOULD have included between them. They take place in different seasons, and most could reasonably fit in at any time in the third or after the seventh, or just whenever you want to.

Story 1: Creative Remedy

Buffy shook her head, inwardly as she watched Faith from where the younger Slayer was sitting across from her in the small Dairy Queen booth. The other girl was, as usual, attacking her food with a voracious appetite; the banana split she'd ordered was already a third of the way finished, it had been less than two minutes since she'd sat down with it. The way she was shoveling it in her mouth, Buffy was surprised she hadn't accidentally eaten her plastic spoon along with the ice cream.

"Faith, you want to slow down a little?" she said with a raised eyebrow, delicately spooning a small spoonful of her nonfat frozen yogurt into her mouth as if to deliberately emphasize to her the right way to behave. "You're gonna make yourself sick like that."

"Thanks Mom, I think I'm good though," Faith smirked, showing a good portion of her mouthful of ice cream, banana, and chocolate syrup as she spoke. Buffy cringed, making a disgusted face back at her.

"Ewww, Faith, quit it! That's so disgusting!"

"What?" Faith said in mock innocence, still opening her mouth much more widely than was needed and taking her time about swallowing the almost completely melted mess in her mouth. "You ask a question, I answer. What's wrong with that?"

"You might try swallowing first," Buffy said dryly, still sounding pissed and self-righteous, but having to struggle to keep herself from smiling despite herself. For some reason, even when Faith was being her usual obnoxious self, she just couldn't seem to really stay irritated with her. She wasn't sure she ever really got irritated with her in the first place, or just felt like she should be.

"Oh, you want to talk swallowin', B? Wasn't sure if you were that type or not- figured you'd be more of a spit-it-out kinda girl," Faith grinned, sucking ice cream remnants off her spoon in a way that looked decidedly pornographic in its implications. Buffy's eyes widened in shock at Faith's words, and she started protesting immediately.

"FAITH! That- god, you're so gross!"

"Like you never did with Soulboy?" Faith scoffed, taking another huge bite of ice cream and spooning it in her mouth without breaking her stride. "Please! How else could you have avoided the no-sex thing for so long? Or do dead boys no longer have cum? Is that just an alive guy thing? Or-" she grinned wickedly- "was there no happy-getting-offs for our Soulboy? Were YOU the only lucky receiver in that little gig?"

"Faith!" Buffy hissed, feeling her neck, ears, and cheeks burn as she flushed furiously, looking around the little restaurant anxiously to see if anyone had heard the not-so-quiet voice of the other Slayer. "Could you shut UP?! Subject change, PLEASE!"

"Oh, please, don't pull the Miss-Priss-and-Prim routine on me," Faith snorted, rolling her eyes as another spoonful rapidly vanished into her mouth. "Like you're sooo shocked. Hey, as far as sex goes, you're kinkier than me even, Twinkie. I neer slept with dead things."


"Oh come on B, you might can fool all the Scoobs with your wide-eyed innocence route, all that crap about being hunger-and-horny-free and not likin' slaying, but you really you can pull with that with me? Sittin' there with your nonfat yogurt, makin' yourself cross your legs and eat like a freakin' sloth or somethin'… what's the point, B? I'm not fallin' for it, and you're just torturin' yourself for no reason," Faith leveled, her tone playful, but making it clear as well that she meant what she said. "You can't fool me… I'm a Slayer too, remember? I understand better than the rest of them ever could."

Buffy held Faith's gaze with her own, just a little too long for her own comfort… she looked away too quickly, slightly unsettled. She knew that the other girl was right… but she also knew she couldn't say so. She didn't know why she felt she couldn't' say, why she had to have all the pretense in the first place… she just felt that she had to, that any other way was… dangerous.

Dangerous? Why dangerous? That was ridiculous, and she knew it. But she also knew that this was how she felt…

Looking back at Faith, trying to act casual, unaffected, she muttered somewhat resentfully, "You've got whipped cream on your nose."

Faith didn't reply to that; she merely shrugged, taking yet another huge bite of her banana split. All that remained now was one scoop of ice cream, half a banana, and a mound of whipped cream she had scooped to one side, apparently not wanting to eat it. Watching her, Buffy felt a strange itch in her chest and stomach, a restlessness… irritation, she told herself quickly, it was irritation at Faith. Because she was irritating.

"Well, are you gonna wipe it off?" she blurted impatiently.

"Nope," Faith replied casually, swallowing and reaching for another bite.

"Pig," Buffy muttered, rolling her eyes again. She took another bite of her frozen yogurt, trying to feign disregard for her companion, but almost immediately she felt her eyes drift back up to Faith's against her will, fixating on her whipped cream-dotted nose. She found herself squirming…

"Faith, wipe your nose," she said abruptly, her voice tighter than she'd intended. She wasn't sure why it bothered her so much… but every time she looked at it she felt like someone was winding her every muscle tighter and tighter…

"Why?" Faith replied with all innocence, clearly enjoying making Buffy so annoyed. "I'm fine with it, B. Does it bother you?"

"Yes," Buffy said shortly.

Faith shrugged. "Oh well… guess that's your problem then, B."

She took another bite of her ice cream; all there was left of it now was third of the banana and whipped cream. As Faith licked her lips, only succeeding in smearing syrupy chocolate across them, Buffy's own lips tightened. It felt like her skin was crawling.

"Faith," she said in a rigid tone, trying to sound level and knowing she was failing miserably. "Wipe the whipped cream off your nose."

"Look, B, if it bothers you so much, you can lick it off yourself," Faith retorted, giving her a wicked grin with her chocolate-stained lips. "As it stands now, I'm perfectly fine with it."

"Maybe I will!" Buffy shot back, her voice rising. Faith chuckled, raising a skeptical eyebrow.

"Oh, sure you will, blondie. Miss Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt-"

"Oh, you think not?" Buffy asked in an even louder voice. Before Faith could reply, before she herself had wrapped her mind around what it was she about to do, she found herself leaning with an abrupt aggressiveness over the small table, her entire upper body spread out over it, propping herself up by her hands as she leaned as close to the other girl as she could get. She was only vaguely aware of the remnants of Faith's banana split underneath her, no doubt messing up her brand new tank top, as she thrust her face close to Faith's, roughly giving her nose a decidedly long, deliberate lick.

Faith's eyes' had widened in startled amazement as she had realized what Buffy was doing, and now, as Buffy remained close to her, her eyes bore into Faith's with a strange mix of triumph, amusement, anger, and something else, something Faith knew from experience… lust. But that couldn't be right… no way was B LUSTING right now. Lusting for HER. Right?

For several moments it was completely silent between the two girls as they remained close to each other, staring into each other's eyes… both could feel their own hearts beginning to race, could hear the other girl's as well, as their own chests tightened in a way that was strangely pleasant as well as painful…

Suddenly Buffy blinked, breaking the momentary trance the two had fallen into. Her face tightened, eyes growing round and horrified as it seemed to dawn on her what she had just done. She jerked back onto her side of the table, blinking quickly as she looked around anxiously, apparently trying to ferret out who had seen. Faith felt her heart sink in bitter disappointment that surprised and disgusted her. She'd known that would happen- why had she thought even for a split second that it might not?

She looked down, gathering herself, breathing out slowly and- she hoped- discreetly. She was just about to look up, make some sarcastic comment that would break the ice, return them back to their more clearly defined roles from before.

But when she looked up, she froze once again. For she still saw that look in Buffy's eyes…

There was still a little panic and disbelief as well… but still there was lust, Faith KNEW it was lust. Buffy wanted her… whether or not she WANTED to, she did. Buffy wanted her…

Before she could stop herself, Faith heard her own voice, even raspier than usual, voicing the first thing that popped into her mind.

"You've got whipped cream on your chest, B."

Buffy looked down slowly seeing that this was true… but when she looked back at Faith, Faith knew from the sudden resolve in her eyes that a decision had been made. She waited more anxiously than she wanted to for Buffy's response, her mouth dry…

Buffy looked back at her, seeing the nervousness in her sister slayer's eyes, feeling it herself… but then she smiled slowly, hesitant, then bolder.

"Oops… can't have that."

Both of their eyes darted in the same instant toward the tiny one stall bathroom across the room… and with a deft quickness and understanding they were both standing, going towards it, Buffy being careful not to touch her shirt. Why, that would only smear it in worse… and they certainly couldn't have that. There were much better ways to remove it.