Five years since she'd last seen him, since she beat him at his own game even though he cheated so many times. He haunted her dreams, and when she dropped her guard during the day, he invaded her thoughts, stole her breath and her heart pound fast and hard, she felt it would explode. Tomorrow marks the sixth year from that night; when she wished her brother away and found herself trapped in his games. With this day came the memories she tried to forget but could never quite manage. She always stayed home on this day, afraid if she left the quiet comfort and safety of her apartment, he would appear bringing problems she didn't –couldn't- deal with.

When she returned from that world of dreams, she visited thrift shop, buying a crystal ball like the ones he conjured. Each time she looked at it, a strange lonliness washes over her, a sadness so strong she couldn't help but cry until she could no longer breathe. She removed all trace of that longed-for childhood, Merlin had passed the night after she returned. She thought of him only on this night, when her other friends visited her mind. She saw the friends she refused to call upon, staring saddly from her mirror. They tried to talk to her, but she remained silent and would never hear them, they were so quiet and scared.

She only thought of these playmates from long ago on this day, but she always thought of him. With his blond fluff of feather soft hair, mismatched eyes and guady outfits. The longer from him she stayed, the more she examined her feelings and she understood. She worried she loved him; had loved him since his first crystal captured her gaze, in all his egotistical Goblin King glory. She dreamt of him often, waking with his scent on her skin and fingers tangled in her hair. As time past, the Underground called to her, so strong until Sarah Williams now twenty years old, fought no more.

"I wish… I wsih I could see my friends in the Labyrinth. I wish I could see him, just one more time." She closed her eyes and waited.

And waited. When she finally opened her eyes, she gave a small cry of disbelief. She stood in the middle of her living room and, looking at her tv, fell to the ground. She cried harder than ever before. Completely devastaded, she cried. How could he abandon her like this? When every thought flowed around him? Did he hate her so much, he would not –no- did not want her back?

Someone held her, the window open and the curtains fluttering in the soft breeze. Strong arms pulled her to a chest covered in soft silk, vibrating as he sang to her. He pulled her fully into his lap, stroking her hair. They sat there, lost in each other, and though Sarah continued to cry, her happiness washed over them both. He came back. He was there, with her, holding her like she would dissapear. She clung to him, her tears turning to soft hicups and quiet giggles.

Her laughter startled him. He thought he'd surely forgotten the sound, whst it did to him. And for the first time in six long years, Jareth the Goblin King of the Underground, smiled at his salvation.