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Gaara was smirking. Gaara was smirking and Sasuke was flustered. Naruto had a bad feeling about all this.

"Hey, Gaa-kun?" he called out to the red-head.

Gaara left Sasuke standing in the street to join the kitsune. "Ramen?"

All thoughts of not-rightness vanished from the blonde's head at the word.

Later that night as he sat on his couch, bottom planted firmly in the Kazekage's lap, face buried in that strong chest, wrapped in those pale arms, Naruto remembered what he had seen earlier. Breaking free slightly, he gazed up into gorgeous blue-green eyes. "Gaa-kun?"

"Yes Naru-kun?" The blond could feel his irritation with the space between them.

"What was going on with you and Sasuke earlier?" That irritation could not curb his curiosity.

Gaara tsk-ed in annoyance. "The Uchiha was telling me about how you've been begging his company and throwing yourself at him since the last time I visited."

Naruto's mouth hung wide open, which his boyfriend kindly closed for him, and his blue eyes narrowed into a murderous glare. "Oh! That lying little... You know I get bored when you're not here so I guess I did ask Sasuke-teme to train with me a lot. And you know how hot I get so it's possible I took my shirt off a few times but I didn't mean any of it that way." His tanned nose scrunched up in disgust.

Gaara waved his hand, as if to clear the air. "I know."

A blond eyebrow raised as its owner gazed up at the older male. "What did you say to him?" He was both excited and afraid to hear the answer.

"He told me his most intimate moment with you so I thought it only fair to share mine as well. I told him about how very warm that mouth of yours is, and I described those sounds you make when I take 'you' in my hand. I also made sure to depict how it feels to have your sweat slicked body, from a different type of work-out mind you, pressed against and moving with mine."

Naruto's mouth, a very warm place apparently, hung open again. His lover's words made him angry, embarrassed, and, unfortunately, aroused. That's why he didn't protest when Gaara decided he would close the leaf ninja's mouth with his own this time. Or why he let the other boy pick him up and carry him off to his room.

The next day Sasuke wouldn't, and probably couldn't, look his team-mate in the eye.

He should have known the red-head did it on purpose. Damn possessive bastard...